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Flint's sync grid

Sync Grid (Japanese: バディストーンボード Buddy Stone Board) is a feature in Pokémon Masters introduced in version 1.5.5 that allows the player to strengthen sync pairs in unique ways. The sync grid consists of hexagonal tiles, with each tile unlocking a grid skill. Each grid skill offers different enhancements, such as raising stats, enhancing moves and unlocking passive skills.

To activate a tile, the player must use a certain number of sync orbs (Japanese: バディドロップ Buddy Drop) which are specific to the sync pair. Only tiles adjacent to another activated tile can be activated. Some tiles may have additional requirements. For example, certain tiles will require a certain sync move level before the tile can be activated.

Except for the basic grid skills surrounding the sync stone, activating tiles require a certain amount of energy. There is a maximum energy of 60 which means the player will be unable to unlock the entire sync grid for a sync pair. The sync grid can be reset using coins to deactivate all tiles and regain all energy.

Main Story Chapter 11 must be completed to unlock the Sync Grid feature.

Sync orbs

There are two types of sync orbs.

Sync orbs are exclusive to each sync pair. These are obtained when a sync move is used during a single player battle when the "Sync orb chance!" message appears before the battle. If successful, the player is rewarded with 5 sync orbs at the end of the battle. If the player fails to use a sync move during the battle, the sync orb chance will continue to the next battle

Co-op sync orbs are obtained from co-op battles and are not exclusive to each sync pair. 10 co-op sync orbs can be exchanged for one sync pair-specific sync orb on the Sync Grid menu.

List of sync pairs with expanded sync grids

Certain sync pairs have an expanded sync grid, with more to have expanded grids in the future.

Sync pair Available from
Scottie/Bettie & Pikachu January 15, 2020
Flannery & Torkoal
Flint & Infernape
Pryce & Seel/Dewgong January 22, 2020
Clair & Kingdra February 5, 2020
Iris & Haxorus
Rosa & Snivy/Servine/Serperior February 10, 2020
Erika & Vileplume
Steven & Metagross February 14, 2020
Professor Oak & Mew


Sync Orb Masters.png Co-op Sync Orb Masters.png
Sprite of a sync orb from
Pokémon Masters
Sprite of a co-op sync orb from
Pokémon Masters

In other languages

Sync grid

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 拍檔石盤 Paakdong Sehkpùhn
Mandarin 拍檔石盤 Pāidǎng Shípán
France Flag.png French Le Plateau Duo-Gemme
Germany Flag.png German Gefährtensteinbrett
Italy Flag.png Italian Teca Pietra Unità
South Korea Flag.png Korean 버디스톤보드 Buddy Stone Board
Spain Flag.png Spanish Tablero Piedra Compi

Sync orb

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 拍檔滴晶 Paakdong Dīkjīng
Mandarin 拍檔滴晶 Pāidǎng Dījīng
France Flag.png French Duo-Sphère
Germany Flag.png German Gefährtendrop
Italy Flag.png Italian Uniciondolo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 버디드롭 Buddy Drop
Spain Flag.png Spanish Orbe Compi

Co-op Sync orb

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 拍檔滴晶M Paakdong Dīkjīng M
Mandarin 拍檔滴晶M Pāidǎng Dījīng M
France Flag.png French Duo-Sphère Coop
Germany Flag.png German Gefährtendrop M
Italy Flag.png Italian Uniciondolo Multi
South Korea Flag.png Korean 버디드롭 Buddy Drop M
Spain Flag.png Spanish Orbe Compi Multi

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