Red's Tyrogue

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Red's Tyrogue
レッドのバルキー Red's Balkie
Poké Ball
Red Tyrogue PM.png
Debuts in Togepi's Determination!
Caught at Johto
Gender Male
Ability Unknown
Nature Unknown
Traded in Togepi's Determination!
Original Trainer Pokémon Fan Club President
Traded for Red's Togepi
Released in PMHGSS23
Current location Unknown
This Pokémon has not evolved.

Red's Tyrogue (Japanese: レッドのバルキー Red's Balkie) belongs to Red. He is level-headed and the only one of Red's team who is actually concerned with training and battling. This often gets him into fights with Clefairy.

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With the Fan Club Chairman

Tyrogue first appeared as the Pokémon Fan Club Chairman's Pokémon where he jumped down from a high wall only to hurt himself. Later, when Clefairy held out a box, Tyrogue appeared covered in mud out of the exit to an underground place. The Fan Club Chairman then cleaned Tyrogue off. The Fan Club Chairman then gives Red's Togepi a choice if it wants to come with him or stay with Red. Togepi chose to go with the Fan Club President.

With Red

PM saga

Tyrogue in his debut

While the Pokémon Fan Club President sailed on a boat with Togepi to the Pokémon, Tyrogue stayed behind. Red, Clefairy and Pikachu tried running away from him. When the three ended up getting infected from plants, Tyrogue was the only one that didn't have it. Tyrogue ends up reading a book and told the group that he only touched the ones that didn't have any pollen. Tyrogue holds out the leaves and they run off to a hospital. After finding out the pollen was from a Vileplume, the group go out to the mountains in order to catch it. However, an accident renders them useless, including Tyrogue. Back in the hospital, the group notice a Vileplume walking and were upset at the fact that they had to deal with the mountains. As a result, they give Tyrogue a good scolding and slowly chase him.

Continuing their travels, Tyrogue and the group encounter a Sudowoodo blocking the way to the other side of the bridge. Clefairy builds a catapult in order for them to bypass Sudowoodo easily. Tyrogue goes on the catapult but crashes onto the bottom of the ledge and falls into a river. He then watches Clefairy challenging a Sudowoodo to a building contest which resulted in the whole building to collapse after Clefairy putted too much weight on it. Tyrogue continued to watch Clefairy's participation and witnessed Sudowoodo sadly walking away after the bridge was destroyed.

In Ecruteak City, Tyrogue lounges around the front of the Brass Tower. When Bill arrived with his time machine, Tyrogue stood in a guy's place when he was about to get slammed by a car. Bill used his time machine to stop the car and Tyrogue ended up getting hit instead. He goes in Bill's time machine along with Red and his Pokémon. Arriving at their destination, Tyrogue goes inside the Brass Tower from the past and notices it different from before. A younger kimono girl notices their presence, which surprised Tyrogue. The kimono girl tells them the story about how the Legendary beasts were born. Tyrogue and Red asks her about their presence during their time. This made the three appear behind her. They were very fast as Clefairy kept on crashing onto the wooden floor. Tyrogue and Pikachu ended up battling them but all three of Red's Pokémon were sent flying by Suicune's Mirror Coat. Before Tyrogue could counterattack, Clefairy made a campfire inside the Brass Tower, causing it to burn down. Tyrogue and the group got out safely. The group then goes back to the present time.

Tyrogue meets a Smeargle who is painting a portrait of Clefairy. This made Tyrogue want to become an artist. Smeargle noticed that Tyrogue's paintings were excellent. This made Smeargle want to sell Tyrogue's paintings in a museum, in which it was successful. Clefairy, jealous of Tyrogue, gave him some pep talk to make a sculpture. However, unbeknownst to Tyrogue, Clefairy was planning on sabotaging it. The next day, when he revealed the sculpture, it turned out to be vandalized by Clefairy. This made Tyrogue upset and threw the sculpture at Clefairy. The sculpture broke into pieces and the head landed onto Tyrogue. After getting the design taken off, Tyrogue heads to a building which contains the legendary Pokémon but ends up finding out that it was a restaurant. When Clefairy finds a trap door, thinking that it was a bathroom for him, Tyrogue follows a man to the basement where Morty resides. In the basement, a buffet is set up in which Tyrogue was tempted to eat the food there, only to be restrained by the man. While no one was looking, he disguises himself as a Ho-Oh. Tyrogue that has Clefairy and Morty's Gengar do some challenges. After Gengar hypnotized Clefairy into believing that Ho-Oh was food, Clefairy ended up attacking the Ho-Oh which led it into revealing itself as Tyrogue. Red and the group became angry at Tyrogue for tricking them and gave chase, where a real Ho-Oh resides behind them.

