Kazuki (Pocket Monsters DP)

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一輝 Kazuki
Kazuki PMDP.png
Kazuki and his Chimchar
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Sinnoh
Trainer class Trainer
Game counterpart Barry

(Japanese: 一輝 Kazuki) is a character from Pocket Monsters DP. He is based on Barry from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Kazuki is one of Red's rivals.


Kazuki is very prepared when it comes to traveling as he had a briefcase containing a camping tent and a table full of food. He appears to be friendly towards Red, letting him use certain equipment of his.


Kazuki first appears in Clefairy and Red Separate!? where he sends out his Chimchar to rescue Red, Pikachu, Clefairy and Tyrogue from a wild Starly that attacked them earlier. After saving them from the Starly, Kazuki holds out a briefcase which amuses Clefairy. Kazuki opens the briefcase and a camping tent along with a table full of food pop out of the briefcase. When Clefairy was causing mischief with the food by taking it with one of his gadgets, Kazuki had Chimchar go after Clefairy and take it back. When Kazuki and Chimchar went in their camping tent, Clefairy went inside but neither Kazuki or Chimchar wanted him there.

He reappears in Learning a Special Move!! where he had his Deoxys and Palkia battle in the air. He became somewhat interested in Clefairy and was in awe of Red's Pikachu. Kazuki explains to Red about Deoxys changing formes. Kazuki gives a tour around his training area including the waterfall. He lets Red use the training equipment. When Clefairy had enough, Kazuki and his Pokémon pack up the equipment and leave.


Kazuki's Chimchar
Chimchar was first seen saving Red and his Pokémon from a wild Starly. The way that Chimchar was swinging from the trees made Clefairy want to do so as well.

None of Chimchar's moves are known.

Debut Clefairy and Red Separate!?
Kazuki's Deoxys

Kazuki's Deoxys
Deoxys had a practice battle with Palkia in the sky. After the battle, Clefairy went up to Deoxys. During Kazuki's tour with the special training area, his Deoxys was then seen training under a waterfall. Later, it became Clefairy's exercising partner.

None of Deoxys's moves are known.

Debut Learning a Special Move!!
Kazuki's Palkia
Palkia had a practice battle with Deoxys in the sky. After the battle, Clefairy went up to it. During the tour Kazuki had with his special training area, Palkia was then seen training under a waterfall. Later, Palkia volunteered to battle Clefairy and managed to defeat Clefairy in one hit.

None of Palkia's moves are known.

Debut Learning a Special Move!!

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