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This article is about the characters who teach Pokémon moves outside of their normal learnsets. For the characters who teach moves Pokémon can learn at previous levels, see Move Reminder.
Move Teacher redirects here. For the man called the Move Teacher in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, see Move Reminder.

A Move Tutor (Japanese: 技教 Move Teacher) is a non-player character who will teach a Pokémon moves that are not normally able to be learned through level up, TMs, or HMs. Move Tutors are found in Kanto (including the Sevii Islands), Johto, Hoenn, Orre, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola, and the Pokémon Stadium. They are not to be confused with Move Reminders.

Generation I Move Tutors

Stadium (Japanese)

In the game known as Pokémon Stadium in Japanese that was only released in Japan, if the player clears the Master Ball division of the L1-30 Division with a Pikachu in his or her party, the Pikachu can learn Surf.

Move Type Gen I HM
Surf  Water  HM03

Stadium (English)

In the international release of the game known as Pokémon Stadium in English, if the player clears the Master Ball division of the Round 2 Prime Cup with only Pokémon selected directly from a Game Pak with a Pikachu in his or her party and does not save during the tournament, the Pikachu can learn Surf. Pikachu only has to be selected for the final battle and does not have to take part in the battle.

Move Type Gen I HM
Surf  Water  HM03

Generation II Move Tutors


Move tutor.png

In Pokémon Crystal, an old man visits the Goldenrod Game Corner every Wednesday and Saturday after the player has entered the Hall of Fame. He teaches three different moves for 4000 coins, two of which were TMs in Generation I and returned to that status in Generation III, and one of which later became a TM with the other two. These moves are breedable in the same fashion as TMs and HMs. After teaching a move, the man will leave and will not be able to teach another move until the next available day.

Move Type Gen I TM
Flamethrower  Fire 
Ice Beam  Ice  TM13
Thunderbolt  Electric  TM24

Generation III Move Tutors

FireRed and LeafGreen

These Move Tutors are in FireRed and LeafGreen. They do not appear in the Generation I games.

Normal Move Tutors

These tutors will teach a Pokémon a move otherwise unobtainable with the Generation III TM list. Many of the NPCs which gave a TM containing a move in Generation I that is no longer available in TM form in the current generation will directly teach the move they would have given instead. These can only be taught once.

Move Type Location Gen I TM
Body Slam  Normal  Four Island TM08
Counter  Fighting  Celadon Department Store TM18
Double-Edge  Normal  Victory Road TM10
Dream Eater  Psychic  Viridian City TM42
Explosion  Normal  Mt. Ember TM47
Mega Kick  Normal  Route 4 TM05
Mega Punch  Normal  Route 4 TM01
Metronome  Normal  Pokémon Lab TM35
Mimic  Normal  Saffron City TM31
Rock Slide  Rock  Rock Tunnel TM48
Seismic Toss  Fighting  Pewter City TM19
Softboiled  Normal  Celadon City TM41
Substitute  Normal  Fuchsia City TM50
Swords Dance  Normal  Seven Island TM03
Thunder Wave  Electric  Silph Co. TM45

Special Move Tutors

A woman at Two Island's Cape Brink will teach one move to each of the fully evolved Kanto starter Pokémon. She will teach Frenzy Plant to Venusaur, Hydro Cannon to Blastoise, and Blast Burn to Charizard. The moves can only be taught to one of these three Pokémon once, and the Pokémon learning the move must have maximum friendship.

Move Type Gen I TM
Blast Burn  Fire 
Frenzy Plant  Grass 
Hydro Cannon  Water 


In Pokémon Emerald, various Move Tutors can be found across the Hoenn region. Some moves may be purchased at the Battle Frontier. Those that cannot be purchased may only be learned once from the tutor.

