Adrenaline Orb

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Adrenaline Orb
Scare Orb
Adrenaline Orb
Adrenaline Orb
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Introduced in Generation VII
Generation VII Bag Items pocket icon.png Items
Power 30

The Adrenaline Orb (Japanese: ビビリだま Scare Orb) is a type of consumable held item introduced in Generation VII.

In the core series games


Games Cost Sell price
SMUSUM PokémonDollar.png300 PokémonDollar.png150


Manual activation

When used from the Bag during battle, makes wild Pokémon more likely to call allies for help in an SOS Battle. In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, wild Pokémon will only call an ally once per battle unless the player uses an Adrenaline Orb. It is consumed after use, and can only be used once per battle. If used repeatedly, Adrenaline Orb will fail and will not be consumed.

Held item

If the holder is affected by Intimidate, it consumes the Adrenaline Orb and its Speed is increased by one stage. It is not consumed if the holder already has +6 Speed stat stages (unless its Ability is Contrary, in which case it won't activate if the holder has -6 Speed stat stages). It is activated even if the holder is not affected by Intimidate due to its Ability (e.g. Hyper Cutter) or Mist, but will not activate if the holder is not affected because it already has -6 Attack stat stages (or +6 in the case of Contrary).

If multiple Pokémon each holding an Adrenaline Orb are affected by Intimidate, each Pokémon will be affected by Intimidate and consume their Adrenaline Orb before Symbiosis transfers any item (including Adrenaline Orbs).


Type Points
Ghost 16


Games Description
SM Using it makes wild Pokémon more likely to call for help. If held by a Pokémon, it boosts Speed when intimidated. It can be used only once.
USUM Using it makes wild Pokémon call for help a number of times. If held by a Pokémon, it boosts Speed when intimidated. It can be used only once.
SwSh If held by a Pokémon, it boosts Speed when intimidated.


Games Finite methods Repeatable methods
SMUSUM Routes 4, 8, and 13, Paniola RanchUSUM, Memorial Hill, Ula'ula Meadow, Ancient Poni Path, Resolution Cave All Poké Marts (after completing three trials)
SwSh Battle Tower (10 BP)
SwShIoA Cram-o-matic (Ghost: 22-30 points)

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 膽怯球 Dáamhip Kàuh
Mandarin 膽怯球 / 胆怯球 Dǎnqiè Qiú
France Flag.png French Orbe Frousse
Germany Flag.png German Zitterorb
Italy Flag.png Italian Fifasfera
South Korea Flag.png Korean 주눅구슬 Junuk Guseul
Spain Flag.png Spanish Nerviosfera

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