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リッカ Ricca
Spr Masters Tina.png
Model from Pokémon Masters EX
Gender Female
Eye color Red
Hair color Red
Hometown Unknown
Region Pasio
Trainer class Pokémon Trainer
Generation VIII
Games Masters EX
English voice actor Rachelle Heger[1]
Japanese voice actor Ayahi Takagaki

Tina (Japanese: リッカ Ricca) is a character introduced in Pokémon Masters EX.

In the games

Tina is Paulo's friend and a secondary rival of the player.


  • During conversation (voice clips)
Main Story Villain Arc - Paulo Interlude
  • A Late Arrival
  • Off-screen, as "???"
"Paulo? Is that you? It's totally you, right?"
  • After appearing, as Tina
"Sorry, the PM what? I just got here, y'know."
"Whaaaat?! You mean I missed out on all that fun?!"
"No fair, Paulo! Why didn't you bring me with you?"
"Oh well. So how'd you do in the PML, then?"
"Really?! That's amazing, Paulo!"
"I mean, you just said the strongest Trainers from around the world were all gathered here, right?"
"And you made it all the way to the main tournament! That's not something any old Trainer can do!"
"I'm so jealous! I wish I could've joined the PML, too!"
"Really? Then let's team up and win this thing!"
"Hm? Is that a friend of yours?"
"Whoa! No kidding?!"
"That's impressive! And you look about our age, too!"
"Nice to meet you, <player>!"
"What do you mean?"
"Oh, thanks! If you don't mind, that'd be super helpful!"
"Why so serious, Paulo?"
"You've always been like this, even when we were traveling around, aiming to be the strongest Trainers ever!"
"Remember how you'd always heal up my Pokémon before we battled so it'd be a fair match?"
"You do realize that it would've been easier for you if you didn't do that, right?"
"And even though it looks like you have a lot on your mind right now..."
"Even here on Pasio, you're already helping me out!"
"I dunno... Maybe you can take a break from all that every once in a while."
"See? Even <player> agrees!"
"It's OK to have fun and just enjoy your time together with your Pokémon, y'know."
"You don't have to make everything so complicated! Don't sweat the small stuff!"
"Yeah! Why don't we do more training for this PML thing, then?"
"Uh...Paulo? You there?"
"Oh, I've got an idea! Why don't we get something to eat?"
"You two must be hungry, too! Why don't you show me all the good eats here on Pasio?"
"We'll be fine! It's not like we're little kids anymore!"
"C'mon, let's go!"
  • Justice without Power
"Time to attack! Everyone ready?"
"Ready or not, here we come!"
"Aw, man! I'm so bummed we lost!"
"You really surprised me, Paulo. That battle earlier wasn't your usual style."
"'Cause in the past, you never liked letting your Pokémon get hurt in battle."
"I know you're just trying out different tactics, but still..."
"You should give him a treat later on, 'kay?"
"I know the reason why you're experimenting is because of all the new things you've seen here on Pasio."
"I think that's a good thing."
"What're you talking about? Paulo would never team up with people like you!"
"Don't worry–Flareon and I can take care of anything Rockruff can't!"
"Our teamwork is unstoppable! Just watch!"
"Who's this dude?"
"You're just overpowering us with numbers! That's so unfair!"
"Did he just...let us off the hook?"
"Sheesh. I gotta train more so we don't lose to guys like that from now on."
  • In flashback, as Young Tina
"Waaaah! Waaaah!"
  • Good or Evil Bonds
  • Off-screen, as "???"
  • After appearing, as Tina
"I haven't seen you use those Pokémon before. Are they new friends of yours?"
"Oh... So where's Rockruff?"
"Paulo, are you still hung up on what happened? That was ages ago!"
"I thought Rockruff was important to you! He's your partner!"
"Don't tell me you're starting to think like all those bad guys!"
"Er... Mr. Colress, could you maybe explain what you meant just now?"
"You said "even one without a conscience.""
"Why are bad people also able to use sync stones?"
"What do you mean, no distinction?"
"How could you say that?!"
"His bodyguard?"
"Wha–?! O-OK, let's go over there, where there's more space..."
  • Too Late for Guidance
"Awww! You're so cute, Hoopa!"
"Bleh... Sand!"
"Hey! Cut it out!"
"Oh, really? That's kinda hard to believe."'
  • A Reason to Be Strong
"Oh, <player>..."
"Have you seen Paulo?"
I haven't seen him today.: "I see..."
Did something happen?: "Well...yeah."
"Ever since we lost to Team Rocket, Paulo's been acting weird."
"Like he's cornered or something."
"I think something that happened when we were little has been bothering him..."
"Oh! I completely forgot I was supposed to be your bodyguard! Sorry about that!"
"Oh, right. Well..."
"It happened back when Paulo and I weren't even Trainers yet."
"There was this wild Dratini we were secretly taking care of, and..."
  • In flashback, as Young Tina
"Yaaay! We got to play with you so much today!"
"I wanna be a Trainer already..."
"I wanna go on a journey with Dratini and challenge the Champion!"
"Nuh-uh! It's gonna be me!"
"What're you doing, mister?!"
"How could you..."
"I... I..."
"Waaaah! Waaaah!"
  • Back to present
"Since then, we got older."
"Paulo and I got our Pokémon and left the town where we grew up."
"But I think that incident still hurts him to this day."
"I do think that the strength to protect things is important."
"And I don't want to say good-bye like that ever again."
"I know that the time I can spend with my Pokémon is limited, so I want us to spend it together, making all sorts of memories."
"Once, on my travels, I saw a Pokémon graveyard."
"Some Trainers who came to visit graves told me their stories. That's when I started to think this way."
"There's no point in getting strong if it means you forget about the connection you have with your Pokémon."
"That's why I don't like how Paulo's been thinking lately."
"He can't be as strong as he wants, and that's really weighing on his mind..."
"<player>! Colress!"
"I don't think Paulo's gonna listen to me anymore."
"He didn't even try to listen to what Blue and Cheren were telling him, either."
"So...I need your help–to save him!"
"Thank you, both!"
"Hey! Who are you?"
"Yeah, sure..."
"Psyche. You think I'd just come quietly?!"
Special Event - The Classic Thunderbolt
  • Where Are We?!
"Hey, that must be a new Trainer! I haven't seen him here before."
"Is he OK?"
"Ack! He fainted! Hey, are you OK?"
  • Ash's Sync Move Practice
"I'm Tina! Let's do our best together, Ash!"
"You got a Poryphone earlier, didn't you?"
"Yep! I'm sure you'll be able to do it in no time!"
"Especially if you're such good friends with your Pikachu!"
"We gotta stay sharp if we wanna keep up, don't we, Flareon? C'mon, let's take 'em on!"
"Flareon? What's wrong?"
"Heheh! Not bad!"
"Thanks! Now it's time for our sync move! Take this!"
"Wow, that's amazing, Ash! You were able to use your sync move right away!"
  • Flareon's Rebellion
"Well...maybe we just need to practice more."
"This hasn't really happened to us before, though..."
"Let's do our best so we don't lose next time, Flareon."
"Hey, cut it out! No fighting!"
"I know you're frustrated that we lost, but you can't just be rude–"
"Ah! Where are you going, Flareon?!"
"What's up with him?!"
"No, not at all."
"Well...I guess we never really fought when he was an Eevee..."
"But ever since he evolved into Flareon, he's gotten a bit feisty."
"I wonder why..."
"A rebellious stage?"
"... ... ..."
"Could it be..."
"Right now, there are some bad people on this island."
"My friends and the other folks on Pasio have been pitching in to keep watch, but lots of Trainers have had their Pokémon stolen!"
"I hope they didn't take Flareon..."
"Team Break!"
"They're those villains who've been trying to mess with our tournaments and steal our Pokémon!"
  • Use Thunderbolt!
"What?! No way!"
"Do you hate me so much that you joined Team Break?"
"OK... Flareon!"
"I'm so sorry! I'm a terrible Trainer who couldn't understand your feelings!"
"But you're my partner!"
"I wanna be by your side! No matter what happens, that'll never change!"
"Even if we can't use our sync move...and no matter who we lose to...it doesn't matter!"
"I hate being apart from you!"
"I hate it!"
"Oh, really? Is that true, Flareon?"
"Sure! We'd love to!"
"Let's go, Flareon!"
Special Event - Blazing Battle with Ash
  • Sudden Announcement
  • Lear's Goal?
"They didn't tell you anything, <player>?"
"Well... Lear did say that it's for Trainers who are new to Pasio."
"So maybe he wants them to give it their all in a format they're used to rather than force them into teams."
"I'm new to Pasio, so I'm thinking of entering. What about you, Ash?"
"Oh, I'm not gonna lose, either!"
  • A Heated First Battle!
"Let's go, Flareon!"
"Uh-oh, a Water-type Pokémon? Not a great matchup against my Flareon..."
"But we won't give up till the end, just like Ash!"
"Right, Flareon?"
"Aww, man..."
"Guess I lost."


