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In-battle effect items are held items that take effect during a battle.

Choice items

Condition boosters


HP restoration

Power boosters

Turn order alteration

Focus items

Negative effect on holder

Other items

EV-enhancing items

Main article: EV-enhancing item

Evolution-inducing items with in-battle effects

Main article: Evolution-inducing held item

Experience-affecting items

Main article: Experience-affecting item


Main article: Drive


Main article: Gem


Main article: Incense


Main article: Plate

Stat-enhancing items

Main article: Stat-enhancing item

Type-enhancing items

Main article: Type-enhancing item


Main article: Z-Crystal



This is the artwork of the items as seen in the Sinnoh Underground.

Mine Iron Ball.png Mine Light Clay.png
Iron Ball Light Clay

Global Link

This is the artwork of the items as seen on the Pokémon Global Link.

Dream Choice Band Sprite.png Dream Choice Scarf Sprite.png Dream Choice Specs Sprite.png Dream Binding Band Sprite.png Dream Damp Rock Sprite.png
Choice Band Choice Scarf Choice Specs Binding Band Damp Rock
Dream Grip Claw Sprite.png Dream Heat Rock Sprite.png Dream Icy Rock Sprite.png Dream Light Clay Sprite.png Dream Smooth Rock Sprite.png
Grip Claw Heat Rock Icy Rock Light Clay Smooth Rock
Dream Terrain Extender Sprite.png Dream Mental Herb Sprite.png Dream Power Herb Sprite.png Dream White Herb Sprite.png Dream Big Root Sprite.png
Terrain Extender Mental Herb Power Herb White Herb Big Root
Dream Leftovers Sprite.png Dream Shell Bell Sprite.png Dream Absorb Bulb Sprite.png Dream Assault Vest Sprite.png Dream Cell Battery Sprite.png
Leftovers Shell Bell Absorb Bulb Assault Vest Cell Battery
Dream Electric Seed Sprite.png Dream Expert Belt Sprite.png Dream Grassy Seed Sprite.png Dream Life Orb Sprite.png Dream Luminous Moss Sprite.png
Electric Seed Expert Belt Grassy Seed Life Orb Luminous Moss
Dream Metronome Sprite.png Dream Misty Seed Sprite.png Dream Muscle Band Sprite.png Dream Psychic Seed Sprite.png Dream Scope Lens Sprite.png
Metronome Misty Seed Muscle Band Psychic Seed Scope Lens
Dream Snowball Sprite.png Dream Weakness Policy Sprite.png Dream Wide Lens Sprite.png Dream Wise Glasses Sprite.png Dream Zoom Lens Sprite.png
Snowball Weakness Policy Wide Lens Wise Glasses Zoom Lens
Dream Lagging Tail Sprite.png Dream Quick Claw Sprite.png Dream Focus Band Sprite.png Dream Focus Sash Sprite.png Dream Flame Orb Sprite.png
Lagging Tail Quick Claw Focus Band Focus Sash Flame Orb
Dream Toxic Orb Sprite.png Dream Sticky Barb Sprite.png Dream Iron Ball Sprite.png Dream Black Sludge Sprite.png Dream Ring Target Sprite.png
Toxic Orb Sticky Barb Iron Ball Black Sludge Ring Target
Dream Adrenaline Orb Sprite.png Dream Air Balloon Sprite.png Dream Amulet Coin Sprite.png Dream BrightPowder Sprite.png Dream Destiny Knot Sprite.png
Adrenaline Orb Air Balloon Amulet Coin Bright Powder Destiny Knot
Dream Eject Button Sprite.png Dream Float Stone Sprite.png Dream King's Rock Sprite.png Dream Protective Pads Sprite.png Dream Razor Claw Sprite.png
Eject Button Float Stone King's Rock Protective Pads Razor Claw
Dream Razor Fang Sprite.png Dream Red Card Sprite.png Dream Rocky Helmet Sprite.png Dream Safety Goggles Sprite.png Dream Shed Shell Sprite.png
Razor Fang Red Card Rocky Helmet Safety Goggles Shed Shell
Dream Smoke Ball Sprite.png
Smoke Ball

In the anime

An Amulet Coin appeared in Capacia Island UFO!, where it was found by Ash. Later, when he and Team Rocket entered a UFO belonging to a group of Beheeyem, the Beheeyem told them that they lost an item looking like the Amulet Coin that was a vital part in getting the UFO to fly. Ash gave them the Amulet Coin he found, but it was not the right item. Instead, the Beheeyem sought a similar-looking item, which was found by James earlier on.

In The Journalist from Another Region!, a Pokémon Sumo tournament was held during the Harvest Festival on Harvest Island, and the prize was a Focus Band. Eventually it was won by Ash, who gave it to his Pignite to wear.

