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The Pokémon Masters League (Japanese: ワールドポケモンマスターズ World Pokémon Masters), or PML (Japanese: WPM) for short, is a tournament held on Pasio in Pokémon Masters EX. Competitors include Gym Leaders, Elite Four members, Champions, Frontier Brains, Island Kahunas, and other notable Pokémon Trainers from other regions. Pokémon Trainers who earn five Badges by battling PML Leaders (Japanese: WPMリーダー WPM Leader) qualify for participation in the tournament.

PML Leaders

Pokémon Masters Leaders
Generation VIII Region: Pasio
PML Leader
Type Badge
VSErika Masters.png
エリカ Erika
4: From Bud to Blossom
4: いつか花咲くときまで
Grass Tranquility Badge.png
Tranquility Badge
VSSkyla Masters.png
フウロ Huuro
5: The High-Flying Girl
5: 大空のぶっとびガール
Flying Freedom Badge.png
Freedom Badge
VSNorman Masters.png
センリ Senri
7: Bravery Is Half the Victory
7: 千里の道も勇気から
Normal Patience Badge.png
Patience Badge
VSPryce Masters.png
ヤナギ Yanagi
8: A Cold, Harsh Winter
8: しさを冬の厳知れ
Ice Harmony Badge.png
Harmony Badge
VSHapu Masters.png
ハプウ Hāpuʻu
10: A Matter of Pride
10: 誇りの意味
Ground Pride Badge.png
Pride Badge


  • According to Erika, each PML Badge is handed out by more than one different PML Leader.
  • Hapu is the only known PML Leader who is not a Gym Leader, and the only one who hands the Badge to the player before battling.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 世界寶可夢大師賽 Saigaai Pokémon Daaihsī Choi (WPM)
Mandarin 世界寶可夢大師賽 Shìjiè Pokémon Dàshī Sài (WPM)
France Flag.png French World Pokémon Masters (WPM)
Germany Flag.png German World Pokémon Masters (WPM)
Italy Flag.png Italian World Pokémon Masters (WPM)
South Korea Flag.png Korean 월드 포켓몬 마스터즈 World Pokémon Masters (WPM)
Spain Flag.png Spanish World Pokémon Masters (WPM)

PML Leader

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese WPM關主 WPM Gwāanjyú
Mandarin WPM關主 WPM Guānzhǔ
France Flag.png French Champion WPM
Germany Flag.png German WPM-Leiter
Italy Flag.png Italian Capo del WPM
South Korea Flag.png Korean WPM리더 WPM Leader
Spain Flag.png Spanish Líder del WPM

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