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ラゴウ Ragō
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Fiore
Relatives Tiffany, Clyde, Garret, and Billy (children)
Generation III
Games Pokémon Ranger
Member of Go-Rock Squad
Rank Leader

Gordor (Japanese: ラゴウ Ragō) is the leader of Go-Rock Squad, the criminal team in Fiore. He is first seen in a mission where the player has to escort him out of Lyra Forest. During the mission, he repeatedly yells at a wild Murkrow because he thought it was mocking him, which reveals a little of his personality.

He is later seen testing the Power Styler by capturing an Entei in the Jungle Relic. The player has to then capture Entei to finish the mission.

On the top of Fiore Temple for the final mission, he faces the player with Raikou, Suicune, and Entei one at a time in that order by using the Power Styler to control them. After Suicune and Raikou are successfully captured, Gordor moves on to tell Solana and Lunick about Entei's power, which is when Plusle and Minun destroy the Power Styler and cause Entei to go wild. Entei turns on Gordor, and the player must capture Entei again to help him. During this time, Gordor flees the Temple.

Near the end of the game, it is revealed that Hastings and Gordor went to school together and at one point worked as colleagues. However, Gordor felt that he kept falling in second place behind Hastings all the time, so he broke away and started his own team with the intent of trouncing Hastings. Gordor had a falling-out with Hastings, when Gordor wanted to use the Capture Styler they invented to control wild Pokémon instead of helping them. Gordor is the father of the Go-Rock Quads.

At the end of the Ranger Net mission to recover the Manaphy Egg, Gordor returns to stop the last Go-Rock underling and return the player to Professor Hastings.


