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Clefairy Rangers
ピッピ隊 Pippi Rangers
Clefairy Rangers PM.png
The Clefairy Rangers
Debuts in The Gym Challenges Begin!!
Caught at Not caught
Gender Male*
Ability Unknown
Nature Unknown
Current location Unknown
This Pokémon has not evolved.

Clefairy Rangers (Japanese: ピッピ隊 Pippi Rangers) are a group of Clefairy who appear in Pokémon Pocket Monsters. They are led by Red's Clefairy.


The leader of the Clefairy Rangers

The Clefairy Rangers first appeared when Red's Clefairy left the Sprout Tower to get them. They battle a giant Bellsprout together and bring it down with Flash. In Clefairy Rangers to the Rescue!!, they were assigned by Professor Oak to take out a Lugia. They leave their hideout and go on a boat where it was shaped as a Clefairy. As they were riding on it, they crash into a ship and splits it into two. A Lugia comes out along with a Gyarados and Blastoise, where Lugia starts to attack the Clefairy Rangers and the Clefairy Rangers fight back. As Lugia was too strong for them, the Clefairy Rangers take out their bazooka which was hidden in the boat. Each of the Clefairy place their hands on the bazooka and fires a ball at Lugia, which was off range as the ball fell before it landed onto Lugia. The Clefairy Rangers run back to their hideout where they discuss their plans to each other. After speaking to Professor Oak on the intercom, they go on their plane and return to where Lugia was beginning its destruction on a town. Lugia attacks them with Hyper Beam but the Clefairy Rangers get back up and dogpile Lugia. Afterwards, they call out their robot and get inside where Lugia's Hyper Beam had no effect on it. The Clefairy Rangers fire a Poké Ball at Lugia and Lugia gets caught, which made the town cheer for them. With their job done, the Clefairy Rangers fly back to their hideout where Red's Clefairy's excessive eating caused the robot to get heavy and destroyed their hideout and the robot.

Appearance in the later series
Their hideout

In Pokémon Task Force In Action!!, Red's Clefairy becomes a Clefairy Ranger where he was dressed up in a different outfit unlike before after failing to stop Rayquaza. He performed some stunts, only to have fallen in a manhole. Afterwards, Clefairy takes on Rayquaza but Rayquaza whacks him with its tail and lands on a powerline. When Clefairy was about to try again, a car sends him flying and landed in a dumpster. As Clefairy used his secret weapon, he ended up stretching himself and could not return to normal, which resulted in Red, Tyrogue, Pikachu, and Rayquaza laughing at him.

The Clefairy Rangers reappeared in Clefairy Squad Appears!!.

Personality and characteristics

The Clefairy Rangers are usually backups for Red's Clefairy if he cannot actually defeat a tough foe such as Lugia and Rayquaza. Unlike their leader, the Clefairy Rangers usually take their job seriously.

Items and gadgets

Moves used

Clefairy Rangers Flash PM.png
Using Flash
Move First Used In
Flash The Gym Challenges Begin!!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


Status unknown

Clefairy Rangers's Lugia
A Lugia was causing destruction, and it was up to the Clefairy Rangers to fight it. Despite their teamwork, it was not enough to stop the legendary Pokémon. Later, Clefairy built a robot suit that was immune to Lugia's attack. Using the suit, he pressed a button which fired a Poké Ball and successfully caught Lugia. Sometime after, the Clefairy Rangers returned to their hideout, and it got destroyed along with their robot by Red's Clefairy's excessive eating. However, Lugia's Poké Ball was not shown.

Lugia's known moves are Gust and Hyper Beam.

Debut Clefairy Rangers to the Rescue!!

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