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クルティ Curti
Trista Masters.png
Model from Pokémon Masters EX
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Pink
Hometown Centra City
Region Pasio
Relatives Tricia and Trinnia (sisters)
Generation VII
Games Masters EX
English voice actor Faye Mata[1]
Japanese voice actor Manami Numakura

Trista (Japanese: クルティ Curti) is a character introduced in Pokémon Masters EX. She is one of the three receptionists at the Pokémon Center in Centra City, along with Tricia and Trinnia.

In the games

Trista staffs the reception desk at the Pokémon Center. Talking with her opens the Explore menu, showing the area information and the player's progress so far.


  • During conversation (voice clips)
"Pardon me!"
"I'd appreciate your help."
"Thank you very much!"
  • Blurb
"Does anyone want to go exploring?"
"Today is a perfect day for an adventure."
"Maybe I should do some exploring, too..."
"That area info was intriguing!"
"When it comes to area info, I'm your girl!"
"Today's area info is..."
"Aw... I wish I had a partner Pokémon, too..."
  • When spoken to at the Pokémon Center (voice clips)
"Welcome! I can assist you with anything related to Pokémon battles."
"Thank you very much!"
  • When spoken to at the Pokémon Center
"Welcome! How can I help you today?"
"We hope to serve you again!"
  • Bingo Blackout message
"Congratulations! Keep up the good work!"
  • Special Battle Villa intro
"I've got some exciting news for you—the Battle Villa just had its grand opening! You can check it out anytime you like now."
"The Pokémon Center is already buzzing with rumors about it. From what I hear, it sounds like a totally new kind of challenge!"
"Apparently, if you do well in the Battle Villa, you can earn amazing rewards that'll help you and your Pokémon grow even stronger!"
"You should give it a try, <player>!"
  • Special Legendary Arena intro
"Oh! <Player>! There's something you need to know."
"We got news that a Legendary Pokémon suddenly appeared in a certain area of Pasio."
"What's more, they say it has a frighteningly intimidating air about it and attacks any sync pairs that come close."
"Where could it have come from? The Pokémon may be on edge after coming to an unfamiliar place."
"Be careful if you go near it!"
Special Event — Happy Team Break Day!
  • Blurb
"That's it, Trista... Just act like everything is normal, no matter what happens!"
  • When spoken to at the Pokémon Center
"Oh! You're here! I'm so relieved."
"I'm still carrying out my duties as the receptionist, of course. So, without further ado..."
"Welcome! How can I help you today?"
"We hope to serve you again!"
Legendary Event — Lurking Shadow
  • A New Plot
"Ah! <player>! Are you on your way out to do some exploring?"
"If you were thinking of heading to the beach, please be careful. I just a got a concerning report from the tournament staff."
"It sounds like an incredibly powerful sync pair is stirring up trouble around there."
"When the staff went to investigate, they were totally overwhelmed."
"Be on the lookout for trouble, OK?"
Legendary Event — The Dragon that Rules the Sky
  • Starry Nights, Dragon Flights
"Oh! Pardon me, <player>! Do you have a moment?"
"So sorry to bother you! I just wanted to pass on a warning."
"An unidentified dragon Pokémon seems to have appeared near the glaciers recently."
"No one has been able to spot its Trainer yet, and it seems to be quite on edge."
"It's been attacking anyone that comes near it, injuring one sync pair after another."
"If you were planning on visiting the glaciers anytime soon, please be extra careful! All right, <player>?"
Legendary Event — Howling Shield of Eternity
  • A New Visitor
"Hello, <player>! I have something to tell you."
"We have some reports of a meteor falling into the ruins last night."
"Luckily, nobody was injured, but we're asking everyone to stay away from it as a safety precaution."
Villain Event Prelude — Looming Shadow of Kanto
  • Attention All Sync Pairs!
"Hello, <player>!"
"Today, we have an announcement for all sync pairs."
"Apparently, Team Rocket is resuming its operations—and this time on Pasio."
"I'm sure you already know this, but Team Rocket is an organization that operated mainly in the Kanto and Johto regions."
"They caused all sorts of trouble by using Pokémon to steal things and carry out their awful plans."
"In light of safety, please be sure to keep an eye on your Pokémon and personal belongings."
"Also, please try to travel in groups as much as possible."
"*sigh* Just as we got Team Break under control, now this happens."
"I hope it's taken care of soon so everyone can finally be at ease."

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
English Faye Mata


Language Name Origin
Japanese クルティ Curti From Viola tricolor subsp. curtisii (dune pansy)
English Trista From Viola tricolor subsp. curtisii (dune pansy)
German Courtney Similar to her Japanese name
Spanish Tris From Viola tricolor subsp. curtisii (dune pansy)
French Thalie From Thalie (Thalia, one of the three Charites in Greek mythology)
Italian Tish From Viola tricolor subsp. curtisii (dune pansy)
Korean 커티 Curti From Viola tricolor subsp. curtisii (dune pansy)
Chinese (Mandarin) 紅菫 Hóngjǐn From 紅 hóng / hùhng (red) and 三色堇 sānsèjǐn / sāamsīkgán (Viola tricolor)
Chinese (Cantonese) 紅菫 Hùhnggán


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