Later, he goes to the Olivine Lighthouse when a guy mentions about the light not working. When Tyrogue got to the top, the sight of Jasmine's shadowed form caused him to fall down off of the lighthouse and somehow manages to get back up there. He along with Red and his Pokémon volunteer to get medicine for her sick Ampharos. When they arrived at the pharmacy that has the SecretPotion, they noticed that it is locked. Tyrogue knocks on the door, demanding an answer. The shopkeeper opens the door and tells Tyrogue and the group a story. After the story, he gives out the SecretPotion. The shopkeeper waves farewell to Tyrogue and the others as thy set back to the lighthouse via boat to cure Amphy. As soon as they got back, Tyrogue watches as Clefairy does a silly dance and notices that Clefairy had a pill in his mouth. This act made Amphy feel better.

Tyrogue goes to Professor Oak's and is lectured about a green guardian. After the lecture, he along with the group walk out on the hot sun searching for the green guardian. Not being able to handle it, Tyrogue collapses from exhaustion and gets revived from some villagers at the area. Celebi arrives and is considered the green guardian. As Celebi drops some seeds, one by one, Tyrogue and Pikachu are given the job to do so as well. When Team Rocket arrive with their bulldozers and destroy the forest, Clefairy fights them but gets sent to the edge of the cliff. Tyrogue tries to save him but it was too late as he lost his grip. However, Celebi was able to save him. However, Clefairy pretended to be sorry for his rude actions towards Celebi and took advantage of the situation in order to catch Celebi. With Celebi caught, Tyrogue and the others return to Professor Oak's and Clefairy shows him Celebi. Celebi uses the power of time to give Professor Oak a big makeover and chases Tyrogue and company for wasting their time.

While Red, Clefairy and Pikachu were at a park, they notice Tyrogue walking and heavily breathing. Tyrogue keeps inside a secret but tells them something else. He then reveals that he fell in love with Jasmine but is too shy to admit it. As the group return to the gym, Tyrogue tries to tell Jasmine that he loves her but was almost able to do as Jasmine screamed in joy. After he tried again, Jasmine was about to accept the flowers until her Steelix arrives and interferes. Clefairy interrupts and hosts a contest between Tyrogue and Steelix. The first challenge was who could drink more milk in which Tyrogue was able to win. In the next one, he ate a giant snack roll which was very spicy. The last one was where Tyrogue and Steelix fought. Jasmine stops them and takes out a machine to see who is compatible. The machine tells them that Pikachu was compatible, which made Steelix fall onto it. Tyrogue was appalled by this and disguised himself as a Pikachu to win back Jasmine's love.

He left the Olivine Gym and went out to continue the adventure with Red. Tyrogue mocked Clefairy after Clefairy saved a Squirtle from drowning. After Squirtle was saved, Squirtle took Tyrogue and the others to its own kind and they take them to the Dragon Palace which is located underwater. After getting past a strong whirlpool, Tyrogue was able to get inside the Dragon Palace along with the others. Wartortle rewards him with food and a box. As soon as Tyrogue opened the box, the box turned him into an old man but Clefairy stepped in and closed it. Tyrogue and the others take their leave but are stopped by two Squirtle who are guarding the exit. As a Blastoise came by, Clefairy made it a deal which Blastoise accepted. However, Blastoise quickly turns on it and battles with Tyrogue, Clefairy and Pikachu. Blastoise manages to send both Tyrogue and Pikachu flying with Hydro Pump. After it crashed through the front entrance, Tyrogue and the others managed to escape onto a Lugia that the Squirtle family tied up before. With the gang back on shore, they find a treasure chest in which Clefairy opens and finds a Voltorb that Squirtle and its evolutions somehow planted. The Voltorb exploded which led Tyrogue and the others in a daze.