In Under the Pledging Tree!, a Rocky Helmet was one of the items offered to Ash by a market vendor in Coumarine City after Ash had wondered out loud what presents he should buy for an upcoming festival.

In the manga

Air Balloon in Be the Best! Pokémon B+W

In the Be the Best! Pokémon B+W manga

An Air Balloon appeared in Challenge the Battle Subway!, being held by Monta's Snivy.

In the Pocket Monsters Platinum: Aim to Be Battle King!! manga

In Walkthrough! Battle Tower!!, had given his Infernape a Focus Sash to hold, allowing it to survive a Golem's Earthquake at the Battle Tower and then defeat it with a Grass Knot.

In Yū vs. Shin, Rival Showdown!!, Shin had given his Wailord Choice Specs to hold, allowing its powered-up Water Spout to defeat Yū's Heatran. However, this strategy was turned against Shin when Yū used his Quagsire, whose Water Absorb rendered Water Spout useless, thus allowing Yū to snatch a victory from his rival.

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

In the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter, six Focus Band were used by Gold on his team against the Masked Man.

Leftovers was seen various times in the Emerald chapter as a held item for various Pokémon, debuting in Pinsir Me, I Must Be Dreaming, where it was used by a virtual Trainer's rental Aggron in the Battle Factory. One was also held by the Sceptile that Emerald rented for his battle with Noland, as well as Greta's Umbreon in Sneaky Like Shedinja.

A Choice Band was the item held by the Linoone Emerald rented from the Battle Factory in Pinsir Me, I Must Be Dreaming. It was used to strengthen its Frustration in some of its matches. This item later proved to be instrumental in taking down Noland's Mawile when Linoone used Trick to switch items with Mawile.

A Quick Claw was held by the Metagross Emerald borrowed from Crystal for his battle against Tucker in A Cheeky Charizard Change-Up I, allowing it to outspeed Tucker's Charizard and hit it with a super-effective Rock Tomb. This wasn't enough to knock out the Flame Pokémon, however, and Charizard was able to defeat Metagross with Overheat.

An Iron Ball appeared in the Diamond & Pearl chapter. Diamond and Pearl found it amongst the metal items drawn out of the ground in Celestic Town by the magnetic field from Cyrus's Magnezone. It later appeared as an item that was used in conjunction with Lax's Fling in Platinum's battle against Fantina in Mirages of Mismagius II.

A Zoom Lens was seen in Magnificent Meditite & Really Riolu I as a prize Diamond won in the Veilstone Game Corner using the Coins Platinum won from the slot machines. Platinum tried the Zoom Lens on Chimler for training.

A Focus Sash was seen held by Darach's Houndoom in Getting the Drop on Gallade II, allowing it to survive a super-effective Focus Blast by Platinum's Lopunny. Platinum also rented a Focus Sash for her Empoleon to hold in the Battle Castle.

A Power Herb was held by Cheren's Unfezant in The Tournament Continues. This allowed Unfezant to bypass the charging turn of its Sky Attack and quickly defeat Leo's Deino.

In other languages

Big Root

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese おおきなねっこ Big Root
Chinese Cantonese 大根莖 Daaih Gānging
Mandarin 大根莖 / 大根茎 Dà Gēnjīng
France Flag.png French Grosse Racine*
Germany Flag.png German Großwurzel
Italy Flag.png Italian Granradice
South Korea Flag.png Korean 큰뿌리 Keun Ppuri
Spain Flag.png Spanish Raíz Grande

Black Sludge

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese くろいヘドロ Black Sludge
Chinese Cantonese 黑色污泥 Hāaksīk Wūnàih
Mandarin 黑色污泥 Hēisè Wūní
France Flag.png French Boue Noire
Germany Flag.png German Giftschleim
Italy Flag.png Italian Fangopece
South Korea Flag.png Korean 검은진흙 Geomeun Jinheuk
Spain Flag.png Spanish Lodo Negro


Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese たべのこし Leftovers
Chinese Cantonese 吃剩的東西 Heksihng-dīk Dūngsāi *
吃剩下的東西 Hek Sihngháh-dīk Dūngsāi *
Mandarin 吃剩的東西 / 吃剩的东西 Chīshèng-de Dōngxi *
吃剩下的東西 Chī Shèngxià-de Dōngxi *
France Flag.png French Restes
Germany Flag.png German Überreste
Italy Flag.png Italian Avanzi
South Korea Flag.png Korean 먹다남은음식 Meokda Nameun Eumsik
Spain Flag.png Spanish Restos
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Thức ăn thừa

Shell Bell

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese かいがらのすず Shell Bell
Chinese Cantonese 貝殼之鈴 Buihok-jī Lìhng
Mandarin 貝殼之鈴 / 贝壳之铃 Bèiké-zhī Líng
France Flag.png French Grelot Coque
Germany Flag.png German Seegesang
Italy Flag.png Italian Conchinella
South Korea Flag.png Korean 조개껍질방울 Jogaekkeopjil Bang-ul
Spain Flag.png Spanish Camp. Concha*
Campana Concha*
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Chuông vỏ sò

