Verity Lakefront

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Verity Lakefront シンジこのほとり
Shinji Lakefront
Verity Lakefront Pt.png
Map description
One of the lakes that is symbolic of the water-rich Sinnoh Region. There is an odd legend associated with it. It is possible to enter the cave underneath the lake from the island in the middle.
Required for navigation
Connecting locations
Lake Verity
Verity Lakefront
Route 201
Sinnoh Route 0
Location of Verity Lakefront in Sinnoh.
Pokémon world routes
Verity Lakefront in Diamond and Pearl

Verity Lakefront (Japanese: シンジこのほとり Shinji Lakefront) is one of the first areas that the player and their rival travel through in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Notably, unlike the other lakefronts, it does not have any wild Pokémon of its own (although Lake Verity does), however, like them, it shares its theme with the route closest to it, Route 201.

The second time the player arrives at the Lake, they will have to stop Team Galactic from kidnapping one of the Mirage Pokémon, Mesprit.


Verity Lakefront is a very short area that is located just west of Route 201, and heads up to Lake Verity. In Pokémon Platinum, snow sometimes falls here, as many trees are partly covered in a thin layer of ice, while the ground can sometimes be seen with patches of snow.

There is also a small ledge that can be jumped off by traveling east on a portion of Route 201.

There is a sign by the front of the path to Lake Verity that says:

Lake Verity Ahead
According to legend, the lake is home
to the Pokémon said to be "The being of
It is because of this Pokémon that
people can experience sorrow and joy.


Item Location Games
Potion Potion On the raised-land section, one space north of the southernmost flower (hidden)  D  P 
Tiny Mushroom TinyMushroom On the raised-land section, one space north of the southernmost flower (hidden)  Pt 

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 心齊湖畔 Sāmchàih Wùhbuhn
Mandarin 心齊湖畔 Xīnqí Húpàn *
心齊湖湖畔 Xīnqí Hú Húpàn *
France Flag.png French Rive Lac Vérité
Germany Flag.png German Wahrheitsufer
Italy Flag.png Italian Riva Verità
South Korea Flag.png Korean 진실호수근처 Jinsil Hosu Geuncheo
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Orilla Veraz

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