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A Totem Pokémon calling for an ally in an SOS Battle
An ally appearing in an SOS Battle

An SOS Battle (Japanese: 乱入バトル Intruder Battle) is a type of Pokémon battle in the Generation VII games, introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon. An SOS Battle is a battle in which a wild Pokémon calls for help from allies, turning a normal one-on-one wild battle into a two-on-one battle.

In Pokémon Sun and Moon, once the player clears the first trial with Ilima at Verdant Cavern, battles with wild Pokémon can turn into SOS Battles. Trial Pokémon (except Totem Pokémon), Island Scan Pokémon, Legendary Pokémon, and Ultra Beasts do not call for help. Totem Pokémon always call for help, but use different mechanics than other wild Pokémon.


At the end of a turn, a wild Pokémon may attempt to call for help if it does not already have an ally. If its call is successful, that ally will appear in battle.

When an ally appears, it is affected by any entry hazards and any of its Abilities that activate when it enters battle (such as Intimidate) will activate.

Totem Pokémon

In battles with a Totem Pokémon, at the end of the first turn, it will always call for help. A Totem Pokémon's calls are always answered. Totem Pokémon only have a predefined set of allies they can call during battle (usually two); once those allies have fainted, they cannot be called again.

Totem Pokémon with two allies will call a specific ally on its first turn, and call the other ally if its HP is below 2/3 (once the first ally has been defeated). If its HP drops below 2/3 before it has a chance to call an ally, it will call the latter ally first, then call the first ally at the first opportunity after its other ally has fainted. Once one of these allies is defeated, it cannot be called again.

Unlike other Totem Pokémon, Totem Salazzle can call an unlimited number of allies.

Other wild Pokémon

In regular wild Pokémon battles, at the end of a turn, if there is only one wild Pokémon on the field, it may call for an ally. Sometimes, no ally answers this call. The likelihood that a given Pokémon will call for help depends in part on its species. Some species cannot call for help (including most Pokémon that can appear exclusively as allies in SOS Battles).

Most Pokémon can summon allies of the same species, but some can summon other Pokémon in their family and some can summon other unrelated Pokémon. For some species, the allies that they can call vary with location.

Wild Pokémon are more likely to call for help after the player sends out a Pokémon with Intimidate, Pressure, or Unnerve as its Ability; has their Pokémon immediately use supereffective moves on new allies called into battle[1]; or uses an Adrenaline Orb. The Adrenaline Orb can only be used once per battle and will fail if used repeatedly (wasting a turn without being consumed).

Wild Pokémon that have a non-volatile status condition or are in the semi-invulnerable turn of a move such as Dig will not attempt to call for allies.

Within an SOS Battle, the chance for the called Pokémon to be Shiny, have perfect IVs, or have its Hidden Ability increases with the number of answered calls. After 255 Pokémon have been called into battle, the counter rolls over and these rate go back to their default values but will continue to rise as usual after more Pokémon are called in.[2] If a Pokémon successfully calls an ally, all EVs earned by defeating a Pokémon are doubled for the rest of the battle (including those from EV-enhancing item‎s).

Chain length Perfect IVs Hidden Ability chance Shiny chance
5 1 0%  ?
10 2 5%  ?
20 3 10%  ?
30 4 15%  ?
70 4 15% About 1/1024

SOS Battle allies

Most wild Pokémon only call for allies of the same species as themselves. The list below describes all Pokémon that can summon allies that are not of the same species as the original encounter.