Free Move Tutors

Move Type Location
Double-Edge  Normal  Sootopolis City
DynamicPunch  Fighting  Mossdeep City
Explosion  Normal  Pacifidlog Town
Fury Cutter  Bug  Verdanturf Town
Metronome  Normal  Fallarbor Town
Mimic  Normal  Lavaridge Town
Rollout  Rock  Mauville City
Sleep Talk  Normal  Fortree City
Substitute  Normal  Lilycove City
Swagger  Normal  Slateport City

Battle Frontier Move Tutors

Left Tutor
Move Type Price
Softboiled  Normal  16BP
Seismic Toss  Fighting  24BP
Dream Eater  Psychic  24BP
Mega Punch  Normal  24BP
Mega Kick  Normal  48BP
Body Slam  Normal  48BP
Rock Slide  Rock  48BP
Counter  Fighting  48BP
Thunder Wave  Electric  48BP
Swords Dance  Normal  48BP
Right Tutor
Move Type Price
Defense Curl  Normal  16BP
Snore  Normal  24BP
Mud-Slap  Ground  24BP
Swift  Normal  24BP
Icy Wind  Ice  24BP
Endure  Normal  48BP
Psych Up  Normal  48BP
Ice Punch  Ice  48BP
ThunderPunch  Electric  48BP
Fire Punch  Fire  48BP

Pokémon XD

General Move Tutor

In Pokémon XD, there is a Move Tutor in Agate Village. Like in FireRed and LeafGreen, these moves can only be taught once.

Move Type
Body Slam  Normal 
Double-Edge  Normal 
Dream Eater  Psychic 
Icy Wind  Ice 
Mimic  Normal 
Nightmare  Ghost 
Seismic Toss  Fighting 
Selfdestruct  Normal 
Sky Attack  Flying 
Substitute  Normal 
Swagger  Normal 
Thunder Wave  Electric 

Mew Move Tutor

A Move Tutor at Mt. Battle can teach Mew moves for the cost of 5,000 Poké Coupons. This can only be done after beating the game, but it can be done multiple times. Unlike other Move Tutors, this one does not give the player a direct choice in what Mew learns. Instead, he asks a few questions and then offers a full set of moves for Mew.

This Move Tutor can teach Mew any move it can otherwise learn by TM, HM, or from any other Generation III Move Tutor, plus one of the moves below:

Move Type
Faint Attack  Dark 
Fake Out  Normal 
Hypnosis  Psychic 
Night Shade  Ghost 
Role Play  Psychic 
Zap Cannon  Electric 

Generation IV Move Tutors

Diamond and Pearl

There are two Move Tutors in Sinnoh—one on Route 228 and one on Route 210. The Move Tutor on Route 210 teaches Draco Meteor to a Dragon-type Pokémon which has had its friendship maximized. Similar to the Cape Brink Move Tutor in FireRed and LeafGreen, the Route 228 Move Tutor will teach one of the elemental versions of Hyper Beam to a fully-evolved starter with maximum friendship. Unlike the Cape Brink tutor, it can be any of the twelve starter Pokémon, but the move's type will always correspond with the Pokémon's primary type. Also unlike the Cape Brink tutor, it can be taught as many times as the player likes.

Move Type Cat. Location
Blast Burn  Fire  Special Route 228
Draco Meteor  Dragon  Special Route 210
Frenzy Plant  Grass  Special Route 228
Hydro Cannon  Water  Special Route 228


In Pokémon Platinum, in addition to the Move Tutors in Diamond and Pearl, three new Move Tutors are added, in Snowpoint City, on Route 212, and in the Survival Area. These Move Tutors accept shards in return for their services, charging eight shards of various colors per move.

Free Move Tutors

Move Type Cat. Location
Blast Burn  Fire  Special Route 228
Draco Meteor  Dragon  Special Route 210
Frenzy Plant  Grass  Special Route 228
Hydro Cannon  Water  Special Route 228

Shard Move Tutors

Red Shards emphasize power.
Blue Shards are for special effects.
Yellow Shards are for status problems.
Green Shards are what I like!