After dealing with the Squirtle family's shenanigans, Tyrogue goes to a concert and watches some Pokémon perform. As soon as Clefairy performed, Tyrogue watched from the audience his performance. When Clefairy's talent was falling apart unfortunately, Tyrogue stepped in and became his backup singer. After watching Chuck's Primeape lift a car and slam another one, Tyrogue battles it but due to Primeape being well-trained, Tyrogue could not defeat it. After Clefairy defeated Primeape using his gag moves, Tyrogue and the others went to an amusement park. He tried the roller coaster first but an accident with the railing led them going underground. He notices an abandoned amusement park and meets Kiyo along with two of his evolved forms, Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan. This made Tyrogue want to stay. He goes on a roller coaster ride made out of logs. During the duration of the ride, only Tyrogue and Red were able to stay on until Hitmonlee pushed the switch to make it go to fast. As the switch broke, Kiyo tried to stop the ride with his own strength and when he used a sword, it sent Tyrogue and Red flying. They go to the aquarium section afterwards and when Clefairy jump kicked a window, it caused the window to shatter, which sent the group swimming. After Tyrogue and the others were camping out, they noticed that Clefairy rebuilt himself an amusement park. Tyrogue then explained that he must have taken the material from the other amusement park. As Clefairy cheaply built the amusement park, everyone including Tyrogue got angry at him.

Tyrogue began to look pale, much to Red's surprise. However, a truck came by, with a box of sushi dropped off. Before the group can get it, a shadowed figure takes the sushi which reveals itself to be a Togepi. Tyrogue identifies it as the one that went with the Pokémon Fan Club Chairman. He follows it to the Chairman's house. As the Chairman told the gang a joke, this made Tyrogue go flying. Tyrogue then goes to the Chairman's house which was dangling on a bridge. However, he was not paying attention to the movement when the rope snapped. The house led them to a food eating contest in which Clefairy and the Chairman's Togepi participated. Tyrogue watched them in the audience. As Clefairy lost, Tyrogue was then forced to clean up the place along with the gang, much to their frustration.

Arriving at the Lake of Rage, Tyrogue goes fishing. As soon as Clefairy caught a bite, which revealed itself to be a Red Gyarados, Tyrogue became surprised at its appearance. When the Gyarados puffed up, this made Tyrogue laugh. The villagers came by and tell Tyrogue and the gang about the Gyarados's destruction. A strange sonic sound is heard and Tyrogue hears it. This turned him, Pikachu and Clefairy into darker versions of themselves. A villager deflects the sound waves and they turn back to normal. The villager points out the location and Tyrogue and the gang go there. With Clefairy's invention, he deduced the location to be in the Magohany Town shop. They go inside and get through the grunts there. Tyrogue entered the room containing a generator which was playing the noise and the Electrode trapped inside, running the generator. Tyrogue tries freeing the Electrode but gets shocked in the process. He tries other means to stop the generator but to no avail. Giovanni, after revealing himself, mentioned that a CD rom controls the activity in the machine. When Clefairy went inside the hard drive, it made the generator do something else. One zap turned the individuals inside into rotund beings, including Tyrogue.

Tyrogue returned to normal and is freezing. He is hit by two icicles thrown by Clefairy which hurted his bottomside. He helps out Pryce look for his Swinub. He found it stuck inside ice. Inside the Gym, Tyrogue goes in a spa that looked warm at first, but when he got out, a cube of ice surrounded him. Clefairy did everything to get rid of the cube. The cube managed to disappear. He then watches the battle between Clefairy and Swinub after Swinub broke free of the ice. During the middle of the battle, after Pryce's Piloswine blasted Clefairy off, Tyrogue then witnesses Swinub and Piloswine reunite.

Tyrogue and the group go climbing on the mountains, once again freezing. During their hike, they ended up going to the villagers's home and stay there. While Tyrogue and the group relaxed in a spa, one of the people pointed out a sign. This made them run off but when they returned to their igloo, they noticed a guy not feeling well. As soon as Tyrogue got an ice pack and placed it on the guy's head, he was automatically feeling better. Afterwards, Tyrogue and the others move some bricks made out of ice. Clefairy uses them for his dome and Tyrogue watched in amusement. Tyrogue was having fun until he finds out that the dome was built on the tip of the mountain, causing it to fall on top of the villagers's homes.

