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Artwork of Alola Photo Club
An Alola Photo Club photo

The Alola Photo Club (Japanese: アローラフォトクラブ Alola Photo Club) is a feature introduced in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.


There are two Alola Photo Club locations in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: one in Hau'oli City and another in Konikoni City.


The Alola Photo Club allows Trainers to take photographs of themselves alongside one of their Pokémon in a variety of ways. A wide variety of backgrounds can be used, although most require being unlocked in some way, while the player can customize their outfit, the animation of them and their Pokémon, and their positioning.

When taking a photograph, six shots will be taken in quick succession, allowing players to choose which ones to keep. Photos are saved to both the Photo Album in game and the Nintendo 3DS system's camera roll when created. The photos can be edited later using a variety of frames and stickers.

Up to 420 photos can be saved in the Photo Album saved on the SD Card. When the player is close to reaching the Photo Album limit, a warning appears stating that the player will not be able to create more when the limit is reached and how many photos are left before reaching the limit. Photos can be deleted from the Photo Album and they will not disappear from the camera roll on the SD card when deleted from the Photo Album. Players can also select one photo to transfer to other people while in the Festival Plaza, and can select to mark some photos as favorites.

Photography Modes

There are two ways of taking photographs in the Alola Photo Club: Simple Mode and Advanced Mode. In Simple Mode, options are streamlined so only the Pokémon and background are selected, with the characters performing their normal idle animations, before the photograph can be edited with frames and stickers.

In Advanced Mode, many new features become available to use for the fine-tuning of settings. The direction the player and Pokémon are facing can be freely edited alongside their positions, and the player’s outfit can be selected from multiple saved selections. The camera can also be moved in more ways, including with options to change its zoom and rotation. The player’s animation can be changed from the normal idle animation to that of any type-based Z-Move and Catastropika, while the Pokémon can use their battle animations or their ones from Pokémon Refresh, and both can be chosen to happen automatically or on command. After choosing these options, the photograph can be edited with the same frames and stickers as in Simple Mode.


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A large assortment of customization options are available before and after taking a photograph. While shooting, a background can be chosen, with a list that generally expands based on how many areas in Alola have been explored, although there are some default backgrounds and some with different unlocking criteria.

Frames and stickers are added to a photograph after it has been taken, and several of these can also be unlocked in a variety of ways. Once a photograph has been saved to the player’s system, it can be accessed at any time in the Photo Album (Japanese: マイアルバム My Album) option in the menu, where frames and stickers can be edited further.


Background Unlock method
Route 1 A Available from beginning
Route 1 B Available from beginning
Route 1 C Available from beginning
Iki Town Available from beginning
Trainers' School Available from beginning
Classroom Available from beginning
Hau'oli City Beach Available from beginning
Hau'oli City Available from beginning
Hau'oli Cemetery Visit location
Verdant Cavern Visit location
Route 3 Visit location
Melemele Meadow Visit location
Seaward Cave Visit location
Kala'e Bay Visit location
Ten Carat Hill Visit location
Mahalo Trail Visit location
Ruins of Conflict Visit location
Paniola Town Visit location
Paniola Ranch A Visit location
Paniola Ranch B Visit location
Brooklet Hill A Visit location
Brooklet Hill B Visit location
Wela Volcano Park Visit location
Route 8 Visit location
Fossil Restoration Center Visit location
Lush Jungle Visit location
Konikoni City Visit location
Aether Paradise A Visit location
Aether Paradise C Visit location
Aether Paradise B Visit location
Malie Garden Visit location
Route 14 Visit location
Abandoned Thrifty Megamart Visit location
Haina Desert Visit location
Route 15 Visit location
Ula'ula Meadow Visit location
Po Town Visit location
Shady House Visit location
Ancient Temple Visit location
Mount Lanakila Visit location
Icy Cave Visit location
Seafolk Village Visit location
Poni Breaker Coast Visit location
Vast Poni Canyon Visit location
Altar of the Sunne Visit location
Altar of the Moone Visit location
Poni Meadow Visit location
Elite Four Chamber A Visit location
Elite Four Chamber B Visit location
Elite Four Chamber C Visit location
Elite Four Chamber D Visit location
Champion's Chamber Visit location
Battle Royal Visit location
Battle Tree Visit location
Battle Agency Visit location
Lovey-Dovey Heart Show the Pokémon Fan Club president a Pokémon with maximum affection
Faraway Space Available from the beginning
Celebration Cake Available from the beginning
Zenith Stage Available from the beginning
Commemorative Photo Available from the beginning
Indigo Plateau Use a Pokémon originally from Pokémon Red and Blue, Pokémon Yellow, Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen
Bell Tower Use a Pokémon originally from Pokémon Gold and Silver, Pokémon Crystal, Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver
Seafloor Cavern Use a Pokémon originally from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, Pokémon Emerald, Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Spear Pillar Use a Pokémon originally from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, and Pokémon Platinum
Skyarrow Bridge Use a Pokémon originally from Pokémon Black and White, Pokémon Black 2 and White 2
Lumiose City Use a Pokémon originally from Pokémon X and Y


