Alabaster Icelands

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Alabaster Icelands 純白の凍土
Pure White Tundra
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
LA Alabaster Icelands.png
Map description:
Location: Northern Hisui
Region: Hisui
Generations: VIII
Hisui Alabaster Icelands Map.png
Location of Alabaster Icelands in Hisui.
Pokémon world locations
Map of Alabaster Icelands

The Alabaster Icelands (Japanese: 純白凍土 Pure White Tundra) are a large area in Hisui. It is home to a Noble Hisuian Avalugg and Hisuian Braviary. All Burmy that battle here will turn into their Trash Cloak form.

In the future, the Alabaster Icelands become northern Sinnoh including Lake Acuity, Route 217, and Snowpoint City.


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Name Description
Whiteout Valley 250px
Bonechill Wastes Bonechill Wastes.png
Icebound Falls 250px
Avalanche Slopes Avalanche Slopes.png
Arena's Approach Arena's Approach.png
Avalugg's Legacy Avalugg's Legacy.png
Snowfall Hot Spring Snowfall Hot Spring.png
Glacier Terrace Glacier Terrace.png
Heart's Crag Heart's Crag.png
Pearl Settlement LA Pearl Settlement.jpg
Lake Acuity 250px
Icepeak Arena 250px


Overworld items

Main article: Alabaster Icelands/Items

In brief, the following items can be found in the overworld around Alabaster Icelands.

Stardust Shiny Stone Dusk Stone Dawn Stone Chesto Berry
Bag Stardust LA Sprite.png Bag Shiny Stone LA Sprite.png Bag Dusk Stone LA Sprite.png Bag Dawn Stone LA Sprite.png Bag Chesto Berry LA Sprite.png
Aspear Berry Leppa Berry Oran Berry Sitrus Berry Razz Berry
Bag Aspear Berry LA Sprite.png Bag Leppa Berry LA Sprite.png Bag Oran Berry LA Sprite.png Bag Sitrus Berry LA Sprite.png Bag Razz Berry LA Sprite.png
Ice Stone Apricorn Caster Fern Tumblestone Crunchy Salt
Bag Ice Stone LA Sprite.png Bag Apricorn LA Sprite.png Bag Caster Fern LA Sprite.png Bag Tumblestone LA Sprite.png Bag Crunchy Salt LA Sprite.png
Wood King's Leaf Bugwort Iron Chunk Black Tumblestone
Bag Wood LA Sprite.png Bag King's Leaf LA Sprite.png Bag Bugwort LA Sprite.png Bag Iron Chunk LA Sprite.png Bag Black Tumblestone LA Sprite.png
Sky Tumblestone Ball of Mud Pop Pod Sootfoot Root Spoiled Apricorn
Bag Sky Tumblestone LA Sprite.png Bag Ball of Mud LA Sprite.png Bag Pop Pod LA Sprite.png Bag Sootfoot Root LA Sprite.png Bag Spoiled Apricorn LA Sprite.png
Snowball Medicinal Leek Vivichoke Pep-Up Plant Doppel Bonnets
Bag Snowball LA Sprite.png Bag Medicinal Leek LA Sprite.png Bag Vivichoke LA Sprite.png Bag Pep-Up Plant LA Sprite.png Bag Doppel Bonnets LA Sprite.png
Sand Radish Hopo Berry
Bag Sand Radish LA Sprite.png Bag Hopo Berry LA Sprite.png

A map and details of all items can be found at Alabaster Icelands/Items.