Red and Tyrogue

Following the accident, Tyrogue arrives in a forest where he notices a guy who turns out to be Red's rival lying down. Green gets back and takes Red, Tyrogue, Pikachu and Clefairy to an underground area known as the Dragon's Den. They stumble across a giant gap that they had to get across. Green, Tyrogue and the group managed to jump over the gap. After Clefairy stepped on a whirlpool that caused it to disappear, Tyrogue went down the area that was a tunnel to the prize that they wanted. As soon as Green got the prize, Tyrogue noticed that Green double-crossed them. After Green escaped the Dragon's Den, Tyrogue and the group had to bypass a rock slide and some giant Poké Balls thrown at them. They held on to one of the Poké Balls in order to escape the Dragon's Den and it squished Green, causing him to drop the Dragon's teeth.

The giant Poké Ball that Tyrogue and the group held on to revealed itself to be Clair and explained what happened in Dragon's Den as well as the teeth. Tyrogue then starts to introduce himself and laughs at Clefairy for his foolishness with the dragon's teeth. This caused the two to get into a fight. As soon as the group arrived to the Gym in Blackthorn City, they noticed a beaten up Green and his Charizard, which made Tyrogue scared of the opponent. Tyrogue arrived at the Gym and noticed that he had to get past the molten lava in order to get to Clair. Clefairy decided to form a bridge to get across. However, Clefairy's grip gets loose and they fall in the lava. Clair cools them off and somewhat praises them for trying. During the battle between Dragonair and Clefairy, Tyrogue was reluctant to work with him due to their fighting but Red forced him to work with Clefairy as Clefairy could not handle Dragonair by himself. With much encouragement, Tyrogue fights the Dragonair, and he and Clefairy get in sync with each other, causing them to defeat Dragonair. Unfortunately, they brought along some clones in which they did some work for Clair, only for the real Tyrogue and Clefairy to start fighting again.

With the final Gym Battle over, Tyrogue mentioned about picking up a Larvitar from the Day Care Center. To get there, Tyrogue and the group took the Magnet Train which took them to the Day Care. Inside was the Larvitar that Tyrogue was talking about. After arrival, Tyrogue went with Larvitar to the house and after Clefairy drew a silly face on it, Tyrogue started running after Larvitar grew several sizes from eating tons of food. On his way to the Pokémon League, Tyrogue met Gold and Silver for the first time. He then tried to pull a heavy door and got inside a dark room. When Pineco lit up and Bellossom blasted a hole through the roof, Tyrogue and the others were sent flying out of the building.

When they arrived in the Pokémon League, Tyrogue notices three figures that are falling from the sky and thinks that it was a UFO but Clefairy stops him. As the figures which turn out to be Koga, Will and Bruno fell on top of Clefairy, they tell Tyrogue and the group that they should find out from Karen herself. Arriving at the top, Tyrogue notices that Karen has a huge advantage against Red due to the fact that she has the Pokémon belonging to the other members of the Johto Elite Four since the dumb joke she told them caused them to fall off the building. After the battle between Clefairy and Umbreon, Karen tells Tyrogue and Red the same joke which made them and Pikachu fall off the building and only Clefairy found it funny.

As Clefairy was reading a book about being a wizard, Tyrogue points out some stuff that Clefairy missed and then read it himself. Tyrogue then goes to a house in order for them to get taught. Tyrogue tries it out but it didn't work out. As Clefairy successfully got hypnotized the technique of being a wizard, Tyrogue gets transformed into an old man and a vegetable, and then back to normal. When Clefairy and Pikachu met their pre-evolved forms, Tyrogue stayed with Red as Clefairy and Pikachu took a test relating with their new friends. Tyrogue and Red watched on as Clefairy and Pikachu did so, often mocking Clefairy due to his failure in maintaining Cleffa. However, Tyrogue was surprised that Clefairy managed to do well in the end.

While Red and his Pokémon went to a pizza restaurant, Pikachu notices Tyrogue outside where he advertises for his own training. After Red and his Pokémon crashed through a window, Clefairy took Tyrogue away and motivates him to continue in order to get tons of money but Red immediately disagrees. A Machamp volunteers and it is revealed that Tyrogue wants to be a Hitmontop and do some handstands and spin. Machamp runs off and the four go of in order for Tyrogue to continue to train. He and his pals notice that the town they encountered were doing handstands and the houses were upside down. The four notice that they reached the town of Hitmontop and run into one who wants them to do handstands. Hitmontop trains them until Clefairy cheats by using a high-powered fan to spin fast. Tyrogue, Red, Pikachu and Hitmontop catch him in the act. Hitmontop spin attacks Clefairy and Tyrogue talks to him that he wants to prove that he is not a cheater unlike Clefairy. Tyrogue tries it out and manages to perfect it real well that it was able to launch Hitmontop into the air. The group congratulates Tyrogue for mastering his spin technique. Tyrogue runs to a pizza restaurant to try it out by flattening out the dough. However, he stopped mid-way and gets buried in the dough.