Expert Belt

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese たつじんのおび Expert Obi
Chinese Cantonese 達人帶 Daahtyàhn Daai
Mandarin 達人帶 / 达人带 Dárén Dài
France Flag.png French Ceinture Pro
Germany Flag.png German Expertengurt
Italy Flag.png Italian Abilcintura
South Korea Flag.png Korean 달인의띠 Darinui Tti
Spain Flag.png Spanish Cinta Experto

Life Orb

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese いのちのたま Life Orb
Chinese Cantonese 生命寶珠 Sāngmihng Bǎozhū
Mandarin 生命寶珠 / 生命宝珠 Shēngmìng Bǎozhū
France Flag.png French Orbe Vie
Germany Flag.png German Leben-Orb
Italy Flag.png Italian Assorbisfera
South Korea Flag.png Korean 생명의구슬 Saengmyeong-ui Guseul
Spain Flag.png Spanish Vidasfera


Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese メトロノーム Metronome
Chinese Cantonese 節拍器 Jitpaakhei
Mandarin 節拍器 / 节拍器 Jiépāiqì
France Flag.png French Métronome
Germany Flag.png German Metronom
Italy Flag.png Italian Plessimetro
South Korea Flag.png Korean 메트로놈 Metronome
Spain Flag.png Spanish Metrónomo

Muscle Band

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ちからのハチマキ Power Headband
Chinese Cantonese 力量頭帶 Lihkleuhng Tàuhdaai
Mandarin 力量頭帶 / 力量头带 Lìliàng Tóudài
France Flag.png French Band. Muscle*
Bandeau Muscle*
Germany Flag.png German Muskelband
Italy Flag.png Italian Muscolbanda
South Korea Flag.png Korean 힘의머리띠 Himui Meoritti
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Faixa Musculosa
Russia Flag.png Russian Мускульная Повязка Muskul'naya Povyazka
Spain Flag.png Spanish Cinta Fuerte

Wide Lens

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese こうかくレンズ Wide-Angle Lens
Chinese Cantonese 廣角鏡 Gwónggok Geng
Mandarin 廣角鏡 / 广角镜 Guǎngjiǎo Jìng
France Flag.png French Loupe
Germany Flag.png German Großlinse
Italy Flag.png Italian Grandelente
South Korea Flag.png Korean 광각렌즈 Gwanggak-lens
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Lente Ampla
Spain Flag.png Spanish Lupa
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Thấu kính góc rộng

Wise Glasses

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ものしりメガネ Wise Glasses
Chinese Cantonese 博識眼鏡 Boksīk Ngáahngeng
Mandarin 博識眼鏡 / 博识眼镜 Bóshì Yǎnjìng
France Flag.png French Lunet. Sages*
Lunettes Sages*
Germany Flag.png German Schlauglas
Italy Flag.png Italian Saviocchiali
South Korea Flag.png Korean 박식안경 Baksik An-gyeong
Spain Flag.png Spanish Gafas Esp.*
Gafas Especiales*

Zoom Lens

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese フォーカスレンズ Focus Lens
Chinese Cantonese 對焦鏡 Deuijīu Geng *
Mandarin 對焦鏡 / 对焦镜 Duìjiāo Jìng *
對焦鏡片 Duìjiāo Jìngpiàn *
France Flag.png French Lentil. Zoom*
Lentille Zoom*
Germany Flag.png German Zoomlinse
Italy Flag.png Italian Zoomlente
South Korea Flag.png Korean 포커스렌즈 Focus Lens
Spain Flag.png Spanish Telescopio
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Thấu kính tập trung

Lagging Tail

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese こうこうのしっぽ Second-Batter Tail
Chinese Cantonese 後攻之尾 Hauhgūng-jī Méih
Mandarin 後攻之尾 / 后攻之尾 Hòugōng-zhī Wěi
France Flag.png French Ralentiqueue
Germany Flag.png German Schwerschwf.
Italy Flag.png Italian Rallentocoda
South Korea Flag.png Korean 느림보꼬리 Neurimbo Kkori
Spain Flag.png Spanish Cola Plúmbea

Quick Claw

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese せんせいのツメ Head-Start Claw
Chinese Cantonese 先制之爪 Sīnjai-jī Jáau
Mandarin 先制之爪 Xiānzhì-zhī Zhuǎ
France Flag.png French Vive Griffe
Germany Flag.png German Flinkklaue
Italy Flag.png Italian Rapidartigli
South Korea Flag.png Korean 선제공격손톱 Seonjegonggyeok Sontop
Spain Flag.png Spanish Garra Rápida
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Vuốt bứt phá

