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If you were looking for the mother of Tate and Liza in the anime, see Rachel (anime).
チェッタ Chetta
Masters Rachel.png
Art from Pokémon Masters EX
Gender Female
Eye color Red
Hair color Purple
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Generation VII
Games Masters EX
Game animation debut Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer
English voice actor Erica Lindbeck
Japanese voice actor Unknown

Rachel (Japanese: チェッタ Chetta) is a character introduced in Pokémon Masters EX.

In the games

Rachel, along with Sawyer, is one of Lear's subordinates. Despite his arrogant tendencies, Rachel respects Lear for his single-minded dedication.




Menu interface (voice clips)
  • During conversation
"You can do it!"
"Seee ya!"
Battle interface (voice clips)
  • Battle start
  • Using Pokémon move
"Let's turn it up."
  • Using Sync Move
"I'm gonna crush youuu!"
Main Story Chapter 5 - The High-Flying Girl
  • Dead Set on Victory
"Good for you, Master Lear."
Main Story Chapter 19 - Rematch vs. Lear!
  • More Precious than Victory
"Uh-oh! Better watch out. Lear's Staraptor is waaay stronger than the Krookodile you fought with Haxorus."
"We'll toootally support you in this battle, Master Lear. You can count on me 'n' Sawyer--"
"Master Lear..."
  • Until Next We Battle
"Master Lear..."
"Stone, shmone! Master Lear's been crushin' it battle after battle for a long time without having to use one."
"It is a liiittle lonely..."
See you in the tournament, Lear!: "<Player>..."
"Awww, cheer up, Master Lear."
"It's making me sad to see you all down in the dumps like this. Where'd all o' your arrogant laughter go?"
"Sawyer? What's going on?!"
Main Story Chapter 20 - Shifting Shadows
  • Big Sis
"Oof! Hope they didn't spot me..."
Main Story Interlude 3 - The Truth about Pasio
  • King of Solitude
"...And then supposedly this suuuper strong Trainer named Cynthia rolled in and defeated pretty much all of Team Break!"
"Long story short: the hideout I found was a dud."
"Anyways...are you sure it was a good idea to ditch the opening ceremony so you could keep searchin', Master Lear?"
"Hm? Did you say something?"
"Mmm... I'm sure he'll thunder into this cave any minute now."
"His name's Cheren. He's one of <player>'s teammates."
"Uhhh, so what if we did? You tryin' to accuse us of some kinda crime?"
"For your information, Hoopa was totally happy to do it for us when we gave it donuts. It's, like, mutually beneficial or whatever."
"Master Lear..."
Main Story Interlude 4 - The Once-Charming Prince
  • Rachel, Sawyer and Lear
"Yeah, like, let us give you a ha--"
"You again? Whyyy do you keep, like, barging in wherever we go?"
"Sorry, but your teacherly instincts are nooot our style. We don't need your help, like, at all."
"Right, Sawyer?"
"Heeey. You, like, falling asleep over there?"
"Whaaat?! What are you even saying?"
"Like...I guess, but still..."
"If you're really that sure, Sawyer, then I guess it's fine... Not that I'm, like, bursting with confidence in this guy."
"Yeeeah, back in the day. He could count on us for anything, and he was a real sweetheart to Pokémon, too."
"But things were never really the same after Her Majesty the queen passed away."
"We were, like, shocked. Our little Master Lear suddenly couldn't trust anyone but himself."
"He started saying awful things, like, like telling people and Pokémon they were just dead weight dragging him down."
"Kiiinda like what he said back there."
"You haven't won my trust juuust yet, you know."
"But if you're gonna do it, like, give it all you got. This is Master Lear we're talking about."
"Did HE stutter? We're saying, like, so long."
"Yeah, sooo, peace out..."
"Master Lear."
Main Story Interlude 5 - What Makes a King
  • Cheren's Intervention
"Hey, Sawyer, are you suuure this is a good idea?"
"I know Cheren said to, like, keep our distance from Master Lear, but I dunno..."
"But, like, come on..."
"Heeey! No fair! Here I was trying to be patient!"
"Master Leeear! Just so you know, I'm way more worried about you than Sawyer is!"
Legendary Event - The Beast That Devours the Sun
  • The Sunrise Calls
"Huh? Did those goons just teleport another sync pair to Pasio? I guess I should go welcome whoever it is..."
"Whoa... Uhh, OK. Wow. Is that Pokémon what I think it is? Uhh, Team Break definitely upped their game this time!"
"M-maybe this'll be a good thing... More for people to celebrate, right? I mean, as long as it'll help us stir up some excitement, right?"
Story Event - Summer Superstars
  • One Summer's Day
"Ah! Sooorry."
"But it's, like, summer, y'know? The time for playing in the water and going to festivals and all that fun stuff."
"It's enough to make me wanna sing a little song, y'knooow?"
"Huuuh? Did I just do something right?"
  • The Sync Pair Music Festival!
"I'm sooooo jealous. You guys better show some gratitude to Master Lear, 'kay?"
  • Endless Summer!
"Master Lear looks toootally happy."
"That's totally craaazy, Master Lear. I'm sooo jealous."


VSRachel Masters.png Spr Masters Rachel.png Rachel Mindscape.png
VS model from
Masters EX
Model from
Masters EX
Rachel's sync move mindscape

In the anime

In the Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer

Rachel briefly appeared in the Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer in a montage.


Language Name Origin
Japanese チェッタ Chetta From ラチェット ratchet
English Rachel From ratchet
German Chetta From her Japanese name
Spanish Serra From sierra (saw)
French Cléa From clé à cliquet (ratchet wrench)
Italian Chette From cricchetto (ratchet)
Korean 치터 Chiteo From 래칫 ratchet
Chinese (Mandarin) 棘兒 Jí'ér From 棘輪 jílún / gīklèuhn (ratchet) and 兒 ér / yìh (diminutive suffix)
Chinese (Cantonese) 棘兒 Gīk'yìh

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