Orre Colosseum/Lv. 100 Battle Mode Double

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This is a list of Trainers that appear in the Double Battle division of the Lv. 100 Battle Mode Orre Colosseum in Pokémon Colosseum.

Round 1

Venak always leads with Skarmory and Swampert.

Round 2

Huron always summons Latios last.

Round 3

Bomber always leads with Linoone and Miltank.

Round 4

Forgon always summons Dusclops first and summons Rayquaza last.

Round 5

Marley always leads with Hariyama and Kingdra.

Round 6

Okamoo always leads with Ninjask and Togetic and summons Heracross last.


Shun always leads with Regirock and Shiftry and summons Houndoom last.


Inity always leads with Kyogre or Groudon and summons Latios last.


  • All of Inity's Pokémon have base stat totals of 600 or 670.