Sawyer (Masters)

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ドリバル Drival
Spr Masters Sawyer.png
In-game render of Sawyer
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Hair color Gray
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Generation VII
Games Masters EX
Game animation debut Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer
English voice actor Richard Epcar
Japanese voice actor Takaya Kuroda

Sawyer (Japanese: ドリバル Drival) is a character introduced in Pokémon Masters EX.

In the games

Sawyer, along with Rachel, is one of Lear's subordinates.




Menu interface (voice clips)
  • During conversation
"No sweat."
"All right."
"No way."
"Nice work."
"Counting on you."
"Hey, you."
"Come at me!"
Battle interface (voice clips)
  • VS screen
"I'm taking you down with style."
  • Battle start
  • Using item
"Hasta la vista."
  • Using Sync Move
"Hope you're ready."
  • Defeat
"Hmph! Well, a loss is a loss."
Main Story Chapter 5 - The High-Flying Girl
  • Dead Set on Victory
"Well done as always, young master."
Main Story Chapter 19 - Rematch vs. Lear!
  • More Precious than Victory
"Young master... May I say something?"
"<Player> and his/her team may not be perfect, but they were strong enough to qualify for the finals, so be careful."
"Y-young master?"
  • Until Next We Battle
"Young master..."
"Exactly! The young master's worked harder than anyone else to get to where he is now and to become the ultimate victor."
"He can win without using sync moves--and without help from anyone else!"
Our next battle will be at the PML!: "<Player>..."
"Young master..."
"Your father, the king, made you a promise. If the PML is a success here on Pasio, he'll name you as the heir to his throne."
"His highness won't go back on his word just because you lost a Pokémon battle... That's not gonna happen."
"I think you'll be a great king someday--one who's worthy of succeeding your father on the throne."
"Have a little faith, young master..."
"Young master?"
"Huh? Why would the royal manor be calling at a time like this?"
"This is Sawyer speaking. Apologies, but now is not a good--"
"Wh-what?! Are you sure?! How could security let this happen?!"
"We've got an emergency, young master! I just got word that some thieves have entered the royal manor, and..."
"they've taken it, sir!"
Main Story Chapter 21 - Face the Fight!
  • Face the Fight: Part 1
"All right, listen up! We're starting the opening ceremony for the PML finals!"
"You and your Pokémon all pushed yourselves to the limit to make it this far in the competition."
"You all got guts--that's for sure! Pat yourselves on the back!"
"But that's not good enough, is it? I figure most of you came here to win..."
"so let's see it! Duke it out to your heart's content! You're here to prove that you're the best, aren't you? Well, here's your chance!"
"The PML finals is your stage! It's time to show off!"
Main Story Interlude 3 - The Truth about Pasio
  • King of Solitude
"Sorry I'm late, young master!"
"That's right. And we sent people back home if they didn't want to stay on Pasio, all right?"
"All we wanted to do was use Hoopa's powers to ramp up the excitement around here for the tournament!"
"Young master..."
"Y-yeah! Coming right now!"
Main Story Interlude 4 - The Once-Charming Prince
  • Rachel, Sawyer and Lear
"Wait, young master! We came to back you up!"
"B-but, young master..."
"Your strength is a sight to behold, young master. But if you keep shouldering all these burdens alone..."
"Young master!"
"... ... ..."
"Listen, kid--I mean, Cheren. I took the liberty of looking up a little more about you."
"I know you didn't get to be a teacher without some leadership skills."
"So what do you say to using those help our young master find his way?"
"Ever since he lost to <player>, the young master's been growing more and more obsessed with becoming powerful."
"He can't afford to go on that way."
"I'm worried the young master'll get himself into big trouble if he takes the throne without learning what it means to be a true king first."
"You see it too, don't you, Rachel? That temperament of his isn't kingly at all."
"Let's enlist Cheren's help. It's for the young master's sake, after all."
"I know that to you, the young master probably looks like some power-obsessed snob who treats people and Pokémon like tools."
"But he used to be a kind boy--the type of son you'd hope to see in a royal family."
"Right. After she passed, His Majesty the king took the young master from our care and sent him off to a strict school."
"And when he came back, there wasn't much left of the kind boy we knew."
"I've been hoping that running the PML would help him work through some of his troubles."
"Think about the meaning of the five badges and how the tournament's structure allows Trainers to team up with sync pairs they've battled against."
"The rules don't really sound like something the young master'd come up with, do they? That's cause I'm the one who made the arrangements."
"The idea was that the setup would help him remember what it's like to trust people and Pokémon."
"But my efforts weren't enough to make any difference in the young master."
"Please, Cheren--make the difference I couldn't."
"Help him find his old self who cared so much about those close to he can become a worthy king."
"All right! Thank you. It means a lot to me."
"Well, to tell the truth, we don't get the deal with Hoopa ourselves."
"The young master just showed up with it all of a sudden after we decided to put together the PML."
"He wouldn't tell us where or how he met it, let alone why it's helping him."
"... ... ..."
"I'm afraid we're done going along with your plans."
"Absolutely. We're giving up on you. We've had enough."
"I really hoped that if you got to know lots of other sync pairs here, it'd bring back the good in you."
"But if your recent behavior is anything to go by, it seems I set my hopes too high."
"It's such a shame. It really is."
"We're leaving Pasio. Excuse us."
Main Story Interlude 5 - What Makes a King
  • Cheren's Intervention
"Well, he had a point. We do tend to be a little indulgent with the young master."
"So if Cheren says a little separation is what's best for the young master..."
"I don't think we have much choice but to believe him."
"Ngh. I hope he's all right..."
"Gaaah! I can't stand it! Young master, it's killing me to leave you like this! But I've gotta stand firm for your sake!"
"No, you're not! My care for the young master runs waaay deeper than yours and you know it!"
"Young master! I believe in you! I know you'll become worthy of the crown!"
Battle Villa
  • Before battle
"Well, fancy that. I had a feeling you could handle yourself in here, <player>. Guess I wasn't wrong..."
"You know what comes next, right, kid? Time to throw down! Come at me!"
  • After being defeated
"Impressive! No wonder you've been givin' the young master a run for his money."
"Hah! Good battle, kid."
Story Event - Summer Superstars
  • The Sync Pair Music Festival!
"Well done as always, young master! How generous of you!"
  • Endless Summer!
"Steven has a lot of fans, after all. We'll probably get a lot of business after this."
"What wonderful thoughtfulness! Well done as always, young master!"


VSSawyer Masters.png
VS model from
Masters EX

In the anime

In the Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer

Sawyer briefly appeared in the Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer in a montage.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ドリバル Drival From ドライバー driver, short for screwdriver
English Sawyer From saw
German Drival From his Japanese name
Spanish Néstor From destornillador (screwdriver)
French Elvis From tournevis (screwdriver)
Italian Ravi From giravite (screwdriver)
Korean 드리버 Driver From 드라이버 driver, short for screwdriver
Chinese (Mandarin) 螺伯 Luóbó From 螺絲刀 luósīdāo / lòhsīdōu (screwdriver) and 伯 bó / baak (respectful term for an older man)
Chinese (Cantonese) 螺伯 Lòhbaak

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