Eevee → Flareon


VSTina Masters.png
VS model from
Masters EX


  • The internal data of Pokémon Masters prior to version 1.4.0 had initially listed Tina as Camilla (Japanese: サザンカ Sazanka). The data had remained unused and was removed in subsequent versions, before it was added back in version 2.15.0 with the character officially introduced in the main story under her current name. This may have been due to her initial name being the same as Sanqua's in Japanese, German, Spanish, Italian, and Korean.


Language Name Origin
Japanese リッカ Ricca
English Tina
German, French Rika Similar to her Japanese name
Spanish Rina Similar to her Japanese and English name
Italian Lena Similar to her English name
Korean 리카 Rika Transcription of her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 俐卡 Lìkǎ Transcription of her Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 俐卡 Leihkā


Language Name Origin
Japanese サザンカ Sazanka From 山茶花 sazanka (sasanqua camellia)
English Camilla From camellia
German Sazanka Transcription of her Japanese name
Spanish Sasha From Camellia sasanqua (scientific name of sasanqua camellia)
French Camélia From camélia (camellia)
Italian Amelia From camèlia (camellia)
Korean 산다화 Sandahwa From 산다화 (山茶花) sandahwa (sasanqua camellia)
Chinese (Mandarin) 山茶 Shānchá From 山茶 shānchá / sāanchàh (camellia)
Chinese (Cantonese) 山茶 Sāanchàh


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