Route 212
Move Type Cat. Shards
Air Cutter  Flying  Special 2 2 4 0
Dive  Water  Physical 2 0 4 2
Fire Punch  Fire  Physical 2 0 6 0
Fury Cutter  Bug  Physical 0 0 8 0
Ice Punch  Ice  Physical 2 0 6 0
Icy Wind  Ice  Special 0 2 6 0
Knock Off  Dark  Physical 4 0 4 0
Ominous Wind  Ghost  Special 0 2 6 0
Sucker Punch  Dark  Physical 0 0 6 2
ThunderPunch  Electric  Physical 2 0 6 0
Trick  Psychic  Status 0 0 4 4
Vacuum Wave  Fighting  Special 2 2 4 0
Zen Headbutt  Psychic  Physical 0 0 4 4
Snowpoint City
Move Type Cat. Shards
Helping Hand  Normal  Status 2 2 0 4
Last Resort  Normal  Physical 0 8 0 0
Magnet Rise  Electric  Status 0 2 2 4
Snore  Normal  Special 2 2 0 4
Spite  Ghost  Status 0 0 0 8
Swift  Normal  Special 0 4 2 2
Synthesis  Grass  Status 0 6 0 2
Uproar  Normal  Special 0 2 0 6
Survival Area
Move Type Cat. Shards
AncientPower  Rock  Special 6 2 0 0
Aqua Tail  Water  Physical 6 2 0 0
Bounce  Flying  Physical 4 2 0 2
Earth Power  Ground  Special 6 2 0 0
Endeavor  Normal  Physical 4 0 0 4
Gastro Acid  Poison  Status 4 2 0 2
Gunk Shot  Poison  Physical 4 2 2 0
Heat Wave  Fire  Special 4 2 2 0
Iron Defense  Steel  Status 4 0 2 2
Iron Head  Steel  Physical 6 0 0 2
Mud-Slap  Ground  Special 4 0 4 0
Outrage  Dragon  Physical 6 0 0 2
Rollout  Rock  Physical 4 2 2 0
Seed Bomb  Grass  Physical 4 4 0 0
Signal Beam  Bug  Special 2 2 2 2
Superpower  Fighting  Physical 8 0 0 0
Twister  Dragon  Special 6 2 0 0

HeartGold and SoulSilver

The following tutor moves are available in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. Similar to Emerald, most of the moves that a Move Tutor can teach to a Pokémon require a set amount of Battle Points, these tutors being located in the Frontier Access. Fourteen of these moves are exclusive to HeartGold and SoulSilver, while the rest are also obtainable in Platinum.

Free Move Tutors

Move Type Cat. Location
Blast Burn  Fire  Special Blackthorn City
Draco Meteor  Dragon  Special Blackthorn City
Frenzy Plant  Grass  Special Blackthorn City
Headbutt  Normal  Physical Ilex Forest
Hydro Cannon  Water  Special Blackthorn City

Frontier Access Move Tutors

Top left
Move Type Cat. Price
Air Cutter  Flying  Special 48BP
Bug Bite  Bug  Physical 32BP
Dive  Water  Physical 40BP
Fire Punch  Fire  Physical 64BP
Fury Cutter  Bug  Physical 32BP
Ice Punch  Ice  Physical 64BP
Icy Wind  Ice  Special 48BP
Knock Off  Dark  Physical 40BP
Ominous Wind  Ghost  Special 48BP
Sucker Punch  Dark  Physical 40BP
ThunderPunch  Electric  Physical 64BP
Trick  Psychic  Status 48BP
Vacuum Wave  Fighting  Special 48BP
Zen Headbutt  Psychic  Physical 64BP
Top right
Move Type Cat. Price
AncientPower  Rock  Special 40BP
Aqua Tail  Water  Physical 40BP
Bounce  Flying  Physical 32BP
Earth Power  Ground  Special 40BP
Endeavor  Normal  Physical 64BP
Gastro Acid  Poison  Status 32BP
Gunk Shot  Poison  Physical 32BP
Heat Wave  Fire  Special 48BP
Iron Defense  Steel  Status 40BP
Iron Head  Steel  Physical 40BP
Low Kick  Fighting  Physical 32BP
Mud-Slap  Ground  Special 32BP
Outrage  Dragon  Physical 48BP
Pain Split  Normal  Status 64BP
Rollout  Rock  Physical 32BP
Seed Bomb  Grass  Physical 40BP
Signal Beam  Bug  Special 40BP
Sky Attack  Flying  Physical 64BP
Super Fang  Normal  Physical 40BP
Superpower  Fighting  Physical 48BP
Twister  Dragon  Special 40BP
Bottom right
Move Type Cat. Price
Block  Normal  Status 32BP
Gravity  Psychic  Status 32BP
Heal Bell  Normal  Status 48BP
Helping Hand  Normal  Status 40BP
Last Resort  Normal  Physical 48BP
Magic Coat  Psychic  Status 32BP
Magnet Rise  Electric  Status 40BP
Role Play  Psychic  Status 48BP
Snore  Normal  Special 32BP
Spite  Ghost  Status 40BP
String Shot  Bug  Status 32BP
Swift  Normal  Special 40BP
Synthesis  Grass  Status 40BP
Tailwind  Flying  Status 48BP
Uproar  Normal  Special 48BP
Worry Seed  Grass  Status 32BP