Temporarily controlled



Lyra Forest
"...Grumble... I come to this infernal place... The legendary Pokémon... ...Mutter... ...All Hastings's fault... ...Grumble... ...Get their comeuppance...just watch me... ...Mutter..."
"Ugwah! You startled me! You should know better than to sneak up on someone like that! Hm... I see. You're a Ranger from Ringtown. It took you long enough to get here. Of course, I suppose I expect far too much of a Union Ranger. Let me get a closer look at your face... Hah! A mere child! The union sent a pip-squeak for me! Classic, I say! Classic!"
"Ah, but, child, this is no fault of yours. For it is I, Gordor, who lost his bearings in this forest and called for help. Now, return me the courtesy of telling me your name. ...I see. <player> it is. Now, guide me out of the forest."
  • If spoken to
"Pick up the pace."
"Pay me no mind. Pick up the pace."
"If you have the time to chitchat, pick up the pace!"
  • After the player catches a Pokémon
"Hm. Not too shabby. From what I understand, that device--Styler, was it?--is not something that just anyone can use. For a capture to succeed, the Ranger using the Styler must have "the spirit of justice," was it?"
"But--<player>, was it?--what exactly is "the spirit of justice"? Or, indeed, what is justice? Who is to say what is considered justice now will be the justice of tomorrow?"
"...(Snicker...) Perhaps that was too difficult for a child like you to grasp."
  • Meeting Murkrow
"That Murkrow... does it dare to mock me for losing my bearings in the forest?"
"Grrr... You Murkrow! How dare you heckle me! I won't take your insolence!"
"You, you, you... Useless! Contrary! Meaningless! Crass! Bombastic! Buffoon of a Murkrow!"
"It appears that "crass" got to that insolent bird. That whole exchange has given me heartburn. Get me out of this confounded forest immediately!"
  • After burning the fallen log
"Hoh! Impressive. Perhaps your talents are somewhat wasted escorting this old man!"
  • When Murkrow reappears
"Is that the heckling Murkrow? Being called a buffoon must have stung!"
"We fail to attain our objectives, I get lost in the forest... One indignity after the other!"
"That wretched Murkrow again? It bears a grudge badly. Impressive. But what is this dark haze? Why does it cling so? Get me out of this dank misery of a forest!"
"What is this? We've returned to the same spot! And that Murkrow... Hear it cackle at us ominously..."
"You're a Ranger! Do something about that wretched thing!"
"What the...? It dares to impede us? Well? what are you waiting for? There's your cue! Capture that irksome Murkrow already!"
  • After capturing Murkrow
"That dark haze lifted upon your capturing that Murkrow... Was it creating that haze? But it annoys me to no end to be toyed by such a wretch... Enough! Release the vile thing!"
"How much of my time must you waste? Get me out of the forest once and for all!"
  • Passing a Go-Rock Grunt
"Hm, that was the Go-Rock Squad... I've heard they are roundly reviled and ridiculed as wrongdoers. However, how much of that reputation is fair or warranted? Perhaps they are merely and grossly misunderstood? Why, they may be more useful than some worthless Ranger who can barely manage the simple task of a guide."
"Ah, I see where we are. I can manage on my own from here. I should say that you were successful, for what it's worth. I enjoyed our time together, you Union Ranger. Fufufu... Fufufu... Fwahahahaha!"
Jungle Relic
"Hm? You are...? Oh, yes, I remember now. You're my guide from Lyra Forest. <player>, wasn't it? (Snicker...) You seem surprised. At the time, I certainly wasn't much more than a pitiful old man just lost in the woods. But now... I would think the most pitiful people in Fiore would be you two. As the boss of the Go-Rock Squad, I, Gordor, will explain how this came to be. Consider it a thanks for your help."
"The legend of the Jungle Relic turned out to be true. Thanks to a pair of gullible do-gooders, the fourth and final challenge was cleared. As a result, the underground volcano erupted, and the Entei was awakened! The Entei, overburned with fiery energy, appeared to become the first capture of my new Styler! Being a legendary Pokémon, it put up a terrific fight. But in the end, my experiment became a smashing success! The loud noise and the tremor from earlier were the result of that capture. That conclusively proves that the Go-Rock Squad is an organization that surpasses the Ranger Union."
"It won't be long before we, and not you, are considered legitimate Rangers! Let me assign you your final job as a Ranger. If nothing is done with that Entei, its presence is certain to trigger another eruption of the underground volcano. That will not only destroy this relic, it will devastate the natural environments and ruin people's lives in Fiore. Now wouldn't that be a terrible shame? So, let me assign you the mission, which will also mark your retirement! This is your assignment: do whatever you want, because I don't care! Fwahahahaha!"
"Now, you expert Union Rangers... What will you do?"
  • After capturing Entei
"Captured the Entei?! I'll admit to not having expected that. But that's fine... My experiment was a complete success. Our plan has taken a giant leap forward. With my Styler, even legendary Pokémon can be captured without the need for any special skills! ...Though it's impossible to control the behavior of legendary Pokémon quite yet... But that should soon be reality with only minor tweaks. I am plenty satisfied with what we've achieved today."
"Please convey my best regards to your Prof. Hastings, the Ranger Union's chief of technology. Yes, be certain to give the good professor the best regards of Gordor."
Fiore Temple
"Fufufu... You seem to be dumbfounded by the sight of these legendary Pokémon. You were... <player>, was it? Forgive me for not sending you invitations... But you're my honored guests for my solo performance. Welcome, young Rangers! Welcome to the greatest performance of my life! Witness it to your hearts' content from your specially reserved seats!"
"Have a good look at this machine. It is the ultimate Styler that I created for this glorious moment. Not even Hastings could devise a Styler so powerful. The instant I play any melody on this Styler, its vibrations will take over the free will of any Pokémon. That means any Pokémon will become my slave to do exactly my bidding. No Pokémon can defy my Styler. Not even the legendary Pokémon that are said to be virtually impossible to capture!"
"I will use my Styler to command the three legendary Pokémon to unleash their fury upon Fiore. I will make them create rainstorms, thunderstorms, and fire storms! And when these three calamities strike Fiore, it won't be you Rangers quelling them. It will be us, the Go-Rock Squad. It will be an easy matter if we use the abilities of the Pokémon we have. Now, consider this: what will the people of Fiore call the Go-Rock Squad after we stop the calamities? We will be considered heroes. In the coming new age, the Go-Rock Squad will replace you Rangers. It will be the dawning of a new era in which the Go-Rock Squad will forge the new world order as heroes. You get to be a witness to the Go-Rock Squad's greatest moment of glory. Rejoice in it!"
"Hahaha! Such feisty spirit! Why do you accuse me of making Pokémon suffer? Would you like to see if your Plusle and Minun suffer? ...On second thought, it's not worth it. It's not worth my time capturing worthless Pokémon like them."
"Hahaha! They do seem to be adorable and cute at least, I'll give you that. But enough. Let's get on with the show! First, Raikou! Go on, go absolutely wild! Fill the skies above Fiore with the shards of lightning you summon!"
  • After capturing Raikou
"What?! You insolent... You won't be lucky twice! Suicune, go! Let loose every bit of the savagery in your heart! Drown Fiore under the rainstorms you call forth!"
  • After capturing Suicune
"What compels you to meddle so much in my affairs? Don't you realize it's futile? However many of my Pokémon you release, I can easily recapture them so long as I have this Power Styler. Besides, I still have the most reliable of the lot--Entei! Entei, the legendary Pokémon... The towering flames Entei erupts will burn all Fiore down to the ground. I see no need to recall Raikou and Suicune."
  • When Plusle and Minun jump on the keyboard
"W-what are you doing?! Stop that! Don't touch that!"
"You blasted Pokémon! Get off the keyboard!"
"S-stop it, Entei! I'm your master!"
  • Meeting Professor Hastings
"Comrades in arms? Keep your sappy sentimentality out of this. Because of you, my research was always considered second rate. In time, you became the chief of technology for the Ranger Union... ...Even while the results of my studies went without ever seeing the light of day. I prepared... I prepared over many long years in hopes of one day proving to the world that I was the better of us. But my dream was just that--a dream... A dream broken by your cherished Rangers. Hastings... Laugh if you want. Laugh all you want at me--always the pathetic loser to you..."
"Hastings... Do you seriously think I could do that? You haven't changed much at all..."
Manaphy Mission
"It's been a while, <player>. The Manaphy Egg isn't just something that anyone can hold thoughtlessly. It isn't something that is simply beautiful. It contains a life. At the very least, the one who should be looking after this Egg isn't this fool!"
"I've done nothing in particular since then... I've thought a lot. I've thought about how you saved me at the very end... I felt small and ashamed of my own petty pride that was nothing next to the glare of your nobility... It was pathetic, but it was all I could do to flee in shame. But I've awakened from the nightmare. I've finally realized that what I should be doing is making amends for my crimes. I ask myself every day what I can do to make things better for people. I don't think that I can ever atone for all my misdeeds, but I must try. You are the ones who awakened me to become what I am today. And for that, I owe you a thanks. Thank you... And please, give my regards to Prof. Hastings."


Language Name Origin
Japanese ラゴウ Ragō From 羅睺 Ragō (Rahu), celestial body mentioned in Hindu texts that represents that ascending lunar node
English, Spanish Gordor
German Gunther
French Annibal
Italian Mortimer

Go-Rock Squad
Go-Rock Quads
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Fiore Temple

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