Lake of the Moone

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Lake of the Moone 月輪
Lake of the Moon
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Lake of the Sunne Moone SMUSUM.png
Map description: A place that seems to have some connection to the Alola's Legendary Pokémon. The lake forms a perfect circle.
Location: Ula'ula Island
Region: Alola
Generations: VII
Alola Lake of the Moone Map.png
Location of Lake of the Moone in Alola.
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The Lake of the Moone (Japanese: 月輪 Lake of the Moon) is a location on Ula'ula Island in Alola, located east of Ula'ula Meadow. It can normally only be accessed in Pokémon Sun and Ultra Sun, but can be accessed in Pokémon Moon and Ultra Moon after traveling through the Ultra Wormhole in the Altar of the Moone.

In Pokémon Moon and Ultra Moon, the player can obtain Cosmog here if Lunala is in their party.


A path to the northeast of Ula'ula Meadow will lead to the entrance. There will be a stone bridge on the lake straight ahead with two decorative towers on the sides that have what appear to be compass roses in the middle. The bridge leads to a massive shrine where the player enters. It leads to a room with crumbling walls and sunlight seeping through and a stairwell downward. The player enters to a long hall with water running down the walls and many doors, some being blocked by piles of rubble. At the end of the hall are two small stairways that lead to the outside where there is a bit of greenery, such as trees, bushes, and grass, and a path down the middle to lead to a stairwell with more compass rose towers. Up the stairs is another but smaller stairway with pedestals with the Moone symbol on them on either side. Up those stairs is a large, circular platform with a tiny bit of stairs leading to a spot in the middle. On it will be a darker gray rhombus with a blueish-gray Moone symbol in the middle. All of the outdoor areas are foggy.


Item Location Games
TM Psychic VI TM03 (Psyshock) Entrance, back-right corner  S  M  US  UM 
Solganium Z Solganium Z Altar, from Cosmog after obtaining it  UM 


Pokémon Sun and Moon

  Pokémon     Allies     Games     Location     Levels     Rate  
Special Pokémon
Cosmog Cosmog
Gift Gift
5 One
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

  Pokémon     Allies     Games     Location     Levels     Rate  
Special Pokémon
Cosmog Cosmog
Gift Gift
5 One
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.


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Game Exterior Entrance Corridor Altar
Sun Lake of the Sunne Moone SMUSUM.png Lake of the Moone altar SMUSUM.png
Ultra Sun
Ultra Moon

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 月輪湖 Yuhtlèuhn Wùh
Mandarin 月輪湖 / 月轮湖 Yuèlún Hú
France Flag.png French Lac du Halo Lunaire
Germany Flag.png German Mondscheiben-See
Italy Flag.png Italian Lago Lunare
South Korea Flag.png Korean 월륜의 호수 Wollyun-ui Hosu
Spain Flag.png Spanish Lago Coroluna

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