The group than go to an area to get their weight measured. Tyrogue managed to do well and was rewarded with a bowl of ramen noodles. Later, he goes to Hollywood and stars in various movies. He and the group watched the movies they made with some injuries. After Clefairy and Pikachu get into a fight and get their brains and personalities switch, Tyrogue gets excited that Pikachu could talk but is shocked that Clefairy becomes different. They somehow change back after doing the same thing that led to the change in the first place. Tyrogue goes looking for Clefairy when he left behind his "suit" and finds out that he became a fountain. The group go to a train station and get on a train. They meet a Blissey who had the ability to bring out happiness. Everything went well until Giovanni and his Team Rocket members show up and take the Blissey for his own greed. Tyrogue tries to get Blissey back but Clefairy takes over and defeats the Team Rocket boss. As Blissey reunited with the group, the egg that Blissey was holding cracks and the happiness disappears.

Tyrogue gets invited to a Colosseum exclusive to Fighting-type Pokémon. Tyrogue does some training in order to get stronger. During the match, Tyrogue's first opponent was a Machamp who he easily defeated. Hitmonlee was the next opponent was Tyrogue defeated him by throwing a banana peel on the floor. As Tyrogue was about to fight Hitmonchan, Clefairy interferes and the battle gets interrupted because of that. Tyrogue, Hitmonchan and Machamp try to get rid of Clefairy but Clefairy's cunning skills stopped them from doing so. A guy comes running over and Tyrogue gets bumped by him, only for the guy to get tripped by Clefairy later on. As Clefairy became a detective, Tyrogue and the group was invited to stay over in Clefairy's own office. Tyrogue was proud of Clefairy for doing something productive but when Clefairy took his job too far, Tyrogue and the group try to get him to discontinue but resulted in Clefairy getting tons of diamonds and gets arrested afterwards. Clefairy gets out of jail and the group walk for miles. Tyrogue points out a sign that there is a special place that they could rest up. After stopping by, the group meets Professor Birch and tells them about going to Hoenn. He introduces the group to the Hoenn starters and wants Red to choose one to start fresh on his journey. Tyrogue and the Pokémon get drawn faces by Torchic and as Clefairy jumped into a burning pot, Tyrogue closes it and Clefairy gets cooked. As Clefairy escapes the meal, Tyrogue meets Torchic who becomes a member of the team and disappears when the group head to Hoenn.

PMRS saga

Tyrogue's appearance in Pokémon Ruby-Sapphire

Tyrogue arrived in Hoenn along with Red, Clefairy and Pikachu in Pokémon Ruby-Sapphire. After a long trek, the group stop by a shrine and visit some monks. As the monks accused Clefairy of taking their dumplings, Tyrogue and the others laugh at him and then explain to the monks that they are passers-by and Clefairy is innocent. The monks give the group some food and notice the real thief, a Zigzagoon. Tyrogue talks to the Zigzagoon but it spoke only its Pokémon language and runs off. This Zigzagoon turned out to be mischievous and Tyrogue tries to stop it but Clefairy destroys their taiko. During the festival, Tyrogue, the group and the Zigzagoon laugh at Clefairy for becoming the taiko substitute.

Tyrogue arrived in Littleroot Town and the group gets challenged by Professor Birch to a Magikarp-catching contest in which they did not win. Tyrogue gets challenged to another contest since Clefairy wanted to challenge Professor Birch. The contest was a cooking competition in which once again, they did not do well. Later, he goes with Red while Clefairy and Pikachu stayed behind. When they got back, they hear from Treecko as it was inside the Poké Ball the whole time that a Trainer named Ruby went off with Pikachu. With Pikachu taken, Tyrogue plans out a rescue mission in order to get Pikachu back. They break into Ruby's house and manage to get Pikachu back. He and the group then head to Petalburg City and go to the Gym after the sight of Poké Balls being thrown attracted their attention. Tyrogue tries to cheer up Norman when he was feeling down but it didn't work.

