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Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc
Kamex, Change
Shogakukan mini-volume Episode 11 in Vol. 2
VIZ Media mini-volume Adventure 11 in Vol. 4
Shogakukan full volume Ch. 607 in Vol. 63
Series Pokémon Adventures

(Japanese: カメックス、化わる Kamex, Change) is the 607th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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With the Red and Blue Orbs in hand, Maxie and Archie arrive in the Hoenn region. As the two conclude that the orbs are attempting to summon something catastrophic, voices call out to them from above. They look up to see Red and Green, who have followed them from Kanto. They accuse Maxie and Archie of stealing the orbs, as well as injuring Bill at the Sea Cottage. Vowing to stop them, Red and Green send out Saur and Blasty, as Maxie and Archie send out Camerupt and Sharpedo.

Red reveals that he had spent the last few weeks learning about the orbs from Bill. He recounts a phone call he had with him, where Bill explains that the Red and Blue Orbs are connected with Deoxys. Bill tells Red that in the Kanto region, Team Rocket had used the orbs to change Deoxys into its Defense Forme and Attack Forme. With Lanette and Brigette's expertise, Bill comes to the conclusion that the orbs are solidified natural energy from Hoenn, and informs Red about it. He invites Red to come over to the Sea Cottage to have a look. When Red, Green, and Daisy Oak arrive the next day, they find Bill lying on the ground, injured.

In the present, Green tells Archie and Maxie that their theft of the orbs was reported in the news, but the story had been overshadowed by the announcement of the oncoming meteor. She and Red are surprised that the two already know of the meteor, and realize that the theft must be tied to it somehow. Archie and Maxie Mega Evolve both of their Pokémon, and Red and Green respond by doing the same.

On the S.S. Tidal, Ruby and Emerald watch in shock as Groudon and Kyogre emerge from Hoopa's rings. Amber and Blaise are delighted that their plan to use Hoopa to lure in Legendary Pokémon worked. Reading the Scanner, Blaise announces that the Red and Blue Orbs are in the Hoenn region, likely being brought by their former bosses.

Emerald yells at Hoopa for summoning such dangerous Pokémon, and Ultima, Mr. Briney, and Drake run out to them. Ruby informs them that Hoopa must have been attacked by someone, then points out to where he had earlier seen a flash of light across the sea. Latios tells Ruby that he has a plan to stop Groudon and Kyogre, and Ruby hops on his back and takes Diancie with him. When they reach the Legendary Pokémon, Ruby asks Diancie to use Moonblast. The attack stuns Groudon and Kyogre, pushing them backward, and allowing Ruby to locate Amber and Blaise. Emerald catches up to him with Latias, and sends out his Dusclops while Ruby summons Feefee. The two Pokémon fight against Blaise's Slugma and Amber's Gorebyss, but are defeated.

Suddenly, Groudon and Kyogre swim past Ruby and Emerald. To prevent the Pokédex holders from going after the Legendary Pokémon, Blaise has his Slugma create a powerful illusion around the two. Amber and Blaise escape, following Groudon and Kyogre, who are after the holders of the Red and Blue Orbs. Blaise smiles as he looks forward to utilizing the technique of Primal Reversion. When Blaise and Amber find the holders of the orbs, they are shocked to find that they look different from the Maxie and Archie they once served.

At Meteor Falls, a woman stares up at the sky as a silhouetted Pokémon flies through, leaving a contrail in its wake. Renza, Jinga, and Tomatoma come running towards her, calling her "Elder" and warning her that two Legendary Pokémon have been spotted on Route 115. The Elder asks if the three have seen Zinnia, then advises them not to judge her actions. As the three leave to find her, the Elder ponders the Dragon Lord's cloud trail in the sky.

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  • In the Japanese mini-volume Volume 2, this chapter was titled (Japanese: EPISODE 11 Episode 11).


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Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc
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