Focus Band

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese きあいのハチマキ Fighting Spirit Headband
Chinese Cantonese 氣勢頭帶 Heisai Tàuhdaai *
振奮精神頭布 Janfáhn Jīngsàhn Tàuhbou *
Mandarin 氣勢頭帶 / 气势头带 Qìshì Tóudài *
振奮精神的頭布 Zhènfèn Jīngshén de Tóubù *
有气势的东西 Yǒu Qìshì de Dōngxi *
毅力頭帶 Yìlì Tóudài *
小东西 Xiǎo Dōngxi *
Finland Flag.png Finnish Focus-nauha
France Flag.png French Bandeau
Germany Flag.png German Fokus-Band
Italy Flag.png Italian Bandana
South Korea Flag.png Korean 기합의머리띠 Gihabui Meoritti
Poland Flag.png Polish Opaska Skupienia
Spain Flag.png Spanish Cinta Focus
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Fokusband
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Băng đô cổ vũ

Focus Sash

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese きあいのタスキ Fighting Spirit Sash
Chinese Cantonese 氣勢披帶 Heisai Tàuhdaai *
振奮精神的綁帶 Janfáhn Jīngsàhn-dīk Bóngdaai *
Mandarin 氣勢披帶 / 气势披带 Qìshì Pīdài *
振奮精神的綁帶 Zhènfèn Jīngshén de Bǎngdài *
France Flag.png French Ceint. Force*
Ceinture Force*
Germany Flag.png German Fokusgurt
Italy Flag.png Italian Focalnastro
South Korea Flag.png Korean 기합의띠 Gihabui Tti
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Cinta de Foco
Russia Flag.png Russian Пояс Фокусирования Poyas Fokusirovaniya
Spain Flag.png Spanish Banda Focus

Sticky Barb

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese くっつきバリ Sticky Barb
Chinese Cantonese 附著針 Fuh jeuk Jām
Mandarin 附著針 / 附着针 Fùzhuó Xhēn
France Flag.png French Piquants
Germany Flag.png German Klettdorn
Italy Flag.png Italian Vischiopunta
South Korea Flag.png Korean 끈적끈적바늘 Kkeunjeokkkeunjeok Baneul
Spain Flag.png Spanish Toxiestrella

Iron Ball

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese くろいてっきゅう Black Iron Ball
Chinese Cantonese 黑色鐵球 Hāaksīk Titkàuh
Mandarin 黑色鐵球 / 黑色铁球 Hēisè Tiěqiú
France Flag.png French Balle Fer
Germany Flag.png German Eisenkugel
Italy Flag.png Italian Ferropalla
South Korea Flag.png Korean 검은철구 Geomeun Cheolgu
Spain Flag.png Spanish Bola Férrea
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Cầu sắt đen

Amulet Coin

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese おまもりこばん Amulet Koban
Chinese Cantonese 護符金幣 Wuhfùh Gāmbaih
Mandarin 護符金幣 / 护符金币 Hùfú Jīnbì *
護身金幣 Hùfú Jīnbì *
Finland Flag.png Finnish Amulettikolikko
France Flag.png French Pièce Rune
Germany Flag.png German Münzamulett
Italy Flag.png Italian Monetaamuleto
South Korea Flag.png Korean 부적금화 Bujeok Geumhwa
Poland Flag.png Polish Moneta Amulet
Spain Flag.png Spanish Mon. Amuleto*
Moneda Amuleto*
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Amulettmynt

Bright Powder

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ひかりのこな Light Powder
Chinese Cantonese 光粉 Gwōngfán
Mandarin 光粉 Guāngfěn *
亮光之粉 Liàngguāng-zhī Fěn *
France Flag.png French Poudre Claire*
Germany Flag.png German Blendpuder
Italy Flag.png Italian Luminpolvere
South Korea Flag.png Korean 반짝가루 Banjjak Garu
Spain Flag.png Spanish Polvo Brillo

Destiny Knot

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese あかいいと Red Thread
Chinese Cantonese 紅線 Hùhngsin
Mandarin 紅線 / 红线 Hóngxiàn
France Flag.png French Nœud Destin
Germany Flag.png German Fatumknoten
Italy Flag.png Italian Destincomune
South Korea Flag.png Korean 빨간실 Ppalgan Sil
Spain Flag.png Spanish Lazo Destino

Shed Shell

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese きれいなぬけがら Pretty Shed Shell
Chinese Cantonese 美麗空殼 Méihlaih Hūnghok
Mandarin 美麗空殼 / 美丽空壳 Měilì Kōngké
France Flag.png French Carapace Mue
Germany Flag.png German Wechselhülle
Italy Flag.png Italian Disfoguscio
South Korea Flag.png Korean 아름다운허물 Areumdaun Heomul
Spain Flag.png Spanish Muda Concha


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