Tide Song Hotel

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Tide Song Hotel ホテルしおさい
Hotel Shiyo
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Tide Song Hotel Exterior USUM.png
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Location: Heahea City
Region: Alola
Generations: VII
Alola Heahea City Map.png
Location of Tide Song Hotel in Alola.
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The Tide Song Hotel (Japanese: ホテルしおさい Hotel Shiyo) is a location on Akala Island in the Alola region, located in Heahea City.


In Pokémon Sun and Moon, the player is only able to access the hotel lobby. In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the player can use an elevator to access the third floor of the hotel as well and explore the rooms found there:

  • In the leftmost room, the player can find Colress, who's talking to himself about Z-Moves and doesn't notice their presence.
  • In the first room left of the elevator is a man who collects rare Z-Crystals. He will share some of them with the player if they show him a Pokémon capable of using the corresponding Z-Crystal.
  • In the first room right of the elevator, a Lass is seen together with a Bellossom and a Comfey. Upon realizing the player's presence, the Lass has her Bellossom force them out of the room, leaving an Oran Berry in their hand while doing so. If the player then re-enters the room, the Lass and her Pokémon are gone.
  • In the rightmost room is an old man, who asks the player to bring together his three old friends from around Heahea City. One of them is an old woman at Heahea Beach, the second is a Gentleman found in the apparel shop, and the third one is a young-looking woman at the harbor, who's later revealed to have used a special Mareanie treatment to make herself look younger. After all three friends have been found, the old man will thank the player by giving them a Revival Herb and reveals that his old house was torn down to make room for the Heahea Pokémon Center.

When the player first visits Heahea City, Lillie can be found temporarily staying at the Tide Song Hotel lobby. During the post-game, while player is challenging the Eevee users, the Flareon User can be found here.


Item Location Games
Heart Scale Heart Scale 1F, from the Dancer after telling her about the bottle on Heahea Beach  US  UM 
Revive Revive 3F, in the leftmost room  US  UM 
Health Wing Health Wing 3F, on the balcony of the leftmost room  US  UM 
Snorlium Z Snorlium Z 3F, from the Gentleman in the first room to the left of the elevator if the player has a Snorlax in their party  US  UM 
Mewnium Z Mewnium Z 3F, from the Gentleman in the first room to the left of the elevator if the player has a Mew in their party  US  UM 
Marshadium Z Marshadium Z 3F, from the Gentleman in the first room to the left of the elevator if the player has a Marshadow in their party  US  UM 
Oran Berry Oran Berry 3F, after being forced out of the first room to the right of the elevator  US  UM 
Fresh Water Fresh Water 3F, in the first room to the right of the elevator  US  UM 
Swift Wing Swift Wing 3F, on the balcony of the first room to the right of the elevator  US  UM 
Revival Herb Revival Herb 3F, from the old man in the rightmost room for finding all of his friends  US  UM 

Zygarde Cube

Item Location Games
Key Zygarde Cell Sprite.png Zygarde Cell In the back-left corner of the lobby  S  M 

Totem Stickers

Item Location Games
USUM Totem Sticker art.png Totem Sticker 1F, on the northwest table  US  UM 
USUM Totem Sticker art.png Totem Sticker 3F, on the back of the chair on the balcony of the first room left of the elevator  US  UM 


Trainer Pokémon
After speaking with Kagetora
Flareon User Chad
Flareon User Chad
クラウド Cloud
Reward: $2,200
Flareon Flareon Lv.55
No item


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  • According to a waiting list at the lobby, some people have been waiting for their tables at the hotel for over ten years.

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