Appearance Unlock method
USUM Small sticker 1.pngUSUM Small sticker 2.pngUSUM Small sticker 3.pngUSUM Small sticker 4.pngUSUM Small sticker 5.png
USUM Small sticker 6.pngUSUM Small sticker 7.pngUSUM Small sticker 8.pngUSUM Small sticker 9.pngUSUM Small sticker 10.png
USUM Small sticker 11.pngUSUM Small sticker 12.pngUSUM Small sticker 13.pngUSUM Small sticker 14.pngUSUM Small sticker 15.png
USUM Small sticker 16.pngUSUM Small sticker 17.pngUSUM Small sticker 18.pngUSUM Small sticker 20.png
USUM Small sticker 22.pngUSUM Small sticker 23.pngUSUM Small sticker 24.pngUSUM Small sticker 25.pngUSUM Small sticker 26.png
USUM Small sticker 28.pngUSUM Small sticker 29.pngUSUM Small sticker 30.pngUSUM Small sticker 31.pngUSUM Small sticker 32.png
USUM Small sticker 37.pngUSUM Small sticker 38.pngUSUM Small sticker 39.pngUSUM Small sticker 40.pngUSUM Small sticker 41.png
USUM Small sticker 44.pngUSUM Small sticker 45.pngUSUM Small sticker 46.pngUSUM Small sticker 47.pngUSUM Small sticker 48.png
Available from beginning
USUM Small sticker 43.png
Sunglasses sticker
Take 10 photos at the Photo Club
USUM Small sticker 33.pngUSUM Small sticker 34.pngUSUM Small sticker 35.pngUSUM Small sticker 36.png
Pokémon-patterned ribbon stickers
Take 20 photos at the Photo Club
USUM Small sticker 42.png
Thick glasses sticker
Take 30 photos at the Photo Club
USUM Small sticker 21.png
Nugget sticker
Take 50 photos at the Photo Club
USUM Small sticker 19.png
Hiker sticker
Clear Kiawe's trial
USUM Small sticker 27.png
Crown sticker
Become Champion
USUM Small sticker 49.pngUSUM Small sticker 50.pngUSUM Small sticker 51.pngUSUM Small sticker 52.pngUSUM Small sticker 53.pngUSUM Small sticker 54.pngUSUM Small sticker 55.png
Sinister organization stickers
Defeat Team Rainbow Rocket
Appearance Unlock method
USUM Medium sticker 1.pngUSUM Medium sticker 2.pngUSUM Medium sticker 3.pngUSUM Medium sticker 4.pngUSUM Medium sticker 5.png
USUM Medium sticker 6.pngUSUM Medium sticker 7.pngUSUM Medium sticker 8.pngUSUM Medium sticker 9.pngUSUM Medium sticker 10.png
USUM Medium sticker 11.pngUSUM Medium sticker 12.pngUSUM Medium sticker 14.pngUSUM Medium sticker 15.pngUSUM Medium sticker 23.png
USUM Medium sticker 24.pngUSUM Medium sticker 25.pngUSUM Medium sticker 26.pngUSUM Medium sticker 27.pngUSUM Medium sticker 30.png
USUM Medium sticker 31.pngUSUM Medium sticker 32.pngUSUM Medium sticker 33.pngUSUM Medium sticker 37.pngUSUM Medium sticker 38.png
USUM Medium sticker 39.pngUSUM Medium sticker 40.png
Available from beginning
USUM Medium sticker 29.png
Sunglasses sticker
Take 10 photos at the Photo Club