Tyrogue became tired and dehydrated outside and drinks puddle water which made him sick. Three guys come over and Tyrogue notices a Pelipper. He flails his arms around but got hurt by some kids. Later, when Clefairy stopped a volcano, Tyrogue and the group enjoyed their meal. The group goes to Rydel's bike shop where he was competing against a rival bike shop. To prevent Rydel from going out of business, Tyrogue competes in a bike race with Rydel's rival's Pokémon.

As Tyrogue was enjoying the cake Red bought for the group, an Electrike takes the cake and Tyrogue follows it which led them to Wattson. He decides to help Wattson out in regaining his hopes of becoming wealthy again. Red, Tyrogue, Clefairy and Pikachu go to Blue's house and they meet her parents. Tyrogue meets Blue herself in her room. As it was pouring outside, he noticed that Blue tripped on tree roots and took her back to the house. He placed her on a bed and was upset at her father since he would not let her keep Charmander. After much convincing, Blue's father finally allowed her to have Charmander in the house. However, as the family was celebrating, Clefairy blew up the house and Tyrogue was caught in the explosion.

Tyrogue went to Professor Oak's dome and was given a mission from Professor Oak. He had to bring in the orb of Deoxys. Tyrogue runs out to do so. As the orb almost slipped out of Clefairy's hands, Tyrogue was able to catch it in time. A Trainer and his Swampert appears from the lake and Tyrogue plays basketball with the orb to keep it away from Swampert and its Trainer. However, the Trainer switched the item with a Voltorb secretly. Tyrogue did not find out about this until he returned to Professor Oak's dome and both Voltorb and the dome exploded. When a Rayquaza was attacking the city the group was in, Tyrogue dressed in armor and fought Rayquaza in a Wingull plane. He had trouble with Rayquaza since it destroyed the plane.

After Clefairy rescued a baby in a Pikachu costume, Scott invites Tyrogue to the Battle Frontier. While Tyrogue took a train, Scott biked. In the Battle Frontier, Tyrogue and the group were given jobs to clean the bathrooms. Later, Red was given an invitation to stay over some place and Clefairy went on about the gourmets there, which Tyrogue did not like. He then tried to provoke Tyrogue which led them into fighting. They kept fighting until Pikachu broke it up.

As a Whiscash flew by, Tyrogue was willing to catch it. A fisherman hires Tyrogue and the group to catch the Whiscash. He trains them to handle the rods first and wishes them luck. When Clefairy casted his rod, Tyrogue told him no as he could slip and Tyrogue was right. After unsuccessful waiting, Tyrogue noticed something and when the group cashed their rods, they managed to hook a Whiscash. Later, Tyrogue gets saved by a Poliwhirl when he and the group were about to get crushed by a rock slide, in which Poliwhirl points out a Pokémon Ranger. Tyrogue chases after the Pokémon Ranger in order to meet him. When Tyrogue got a closer look, the Pokémon Ranger turned out to be an old man.

PMDP saga

Tyrogue's appearance in Pocket Monsters DP

Tyrogue went to Sinnoh in Pocket Monsters DP. He met a Chatot and Bonsly who gave him Pokémon Pearl. He was able to enjoy it until it slipped out of Clefairy's hands and into a Sharpedo's mouth. As Clefairy forced the game out of Sharpedo's mouth, Chatot caught it and Tyrogue was able to enjoy it once more. Tyrogue gets attacked by a Starly and Kazuki saves him and the group. As part of the gratitude, the group stays with Pearl for a sleepover.

Arriving at the Poffin House, Tyrogue bakes his own Poffins and as one of the Poffins slipped off of Clefairy's hands and into another person's batch, Tyrogue and the others get chased out and while running, Tyrogue encounters the Pokémon Super Contest Hall. He becomes part of the audience who watches Clefairy's performance on stage. During a battle between Red and Dia, Tyrogue battles against Diamond's Weavile and ties despite the type-advantage.