Generation V Move Tutors

Black and White

In Pokémon Black and White, there are four Move Tutors in Unova: one in Driftveil City, one on Route 13, one in Opelucid City and one in Castelia City. A man in his house in Driftveil City teaches the newly-introduced Pledge moves, which can be combined with each other in double and triple battles for additional effects. As before, the elemental Hyper Beam variants can be taught to friendly fully-evolved starter Pokémon of each respective type, with the new Move Tutor being located on Route 13. Draco Meteor is taught by the opposite game's Opelucid Gym Leader (DraydenW or IrisB), but maximum friendship is not required. Also, if the player brings an event Meloetta to Café Sonata in Castelia City, a musician will teach it Relic Song. Furthermore, if the player brings an event Keldeo with Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion in their party to Moor of Icirrus, they will teach it Secret Sword.

Move Type Cat. Location
Grass Pledge  Grass  Special Driftveil City
Fire Pledge  Fire  Special Driftveil City
Water Pledge  Water  Special Driftveil City
Frenzy Plant  Grass  Special Route 13
Blast Burn  Fire  Special Route 13
Hydro Cannon  Water  Special Route 13
Draco Meteor  Dragon  Special Opelucid City
Relic Song  Normal  Special Café Sonata
Secret Sword  Fighting  Special Moor of Icirrus

Black 2 and White 2

Free Move Tutors

Move Type Cat. Location
Blast Burn  Fire  Special Pokémon World Tournament
Draco Meteor  Dragon  Special Opelucid City
Fire Pledge  Fire  Special Pokémon World Tournament
Frenzy Plant  Grass  Special Pokémon World Tournament
Grass Pledge  Grass  Special Pokémon World Tournament
Hydro Cannon  Water  Special Pokémon World Tournament
Relic Song  Normal  Special Café Sonata
Secret Sword  Fighting  Special Pledge Grove
Water Pledge  Water  Special Pokémon World Tournament

Shard Move Tutors

There are Move Tutors that teach moves for 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 of a specific color of Shard. These Move Tutors can be found in Driftveil City, Lentimas Town, Humilau City and Nacrene City.

The Driftveil City tutor teaches moves in exchange for Red Shards. The Lentimas Town tutor teaches moves in exchange for Blue Shards. The Humilau City tutor teaches moves in exchange for Yellow Shards. The Nacrene City tutor teaches moves in exchange for Green Shards.

