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Joe (Japanese: ジュン Jun) is a student of Pokémon Tech.

In the anime

Joe in the anime

In the anime, Joe is a character of the day who appeared in The School of Hard Knocks.

Ash and his friends were lost in a forest when they saw Joe, who was being quizzed on facts about Pidgey while being forced to run on a treadmill. Ash thought he was being bullied, so he chased the older children away. Joe explained that he was a student at Pokémon Tech, a school that teaches students how to train Pokémon. He is on the bottom of the beginner class and the other kids were tutoring him before Ash showed up. Apparently, Joe actually knew everything about Pidgey and its evolutions, but he was pretending to be ignorant so he would not have to work harder. Ash demanded to know who was responsible for the "tutoring" program, and Joe showed him a picture of a pretty young girl named Giselle. It seemed that Joe had a crush on her, despite her harsh treatment.

Joe took Ash and his friends to the campus and showed them around. He explained that graduates of the school are allowed to compete in the Pokémon League without having to challenge Gym Leaders or collect Badges. As a beginner, Joe had the skills of someone with about two Badges. He felt obligated to remain at Pokémon Tech because his parents paid so much to get him in. Joe then demonstrated some of the tools the school offered, such as a battle simulator that appeared to resemble the games. Misty was annoyed by this, thinking that the simulation could not make up for the real thing, and proved this by defeating Joe in a battle, with Joe using his Weepinbell and Misty using her Starmie, despite the Water-type disadvantage on her part versus a Grass-type. (although Starmie’s Psychic-type is super effective against Weepinbell‘s Poison-type meaning that neither said has a type advantage against the other)

After witnessing Ash's Pikachu defeat Giselle's Cubone, Joe was finally convinced that he should leave Pokémon Tech, deciding to try to collect Badges instead. He and Giselle bid farewell, promising to meet again some day.


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Joe's Weepinbell
Weepinbell is Joe's only known Pokémon and very little is known about it. It was shown only very briefly when it was sent out by Joe to fight Misty's Starmie. It was knocked out with only one hit from Starmie's Water Gun, despite resisting the move.

None of Weepinbell's moves are known.

Debut The School of Hard Knocks

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 愛河里花子 Rikako Aikawa
English Kayzie Rogers
Arabic امال سعد الدين Amal Saad Eddin
Czech Vojtěch Kotek
Finnish Mikael Kokko
German Clemens Ostermann
Italian Federica Valenti (Mediaset dub)
Jolanda Granato (TPCi dub)
Norwegian Katrine Blomstrand
Polish Wojciech Majchrzak
Brazilian Portuguese Rafael Barioni
Spanish Latin America Uraz Huerta
Spain Sara Vivas

In the manga

The Electric Tale of Pikachu

Joe in The Electric Tale of Pikachu

Joe makes a cameo appearance in Pikachu's Excellent Adventure, where he and Giselle attend a performance by Duplica and her Ditto.

In the games

Like Giselle, a Trainer based on Joe appears in Pokémon Yellow. A Jr. Trainer♂ with a Weepinbell is on Route 6, which, like Pokémon Tech in the anime, is between Cerulean City and Vermilion City. He is seen talking to a Jr. Trainer♀ with a Cubone.



  • Before battle
"I'm doing this out of love. Leave me alone!"
  • Being defeated
"No, this can't be..."
  • After being defeated
"My love will leave me in disgust."

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