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キリヤ Kiriya
Masters Paulo.png
Art from Pokémon Masters
Gender Male
Eye color Gray
Hair color Blonde
Hometown Unknown
Region Pasio
Trainer class Pokémon Trainer
Generation VII
Games Masters EX
Game animation debut Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer
English voice actor Khoi Dao[1]
Japanese voice actor Unknown

Paulo (Japanese: キリヤ Kiriya) is a character introduced in Pokémon Masters EX.

In the games

Paulo is the player's rival in Pokémon Masters EX. He aims to enter the Pokémon Masters League tournament with his Sync Partner, Rockruff. Paulo has a strong sense of justice and is described as being an exceptional student.




Menu interface (voice clips)
  • During conversation
"Give me a break!"
"All right."
"You ready for this?"
"You're kidding me..."
"You've got this!"
Battle interface (voice clips)
  • Battle start
"Here we go!"
  • Using Pokémon move
"Keep at it!"
  • Using item
"Leave it to me!"
  • Using Sync Move
"I won't go easy on you!"
  • Uh-oh!
"I won't go easy on you!"
  • Defeat
"Did I miscalculate?"
Main Story Chapter 22 - Rival Face-Off!
  • Rival Face-Off! Round 1
"Ngh... Can't believe these guys managed to corner me..."
"Don't make me laugh! There's no way I'll let anyone steal Pokémon away from their Trainers!"
"I don't care who it is. I'll stop anyone who'd do something so terrible!"
"Those two are..."
"Please allow me to express my gratitude. Thank you, Wikstrom and Wulfric."
"I do! My name is Paulo."
"I've heard so many stories about the two of you from Trainers from Kalos. I really look up to the both of you!"
"The strong-as-steel, chivalrous knight who battles fair and honorably against opponents, Wikstrom!"
"The man who's tough as an iceberg and hot as a furnace, Wulfric! I've heard you're a kindhearted man who looks after wounded Pokémon!"
"Representatives of the Gym Leaders and Elite Four of Kalos! It's an honor to meet you both!"
"No. No way am I good enough to compare to the two of you..."
"...I'm weak."
"Things would've gone a lot differently if the two of you hadn't shown up when you did."
"You're not only kind and chivalrous--the two of you have strength, too, to back it up."
"But I... I might be brave, but I've got no strength to get the job done. I was too weak to even beat those guys..."
"At this rate, I'm sure to lose in the PML..."
"In time, huh? But I..."
"... ... ..."
"Wikstrom, Wulfric! Would it be all right to ask you for something?"
"Would you..."
"The second round of the finals..."
"And our opponent is <player>..."
"That's right... <Player> started collecting badges around the same time that I did."
"He/She's my rival."
"But...before I knew it, he/she'd already gotten far ahead of me."
"He/She was ahead of me gathering badges, and he/she was ahead of me battling Team Break..."
"But today is going to be different!"
"The two of you taught me chivalry, kindness, and most importantly, strength."
"I was able to become who I've always wanted to be, all thanks to forming a team with the two of you, who I idolize."
"What I've always wanted to be... I've become a steadfast Trainer who won't lose out to anyone in strength or spirit!"
"This time, things will be different. I'll use everything I've learned and battle with all my strength. There's no way our team will lose!"
"Haha! I could say the same about you."
"But I'm glad we get to meet on the field of battle in the PML like this!"
"Yes! They're Trainers I hold in high regard!"
"...Looks like it's time, <player>."
"Thanks to this team, I reflected on myself and realized what you are to me."
"You're the rival that's always ahead of me. The rival I never want to lose to!"
"But that ends today! I've changed. Here, today..."
"I will surpass you!"
I won't lose, Paulo!: "I'm going to win. And I'll continue to win..."
I'm going to win today!: "You're wrong! I'll win, and I'll keep winning..."
"I'll show you a true champion team!"
"Time for battle, <player>!"
  • Rival Face-Off! Round 2
"I... I lost?"
"My ideal team... I thought that I'd grown so much stronger..."
"And I still lost?"
"... ... ..."
Regardless of choice: "... ... ..."
"You're right."
"Sorry for acting weird. I'm all right now."
"<Player>, you really are strong. I gave it everything I had, and it still wasn't enough."
"You'll just have to keep battling for both of us! I'll be cheering for you!"
"... ... ..."
"Wikstrom, Wulfric."
"Thank you for joining my team!"
"It makes me happy to hear you say that."
"I won't forget any of the things you two have taught me!"
"... ... ..."
"Wikstrom... Wulfric... I looked up to them so much. I thought that if I was on a team with the two of them, I'd win for sure..."
"I still lost to <player>, though..."
"I sought the strength I believed I had, formed my ideal team, gave it every ounce of strength I could..."
"But he/she's still stronger than me..."
"... ... ..."
"...I just don't understand."
"What is it going to take to become stronger than I am now? How do I beat him/her?"
"Am I just aiming too high?"
"I can't... I don't understand..."
Main Story Chapter 24 - A Shining Spotlight
  • A Dazzling New Stage: Part 2
"Fight on, <player>! Show them all what you can do!"
"Show everyone just how strong and brave you are!"
  • A Dazzling New Stage: Part 3
"Looks like you won, <player>."
"I couldn't even make it this far..."


VSPaulo Masters.png Spr Masters Paulo.png Paulo Mindscape.png
VS model from
Masters EX
Model from
Masters EX
Paulo's sync move mindscape

In the anime

Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer

Paulo briefly appeared in the Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer in a montage alongside his Rockruff.


Paulo's Rockruff
Rockruff is Paulo's only known Pokémon.

None of Rockruff's moves are known.

Debut Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer


Language Name Origin
Japanese キリヤ Kiriya From 桐 kiri (princesstree)
English Paulo From Paulownia, the genus that contains the princesstree
German Kilian From Kiribaum (princesstree)
Spanish Paolo From Paulownia
French Kyrill From kiri (Japanese for princesstree)
Italian Owen From Paulownia
Korean 고상 Gosang From 고상 (高尚) gosang (noble, refined), referring to the symbolic meaning of the princesstree in the language of flowers
Chinese (Mandarin) 梧桐 Wútóng From 梧桐 wútóng / ǹgh-tùhng (Chinese parasol tree)
Chinese (Cantonese) 梧桐 Ǹgh-tùhng


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