Driftveil City
Move Type Cat. Shards
Covet  Normal  Physical 2
Bug Bite  Bug  Physical 2
Drill Run  Ground  Physical 4
Bounce  Flying  Physical 4
Signal Beam  Bug  Special 4
Iron Head  Steel  Physical 4
Super Fang  Normal  Physical 6
Uproar  Normal  Special 6
Seed Bomb  Grass  Physical 6
Dual Chop  Dragon  Physical 6
Low Kick  Fighting  Physical 8
Gunk Shot  Poison  Physical 8
Fire Punch  Fire  Physical 10
ThunderPunch  Electric  Physical 10
Ice Punch  Ice  Physical 10
Lentimas Town
Move Type Cat. Shards
Last Resort  Normal  Physical 2
Iron Defense  Steel  Status 2
Magnet Rise  Electric  Status 4
Magic Coat  Psychic  Status 4
Block  Normal  Status 6
Hyper Voice  Normal  Special 6
Electroweb  Electric  Special 6
Icy Wind  Ice  Special 6
Iron Tail  Steel  Physical 6
Aqua Tail  Water  Physical 8
Earth Power  Ground  Special 8
Zen Headbutt  Psychic  Physical 8
Foul Play  Dark  Physical 8
Superpower  Fighting  Physical 10
Gravity  Psychic  Status 10
Dragon Pulse  Dragon  Special 10
Dark Pulse  Dark  Special 10
Humilau City
Move Type Cat. Shards
Bind  Normal  Physical 2
Snore  Normal  Special 2
Heal Bell  Normal  Status 4
Knock Off  Dark  Physical 4
Synthesis  Grass  Status 6
Roost  Flying  Status 6
Sky Attack  Flying  Physical 8
Role Play  Psychic  Status 8
Heat Wave  Fire  Special 10
Giga Drain  Grass  Special 10
Drain Punch  Fighting  Physical 10
Pain Split  Normal  Status 10
Tailwind  Flying  Status 10
Nacrene City
Move Type Cat. Shards
Worry Seed  Grass  Status 6
Gastro Acid  Poison  Status 6
Helping Hand  Normal  Status 8
After You  Normal  Status 8
Magic Room  Psychic  Status 8
Wonder Room  Psychic  Status 8
Spite  Ghost  Status 8
Recycle  Normal  Status 10
Trick  Psychic  Status 10
Stealth Rock  Rock  Status 10
Outrage  Dragon  Physical 10
Endeavor  Normal  Physical 12
Sleep Talk  Normal  Status 12
Skill Swap  Psychic  Status 12
Snatch  Dark  Status 12

Generation VI

X and Y

Move Type Cat. Location
Grass Pledge  Grass  Special Laverre City
Fire Pledge  Fire  Special Laverre City
Water Pledge  Water  Special Laverre City
Frenzy Plant  Grass  Special Snowbelle City
Blast Burn  Fire  Special Snowbelle City
Hydro Cannon  Water  Special Snowbelle City
Relic Song  Normal  Special Snowbelle City
Secret Sword  Fighting  Special Snowbelle City
Draco Meteor  Dragon  Special Route 21

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Free Move Tutors

Move Type Cat. Location
Grass Pledge  Grass  Special Mauville City
Fire Pledge  Fire  Special Mauville City
Water Pledge  Water  Special Mauville City
Frenzy Plant  Grass  Special Mauville City
Blast Burn  Fire  Special Mauville City
Hydro Cannon  Water  Special Mauville City
Relic Song  Normal  Special Mauville City
Secret Sword  Fighting  Special Mauville City
Draco Meteor  Dragon  Special Sootopolis City
Dragon Ascent  Flying  Physical Meteor Falls

Battle Resort Move Tutors

Move Tutors are available at the Battle Resort, immediately left of the Pokémon Center. Four Tutors have set up stands next to each other, and will teach Pokémon moves in exchange for Battle Points. The Tutors are not identified in any manner, so the moves taught at each are as follows, in order from left to right:

