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Rose Tower ローズタワービル
Rose Tower Building
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: Wyndon
Region: Galar
Generations: VIII
Galar Battle Tower Map.png
Location of Rose Tower in Galar.
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Logo of Rose Tower

Rose Tower (Japanese: ローズタワービル Rose Tower Building) is a tower located in Wyndon in Galar, standing at almost a thousand feet tall. Under Rose's ownership, Rose Tower was the headquarters of Macro Cosmos and its many subsidiary companies. After its ownership was turned over to Leon, the Rose Tower was converted into the Battle Tower.



Trainer Pokémon
Macro Cosmos's Elijah
Macro Cosmos's Elijah
キョウジ Kyouji
Reward: PokémonDollar.png4,800
632 Durant Lv.48
No item


Hop will team up with the player in a series of Multi Battles against Macro Cosmos employees.

Grookey If the player chose Grookey:

Scorbunny If the player chose Scorbunny:

Sobble If the player chose Sobble:

Trainer Pokémon
Macro Cosmos's Jane
Macro Cosmos's Jane
エリ Eri
Reward: PokémonDollar.png4,800
Double Battle with Mateo
878 Cufant Lv.48
No item
Macro Cosmos's Mateo
Macro Cosmos's Mateo
コウジロウ Kōjirō
Reward: PokémonDollar.png4,800
Double Battle with Jane
437 Bronzong Lv.48
No item
Macro Cosmos's Kevin
Macro Cosmos's Kevin
テツジ Tetsuji
Reward: PokémonDollar.png4,800
Double Battle with Carla
600 Klang Lv.48
No item
Macro Cosmos's Carla
Macro Cosmos's Carla
エツコ Etsuko
Reward: PokémonDollar.png4,800
Double Battle with Kevin
303 Mawile Lv.48
No item
Macro Cosmos's Adalyn
Macro Cosmos's Adalyn
スズコ Suzuko
Reward: PokémonDollar.png4,900
Double Battle with Justin
208 Steelix Lv.49
No item
Macro Cosmos's Justin
Macro Cosmos's Justin
ツバサ Tsubasa
Reward: PokémonDollar.png4,900
Double Battle with Adalyn
618G Stunfisk
Galarian Form
No item

Top floor

Oleana will Gigantamax her Garbodor at the first opportunity.

In the anime

Rose Tower in the anime

Main series

Rose Tower first appeared in Sword and Shield: The Darkest Day!, where Ash was invited there for a meal there with Rose. Rose offered to mentor Ash, but he refused the offer, preferring to grow stronger while traveling the world himself. After spending a night at the tower, Ash left it the next day to reunite with Goh.

Pokémon: Twilight Wings

Rose Tower first appeared in Assistant, where Oleana was seen starting a day of work there while Rose was away for the day.

In Moonlight, Leon visited Rose at the tower to receive John's letter from him.

In the manga

Rose Tower in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Sword & Shield chapter

Rose Tower appeared in Crackle!! Practice Battle. Rose was seen receiving a phone call from Leon there, regarding the endorsement he was planning to give to Henry and Casey.

In the TCG

Rose Tower in the TCG
Main article: Rose Tower (Darkness Ablaze 169)

Rose Tower was introduced as a Stadium card in the Pokémon Trading Card Game during the English Sword & Shield Series (the Japanese Sword & Shield Era). It was first released in the Japanese Infinity Zone expansion and the English Darkness Ablaze expansion, with artwork by 5ban Graphics. It allows the players to draw cards until they have three in their hand once per turn.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 洛茲大廈 Lokjī Daaihhah
Mandarin 洛茲大廈 / 洛兹大厦 Luòzī Dàxià / Luòzī Dàshà
France Flag.png French Shehroz Tower
Germany Flag.png German Rose Tower
Italy Flag.png Italian Rose Tower
South Korea Flag.png Korean 로즈타워빌딩 Rose Tower Building
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Torre Rossi
Spain Flag.png Spanish Torre Rose

President: Rose
Vice-President: Oleana
Lower members: Macro Cosmos'sLeague Staff
Oleana's subordinate*
Locations: Rose TowerEnergy Plant

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