USUM Medium sticker 18.pngUSUM Medium sticker 19.pngUSUM Medium sticker 20.pngUSUM Medium sticker 21.pngUSUM Medium sticker 22.png
Pokémon-patterned ribbon stickers
Take 20 photos at the Photo Club
USUM Medium sticker 28.png
Thick glasses sticker
Take 30 photos at the Photo Club
USUM Medium sticker 34.png
Fire-type sticker
Clear Kiawe's trial
USUM Medium sticker 35.png
Grass-type sticker
Clear Mallow's trial
USUM Medium sticker 13.png
Ghost-type sticker
Clear Acerola's trial
USUM Medium sticker 36.png
Dragon-type sticker
Clear the Vast Poni Canyon trial
USUM Medium sticker 16.png
Crown sticker
Become Champion
USUM Medium sticker 17.png
Hiker sticker
Clear Kiawe's trial
Appearance Unlock method
USUM Large sticker 1.png USUM Large sticker 2.png USUM Large sticker 3.pngUSUM Large sticker 4.png
USUM Large sticker 5.pngUSUM Large sticker 6.pngUSUM Large sticker 7.pngUSUM Large sticker 11.png
USUM Large sticker 12.pngUSUM Large sticker 13.pngUSUM Large sticker 14.pngUSUM Large sticker 15.png
USUM Large sticker 16.pngUSUM Large sticker 17.pngUSUM Large sticker 18.png
Available from beginning
USUM Large sticker 8.png
Water-type sticker
Clear Lana's trial
USUM Large sticker 9.png
Electric-type sticker
Clear Sophocles's trial
USUM Large sticker 10.png
Fairy-type sticker
Clear Mina's trial
USUM Large sticker 19.pngUSUM Large sticker 20.pngUSUM Large sticker 21.pngUSUM Large sticker 22.png
USUM Large sticker 23.pngUSUM Large sticker 24.pngUSUM Large sticker 25.png
Sinister organization stickers
Defeat Team Rainbow Rocket
Appearance Unlock method
USUM Speech sticker 1.pngUSUM Speech sticker 2.pngUSUM Speech sticker 3.pngUSUM Speech sticker 4.pngUSUM Speech sticker 5.png Available from beginning
USUM Speech sticker 6.png Become Champion


Appearance Unlock method
USUM Frame 1.pngUSUM Frame 2.pngUSUM Frame 3.png
USUM Frame 4.pngUSUM Frame 5.pngUSUM Frame 6.png
USUM Frame 7.pngUSUM Frame 8.pngUSUM Frame 9.png
Available from beginning
USUM Frame 10.png Complete the Pikachu quiz at Pikachu Valley



Alola Photo Club USUM Concept Art.jpg
Concept Art from Ultra Sun and Moon

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 阿羅拉攝影俱樂部 Alòhlāai Sipyíng Kēuilohkbouh
Mandarin 阿羅拉攝影俱樂部 / 阿罗拉摄影俱乐部 Āluólā Shèyǐng Jùlèbù
France Flag.png French Studio Photo d'Alola
Germany Flag.png German Alola-Fotoclub
Italy Flag.png Italian Fotoclub di Alola
South Korea Flag.png Korean 알로라포토클럽 Alola Photo Club
Russia Flag.png Russian Фотоклуб региона Алола Fotoklub regiona Alola
Spain Flag.png Spanish Fotoclub de Alola

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