Move Type Cat. Price
Bind  Normal  Physical 4BP
Snore  Normal  Special 4BP
Water Pulse  Water  Special 4BP
Shock Wave  Electric  Special 4BP
Bug Bite  Bug  Physical 4BP
Covet  Normal  Physical 4BP
Low Kick  Fighting  Physical 8BP
Signal Beam  Bug  Special 8BP
Giga Drain  Grass  Special 8BP
Thunder Punch  Electric  Physical 8BP
Fire Punch  Fire  Physical 8BP
Ice Punch  Ice  Physical 8BP
Drain Punch  Fighting  Physical 8BP
Knock Off  Dark  Physical 12BP
Super Fang  Normal  Physical 12BP
Dual Chop  Dragon  Physical 12BP
Endeavor  Normal  Physical 16BP
Move Type Cat. Price
Uproar  Normal  Special 8BP
Iron Tail  Steel  Physical 8BP
Bounce  Flying  Physical 8BP
Drill Run  Ground  Physical 8BP
Iron Head  Steel  Physical 8BP
Zen Headbutt  Psychic  Physical 8BP
Aqua Tail  Water  Physical 12BP
Dragon Pulse  Dragon  Special 12BP
Seed Bomb  Grass  Physical 12BP
Heat Wave  Fire  Special 12BP
Last Resort  Normal  Physical 12BP
Hyper Voice  Normal  Special 12BP
Foul Play  Dark  Physical 12BP
Earth Power  Ground  Special 12BP
Outrage  Dragon  Physical 16BP
Superpower  Fighting  Physical 16BP
Gunk Shot  Poison  Physical 16BP
Sky Attack  Flying  Physical 16BP
Focus Punch  Fighting  Physical 16BP
Move Type Cat. Price
Block  Normal  Status 8BP
Skill Swap  Psychic  Status 8BP
Synthesis  Grass  Status 8BP
Role Play  Psychic  Status 8BP
Pain Split  Normal  Status 8BP
Gastro Acid  Poison  Status 8BP
Worry Seed  Grass  Status 8BP
Spite  Ghost  Status 8BP
After You  Normal  Status 8BP
Helping Hand  Normal  Status 8BP
Trick  Psychic  Status 8BP
Recycle  Normal  Status 8BP
Snatch  Dark  Status 8BP
Magic Coat  Psychic  Status 8BP
Magnet Rise  Electric  Status 8BP
Iron Defense  Steel  Status 8BP
Move Type Cat. Price
Heal Bell  Normal  Status 8BP
Tailwind  Flying  Status 8BP
Magic Room  Psychic  Status 8BP
Wonder Room  Psychic  Status 8BP
Stealth Rock  Rock  Status 8BP
Gravity  Psychic  Status 8BP
Electroweb  Electric  Special 8BP
Icy Wind  Ice  Special 12BP

Generation VII

Sun and Moon

Move Type Cat. Location
Grass Pledge  Grass  Special Hau'oli City
Fire Pledge  Fire  Special Hau'oli City
Water Pledge  Water  Special Hau'oli City
Frenzy Plant  Grass  Special Hau'oli City
Blast Burn  Fire  Special Hau'oli City
Hydro Cannon  Water  Special Hau'oli City
Volt Tackle  Electric  Physical Konikoni City
Secret Sword  Fighting  Special Hano Grand Resort
Relic Song  Normal  Special Hano Grand Resort
Draco Meteor  Dragon  Special Seafolk Village
Dragon Ascent  Flying  Physical Seafolk Village

In other games

PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure

In PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure, Electabuzz and Primeape will teach the player Thunderbolt and Iron Tail, respectively. This will drastically enhance Pikachu's performance in battle. Though Electabuzz does not actually teach Pikachu how to use Thunderbolt, he does help strengthen its power.

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon

Main article: Hawlucha's Slam School

In Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, once the story arc of the game's Epilogue has been completed, Hawlucha's Slam School will gain the option to teach any connected Pokémon various moves in return for a large amount of Poké. The moves available include all moves taught by the Move Tutors in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Volt Tackle, and all moves known by one of the game's starter Pokémon (these moves can only be taught to Pokémon in the same evolutionary family as the starter that had them).

In the anime

In the anime, several characters comparable to Move Tutors have appeared. However, instead of directly teaching the move to a Pokémon, the "Move Tutors" in the anime usually tend to just show an example of the move they are teaching, and the Pokémon has to work hard in order to properly master it.