Tyrogue disguised himself as a Team Galactic grunt while the real ones were nearby their hideout as they held Uxie and Mesprit prisoner there. Tyrogue goes in and his cover was blown when Clefairy was showing off. While Clefairy distracted Mars, Tyrogue, Red, Pikachu and Azelf went for the two lake guardians and took them out of Team Galactic's hideout. While Red and his Pokémon were having a campfire, Tyrogue evolved into a Hitmontop, much to Red's excitement. Hitmontop was able to spin around. However, this was revealed to be false as the Hitmontop was a wild Pokémon and Tyrogue was injured the whole time while he was out in the woods.

Tyrogue's appearance in Pocket Monsters HGSS

Later, Tyrogue meets Looker, as he arrived because of Clefairy's antics. Looker chases Tyrogue and gave up after he had something to give to Tyrogue and company. Two interviewers go up to Tyrogue and recognize him as a star. Tyrogue got upset when Clefairy stole his spot and messed things up for him. Red tried to break them up but it didn't work. To settle things, Tyrogue and Clefairy competed in a food-eating contest with the results being a tie as both of them got fat.

Tyrogue got his leg injured and a Pokémon Nurse and Clefairy treated it by putting bandages around it. As Clefairy made things rough, the nurse supervised him. Tyrogue limped away when Pikachu completely shocked Clefairy hard. Tyrogue went to a game corner and found Team Galactic in the basement. After dealing with Team Galactic, Tyrogue got coins stuck in his mouth and was stuck in the slot machine.

HGSS saga

Tyrogue went back to Johto in Pocket Monsters HGSS. He went to the Pokéathlon and competed in various events with an Ursaring, Feraligatr and Miltank. During Red's quest to conquer all of the Gyms in Johto, Tyrogue challenged Bugsy's Scyther and won. After seeing a biker smack Clefairy, Tyrogue became motivated to be one of them. He goes to a bike shop and the owner refused to give Tyrogue a bike. During training, Tyrogue runs while a rope was strapped to a tire and lifts weights. After Tyrogue's improvements, the owner gives Tyrogue a bike. Tyrogue participated in a bike race and the group got jealous of him.

Red buys a loaf of bread for his Pokémon and Tyrogue, Pikachu and Clefairy fought for it. After that, he flashbacks to the time he was with the Pokémon Fan Club Chairman of Johto, and does some swimming practices. He shows Red his wishes and dreams someday. During Tyrogue's final time with the group, he looks at the Johto badges Red got. As Clefairy dumped out the belongings in Red's bag, Tyrogue noticed his toy car and then floats in the air. When Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan and Hitmontop arrived which were Tyrogue's long lost pals, Clefairy pulled him down and got into one last fight with Clefairy. Once again, he floated in the air. As the group and the Hitmons had a picnic, Tyrogue wished to stay behind in the area he called home. Respecting Tyrogue's wishes as Red moved onto the next town, he, Pikachu and Clefairy waved goodbye to Tyrogue.

Personality and characteristics

Tyrogue is very different from Clefairy and Pikachu as Tyrogue is the only one that actually cares about training and battling. Due to this, he often fights with Clefairy as Clefairy is the complete opposite. Despite their opinions about each other, Tyrogue ends up working with Clefairy when an opponent that is too strong is impossible to beat as shown in The Ultimate Battle...?! when he couldn't take on Clair's Dragonair by himself.

Tyrogue appears to be very flirtatious as shown in Tyrogue's In Love where he fought Jasmine's Steelix for Jasmine's love as Steelix was considered her bodyguard and in Take me to the Dragon Palace! where he was enamored by a Wartortle dressed up.

Moves used

Red Tyrogue Rock Smash PM.png
Using Rock Smash
Move First Used In
Rock Smash Defeat Chuck Style Martial Arts!!
Headbutt Defeat Chuck Style Martial Arts!!
Double Team The Ultimate Battle...?!
Mach Punch Clefairy Is Head-Hunted?!
Tackle  PMHGSS05
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


Tyrogue painting a picture of Clefairy
  • Tyrogue was shown to possess good painting skills as shown in Tyrogue the Artist where he perfectly painted a picture of Clefairy. This is also evidenced by most of his work being sold to an art museum.

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Dr. TakedaScott
PMDP DiaKazuki
Professor RowanMarsLookerCharon
Dai FugōOkane Daisukī
PMBW BlackBiancaCheren
Professor JuniperNCedric JuniperGhetsis
PMXY ShaunaProfessor Sycamore

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