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This article lists the unused content of the Generation VII games Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.



Eternal Flower Floette remains in the code of the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. It has its own Pokédex entry. Additionally, there are menu sprites for Cosplay Pikachu and Eternal Flower Floette, though neither of them are available in-game.

Hidden Abilities

Some Pokémon are programmed to have Hidden Abilities in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon; however, they cannot be legally obtained in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. These abilities are available in later generations with use of the Ability Patch.

# Pokémon Types First Ability Second Ability Hidden Ability
0485 Heatran Heatran
Fire Steel Flash Fire None Flame Body
0785 Tapu Koko Tapu Koko
Electric Fairy Electric Surge None Telepathy
0786 Tapu Lele Tapu Lele
Psychic Fairy Psychic Surge None Telepathy
0787 Tapu Bulu Tapu Bulu
Grass Fairy Grassy Surge None Telepathy
0788 Tapu Fini Tapu Fini
Water Fairy Misty Surge None Telepathy
Please note that abilities marked with a superscript are only available in the stated generation or later.
  • For Generation III and IV games, ignore Hidden Abilities.

Shiny Pokémon

For consistency, all Pokémon have Shiny variants, even if they cannot be obtained as Shiny. Some Shiny Pokémon, such as Pikachu in a cap, are identical to their normal counterparts.

All Pikachu in a cap are programmed to not be Shiny, but due to a glitch, the Partner Cap Pikachu can be Shiny. This is because the game erroneously checks if the correct combination of the Trainer ID and Secret ID would result in a Shiny Pokémon by using the player's data, even though this Pokémon's OT is not the player.

#   Pokémon Type
0025 Pikachu Pikachu
All Pikachu in a cap forms
0647 Keldeo Keldeo
Water Fighting
0648 Meloetta Meloetta
Normal Psychic
0658 Greninja Greninja
Battle Bond/Ash-Greninja
Water Dark
0720 Hoopa Hoopa
Psychic Ghost
0721 Volcanion Volcanion
Fire Water
0789 Cosmog Cosmog
0790 Cosmoem Cosmoem
0800 Necrozma Necrozma
0801 Magearna Magearna
Steel Fairy
0802 Marshadow Marshadow
Fighting Ghost
0807 Zeraora Zeraora


Akala Meadow exists as a location name at index number 66 (0x0042). In the final game, Pink Nectar can be found at Royal Avenue. There are three unused rooms in the player's house; a washroom, a bathroom, and a garage. These rooms, also present in Pokémon Sun and Moon, are revamped and retextured in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Silvally, Fire Pledge, and Water Pledge

The games' data shows Silvally knowing Fire Pledge and Water Pledge. However, a glitch prevents Silvally from learning both moves. Grass Pledge is unaffected by this glitch.

Murkrow and Punishment

The data shows Murkrow knowing Punishment as an Egg Move, but neither Murkrow nor its evolution Honchkrow can learn this move in the final version.

Vullaby and Mandibuzz are in the Flying Egg Group and can learn Punishment, but cannot pass down the move due to being female-only.

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