# Pokémon Possible allies Notes
010 010 Caterpie 010 Caterpie 012 Butterfree Anywhere but Route 1
011 011 Metapod 010 Caterpie Only on Route 1
011 011 Metapod 010 Caterpie 012 Butterfree Anywhere but Route 1
042 042 Golbat 042 Golbat 169 Crobat Only in Resolution Cave
073 073 Tentacruel 073 Tentacruel 457 Lumineon Some encounters at Poni Wilds
079 079 Slowpoke 079 Slowpoke 080 Slowbro Only at Kala'e Bay
093 093 Haunter 093 Haunter 094 Gengar
104 104 Cubone 104 Cubone 115 Kangaskhan
118 118 Goldeen 118 Goldeen 119 Seaking
120 120 Staryu 120 Staryu 121 Starmie Only on Route 7
128 128 Tauros 128 Tauros 241 Miltank
129 129 Magikarp 129 Magikarp 130 Gyarados
133 133 Eevee 133 Eevee 196 Espeon Only during the day
133 133 Eevee 133 Eevee 197 Umbreon Only during the night
147 147 Dratini 147 Dratini 148 Dragonair Anywhere but Poni Gauntlet
147 147 Dratini 147 Dratini 148 Dragonair 149 Dragonite Only at Poni Gauntlet
172 172 Pichu 172 Pichu 025 Pikachu 440 Happiny
173 173 Cleffa 173 Cleffa 035 Clefairy 113 Chansey
174 174 Igglybuff 174 Igglybuff 039 Jigglypuff 440 Happiny
222 222 Corsola 222 Corsola 747 Mareanie Mareanie will attack Corsola before targeting the player's Pokémon.
239 239 Elekid 239 Elekid 125 Electabuzz 113 Chansey
240 240 Magby 240 Magby 126 Magmar
241 241 Miltank 241 Miltank 128 Tauros
320 320 Wailmer 320 Wailmer 321 Wailord Only while fishing
339 339 Barboach 339 Barboach 340 Whiscash
361 361 Snorunt 361 Snorunt 362 Glalie Only at Mount Lanakila
371 371 Bagon 371 Bagon 372 Shelgon Only at Kala'e Bay
371 371 Bagon 371 Bagon 373 Salamence Only on Route 3
438 438 Bonsly 438 Bonsly 185 Sudowoodo 440 Happiny
446 446 Munchlax 446 Munchlax 143 Snorlax 440 Happiny
447 447 Riolu 447 Riolu 448 Lucario 113 Chansey
568 568 Trubbish 568 Trubbish 569 Garbodor
674 674 Pancham 674 Pancham 675 Pangoro
703 703 Carbink 703 Carbink 302 Sableye Only in caves. Sableye will attack Carbink before targeting the player's Pokémon.
732 732 Trumbeak 731 Pikipek Only on Route 8
765 765 Oranguru 732 Trumbeak
766 766 Passimian 732 Trumbeak
782 782 Jangmo-o 783 Hakamo-o 784 Kommo-o
Weather-dependent allies

In certain locations, when Pokémon call for allies, a special ally may appear if there is a weather condition in effect in the battle and Cloud Nine or Air Lock is not in effect. This includes weather caused by moves or Abilities during the battle. Castform can appear in any location where weather can affect the allies Pokémon can call, but aside from Castform, each location has a specific Pokémon that can be called in a specific weather (which usually occurs naturally there, though not always persistently).

The table below describes the likelihood of special allies to be called depending on the location and weather.

Special ally Rain Hail Sandstorm Location
061 Poliwhirl ~10% Malie Garden
062 Poliwrath ~1%Day Malie Garden
186 Politoed ~1%Night Malie Garden
351 Castform ~10% ~10% Malie Garden
~1% ~10% ~10% Lush Jungle, Route 17, Exeggutor Island
~10% ~1% ~10% Tapu Village, Mount Lanakila
~10% ~10% ~1% Haina Desert
444 Gabite ~10% Haina Desert
582 Vanillite ~10% Tapu Village
583 Vanillish ~10% Mount Lanakila
704 Goomy ~10% Lush Jungle, Route 17
705 Sliggoo ~10% Exeggutor Island

Pokémon that do not call for help

Many Pokémon will never call for help. Pokémon that can be encountered in the wild that never call for help are Legendary Pokémon, the Ultra Beasts, Pokémon encountered via Island Scan, and the Pokémon listed below.

# Pokémon
012 012 Butterfree
062 062 Poliwrath
094 094 Gengar
103 103A Exeggutor
113 113 Chansey
121 121 Starmie
143 143 Snorlax
149 149 Dragonite
169 169 Crobat
185 185 Sudowoodo
186 186 Politoed
196 196 Espeon
197 197 Umbreon
302 302 Sableye
351 351 Castform
373 373 Salamence
440 440 Happiny
444 444 Gabite
448 448 Lucario
582 582 Vanillite
583 583 Vanillish
675 675 Pangoro
704 704 Goomy
705 705 Sliggoo
747 747 Mareanie
767 767 Wimpod
774 774 Minior
775 775 Komala
784 784 Kommo-o

In the anime

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In the anime, SOS Battles first appeared in To Top a Totem!, when Totem Gumshoos called two Yungoos to help it during the battle with Ash.

In A Team-on Team Tussle!. , several Alolan Rattata and Raticate helped Totem Raticate againest Team Skull and Team Rocket to protect the Darkinium Z.

In Big Sky, Small Fry!, Totem Wishiwashi called an Alomomola to help it during the battle againest Lana.

In Currying Favor and Flavor!, Totem Lurantis called a Castform to help it during the battle with Ash.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 闖入對戰 Chóngyahp Deuijin
Mandarin 闖入對戰 / 闯入对战 Chuǎngrù Duìzhàn
The Czech Republic Flag.png Czech SOS zápas
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch SOS-gevechten
France Flag.png French Intrusion
Germany Flag.png German Quereinsteiger-Kampf
Hungary Flag.png Hungarian SOS Harc
Italy Flag.png Italian Lotta con rinforzi
South Korea Flag.png Korean 난입배틀 Nanib Battle
Poland Flag.png Polish Walka SOS
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Batalha SOS
Russia Flag.png Russian Сражение SOS Srazheniye SOS
Spain Flag.png Spanish Llamada de auxilio


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