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# Pokémon Sub-location(s) Levels Time of Day Weather Presence of
Fixed Alpha
041 041 Zubat Snowpoint Temple ? All All
042 042 Golbat Snowpoint Temple ? All All
063 063 Abra Lake Acuity 12-15 All All
064 064 Kadabra Lake Acuity 12-15 All All
066 066 Machop Icebound Falls
Arena's Approach
Snowfall Hot Spring
24-27 All All
067 067 Machoke Icebound Falls
Arena's Approach
Snowfall Hot Spring
24-52 All All
068 068 Machamp Arena's Approach 50 All All Alpha icon.png
075 075 Graveler Snowpoint Temple ? All All
092 092 Gastly Bonechill Wastes 21-24 Night All
093 093 Haunter Bonechill Wastes 21-65 Night All
108 108 Lickitung Snowfall Hot Spring
Avalanche Slopes
47-62 All All
113 113 Chansey Avalanche Slopes 54-62 All All
125 125 Electabuzz Arena's Approach
Icebound Falls
26-50 All All Alpha icon.png
133 133 Eevee Avalugg's Legacy
Avalanche Slopes
21-62 All All
143 143 Snorlax Snowfall Hot Spring 47-50 All All
169 169 Crobat Icebound Falls 49-52 All All
190 190 Aipom Whiteout Valley
Glacier Terrace
Snowfall Hot Spring
Heart's Crag
21-62 All All
200 200 Misdreavus Bonechill Wastes 21-62 Night All
207 207 Gligar Glacier Terrace
Arena's Approach
24-56 All All
215 215H Sneasel
Hisuian Form
Avalugg's Legacy
Glacier Terrace
24-56 All All Alpha icon.png
220 220 Swinub Bonechill Wastes
Avalugg's Legacy
Avalanche Slopes
20-47 All All Alpha icon.png
221 221 Piloswine Bonechill Wastes
Avalugg's Legacy
Avalanche Slopes
20-50 All All Alpha icon.png
234 234 Stantler Glacier Terrace 49-57 All All
239 239 Elekid Arena's Approach
Icebound Falls
26-29 All All
242 242 Blissey Avalanche Slopes 59-62 All All
280 280 Ralts Heart's Crag
Snowpoint Temple
16-19 All All
281 281 Kirlia Heart's Crag
Snowpoint Temple
16-29 All All
282 282 Gardevoir Heart's Crag 55-66 Morning
All Alpha icon.png
355 355 Duskull Avalanche Slopes
Arena's Approach
20-52 Night All
356 356 Dusclops Avalanche Slopes
Arena's Approach
20-56 Night All
358 358 Chimecho Lake Acuity 49-69 All All Alpha icon.png
361 361 Snorunt Whiteout Valley
Bonechill Wastes
Avalanche Slopes
Avalugg's Legacy
21-41 All All
362 362 Glalie Bonechill Wastes
Avalugg's Legacy
Avalanche Slopes
Snowpoint Temple
45-65 All All Alpha icon.png
399 399 Bidoof Avalugg's Legacy 11-14 All All
400 400 Bibarel Avalugg's Legacy 11-54 All All
412 412S Burmy
Trash Cloak
Bonechill Wastes
Glacier Terrace
Lake Acuity
Avalanche Slopes
~18 All All
413 413S Wormadam
Trash Cloak
Bonechill Wastes
Glacier Terrace
Lake Acuity
Avalanche Slopes
~46 All All
424 424 Ambipom Avalanche Slopes
Arena's Approach
Heart's Crag
21-62 All All
425 425 Drifloon Avalugg's Legacy
Glacier Terrace
Heart's Crag
11-27 Night All
426 426 Drifblim Avalugg's Legacy
Glacier Terrace
Heart's Crag
11-56 Night All
427 427 Buneary Bonechill Wastes
Snowfall Hot Spring
21-27 All All
428 428 Lopunny Bonechill Wastes
Snowfall Hot Spring
21-50 All All
431 431 Glameow Glacier Terrace 34-37 All All
432 432 Purugly Glacier Terrace 34-37 All All
433 433 Chingling Lake Acuity 49-66 All All
436 436 Bronzor Lake Acuity
Snowpoint Temple
29-32 All All
437 437 Bronzong Lake Acuity
Snowpoint Temple
29-57 All All
440 440 Happiny Avalanche Slopes 51-62 All All
443 443 Gible Avalanche Slopes 20-23 All All
444 444 Gabite Avalanche Slopes 20-47 All All
445 445 Garchomp Avalanche Slopes 65-65 All All Alpha icon.png
446 446 Munchlax Snowfall Hot Spring 24-58 All All
447 447 Riolu Icebound Falls
Snowfall Hot Spring
24-56 All All
448 448 Lucario Icebound Falls
Snowfall Hot Spring
47-50 All Blizzard Alpha icon.png
459 459 Snover Avalugg's Legacy
Glacier Terrace
24-39 All All
460 460 Abomasnow Avalugg's Legacy
Glacier Terrace
24-56 All All Alpha icon.png
463 463 Lickilicky Avalanche Slopes 59-62 All All
473 473 Mamoswine Avalugg's Legacy 52-54 All All Alpha icon.png
475 475 Gallade Snowpoint Temple
Heart's Crag
70 All All Alpha icon.png
478 478 Froslass Bonechill Wastes
Avalugg's Legacy
Avalanche Slopes
45-62 Night All Alpha icon.png
480 480 Uxie* Lake Acuity 70 All All
486 486 Regigigas* Snowpoint Temple 70 All All
550 550W Basculin
White-Striped Form
Lake Acuity
Heart's Crag
49-65 All All
570 570H Zorua
Hisuian Form
Bonechill Wastes 21-29 All All
571 571H Zoroark
Hisuian Form
Bonechill Wastes
Lake Acuity*
All All Alpha icon.png(Lake Acuity)
627 627 Rufflet Lake Acuity
Heart's Crag
24-58 All All
628 628H Braviary
Hisuian Form
Lake Acuity 49-57 All All
641 641 Tornadus*
Incarnate Forme
Bonechill Wastes 70 All Blizzard
712 712 Bergmite Avalugg's Legacy
Arena's Approach
21-36 All All
713 713H Avalugg
Hisuian Form
Avalugg's Legacy 21-53 All All

Pokémon marked with an * are unique and are not actual overworld spawns.


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 純白凍土 Sèuhnbaahk Dungtóu
Mandarin 純白凍土 / 纯白冻土 Chúnbái Dòngtǔ
France Flag.png French Terres Immaculées
Germany Flag.png German Weißes Frostland
Italy Flag.png Italian Ghiacci Candidi
South Korea Flag.png Korean 순백 동토 Sunbaek Dongto
Spain Flag.png Spanish Tundra Alba

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