In All Things Bright and Beautifly!, a Pokémon Coordinator named Chaz offered to help Ash to teach his Pikachu Iron Tail in preparation for his Rustboro Gym battle with Roxanne, demonstrating the move with his Sentret. Although Pikachu started learning the move in the same episode, it took him all the way to The Winner By a Nosepass, during the Gym battle with Roxanne, to perfect the move.

In Pokéblock, Stock, and Berry, while Ash was having trouble of teaching his Swellow Aerial Ace, a man named "Vladimir the Attacker" offered to teach Ash how to use the move properly, using his Pidgeotto's Aerial Ace as a demonstration. Swellow managed to master the move in the next episode.

In Journey to the Unown!, after seeing Kenny's Breloom's Energy Ball, Ash asked Kenny to help his Turtwig to learn the same move. Kenny eventually agreed to teach Energy Ball to Turtwig, and, after many fails, the move was finally perfected in Riding the Winds of Change!. According to Kenny, learning the move would've been easier if Turtwig had known Bullet Seed, since the two attacks require the same kind of focusing of power.

In Crossing the Battle Line!, Reggie and his Staraptor helped Ash's Staravia to learn Brave Bird. The move was perfected by the time of Ash's Veilstone Gym battle with Maylene in the next episode.

In A Meteoric Rise to Excellence!, Ash and his friends met an old woman named Wilma, who was teaching an Altaria to use Draco Meteor. She explained that Trainers leave their Dragon-types under her care so they can learn Draco Meteor, and Altaria was one of the Pokémon she was teaching at the time.

In Short and To the Punch!, Clayton and his Mr. Mime helped Ash's Buizel learn Ice Punch by practicing on a waterfall.

In the manga

Ultima's bracelets and Zinnia's scroll in Pokémon Adventures

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

During the FireRed & LeafGreen chapter, an old woman named Ultima offered to teach Red's Saur and Blue's Charizard the "ultimate moves" of their respective types. For the training, the two Trainers received special bracelets, which would only remove themselves from their wrists once they had mastered their moves. After crossing three sets of tests on Two Island, Red and Blue mastered their respective ultimate moves: Frenzy Plant and Blast Burn. Ultima also later taught Hydro Cannon to Green's Blasty, by the girl's own request.

Later, off-panel, Gold and Crystal also managed to master the ultimate moves with their respective starter Pokémon: Exbo and Megaree. During the Emerald chapter, Silver, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald were each given one of Ultima's bracelets, allowing their respective starters, Feraligatr, Mumu, Chic, and Sceptile, to learn the ultimate moves as well. Using these skills (combined with Pika, Chuchu, and Pibu's Volt Tackle), the Pokédex holders were able to destroy the giant Kyogre-like monster summoned by Guile Hideout's wish to Jirachi.

Emerald visited a Move Tutor off-panel before Verily Vanquishing Vileplume II, where he was shown to have taught his Dusclops Fire Punch with the Battle Points he had earned in preparation for his Battle Dome challenge, where the move proved its usefulness by easily taking out Aroma Lady Rose's Vileplume.

In Fight in a Cold Climate, Black and Cheren visited the Move Tutor in Driftveil City and taught their Pignite and Snivy Fire Pledge and Grass Pledge, respectively. They later used these combination attacks to defeat a pair of Team Plasma Grunts and their Beartic at the Cold Storage.

In PAORAS09, Ruby stole a special Draconid scroll from Zinnia, which Ultima later revealed to contain the essence of a move called Dragon Ascent. She explained that the scroll works in a similar way to her bracelets, making them both sort of primitive TMs. Ruby later used the scroll to teach Dragon Ascent to Rayquaza.


In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 技能教學者 Jìnéng Jiàoxué Zhě
France Flag.png French Donneur de Capacités
Maître des Capacités
Germany Flag.png German Attacken-Lehrer
Italy Flag.png Italian Insegnamosse
South Korea Flag.png Korean 기술 가르침 Gisul Gareuchim
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Tutor de Movimentos
Spain Flag.png Spanish Tutor de Movimientos
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Ngôi nhà dạy chiêu thức

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