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Royal Avenue ロイヤルアベニュー
Royal Avenue
"The holy ground for Battle Royal enthusiasts."
Royal Avenue SM.png
Map description
A major street that has developed so much thanks to the Battle Royal Dome being on it, making it look like a city street.
Required for navigation
Connecting locations
Route 7
Route 6
Royal Avenue

Alola Royal Avenue Map.png
Location of Royal Avenue in Alola.
Pokémon world routes

Royal Avenue (Japanese: ロイヤルアベニュー Royal Avenue) is a street built around the Battle Royal Dome situated on Akala Island in Alola, connecting to Route 6 on its western end and to Route 7 on its northeastern end.

Places of interest

Thrifty Megamart

Thrifty Megamart redirects here. For the store's original, abandoned site, see Thrifty Megamart (Abandoned Site).

If the player has a discount coupon (given when the player enters the store), they will be refunded half of the total price instantly when shopping here. As the price of all items is already halved, the player will not be refunded any money if a Roto Bargain is in effect.

Center-left checkout
Center-right checkout

Right checkout in  S  M 
Right checkout in  US  UM 

The man at the leftmost counter will dismiss the player until they become Champion. If the player is Champion, the man will recognize their talent and introduce himself as Kagetora, a retired Trainer who used to be one of the Eevee users. He will ask the player to find and defeat the other Eevee users. After completing that task, Kagetora himself will battle the player, and if the player wins he will reward them with Eevium Z.

Pokémon Fan Club

Next door to the Malasada Shop, the Pokémon Fan Club building can be visited. If the player has a Pokémon with high friendship, the Pokémon Fan Club Chairman will offer them a heart-themed background to be used in photo shoots in the Alola Photo Club.

Malasada shop

Main article: Malasada

The left attendant sells Sour Malasada for $200 and Dry Malasada for $200, which is immediately fed to a Pokémon and increases its Affection. The right attendant sells the Bag item Big Malasada for $350.

Right attendant

Poké Mart

Left cashier
Right cashier


Item Location Games
Pecha Berry Pecha Berry Held by Babo, a Barboach the player can receive in a trade  US  UM 
Ultra Ball Ultra Ball In the northwest corner, down the small path  S  M  US  UM 
Soda Pop Soda Pop In the southeast corner, southwest of the Punks (hidden)  S  M  US  UM 
HP Up HP Up In the area behind the Thrifty Megamart  S  M  US  UM 
Lemonade Lemonade From the Youngster's Drifloon in the Thrifty Megamart  S  M  US  UM 
TM Psychic VI TM44 (Rest) From the person disguised as a Hypno in the Thrifty Megamart, if the player gives him $1,000  S  M  US  UM 
Pink Nectar Pink Nectar ×2 From the southeast and northwest sparkling pink flower bushes in the gardenDay (daily)  S  M  US  UM 
Dawn Stone Dawn Stone From Youngster Kenway for defeating him  US  UM 
Rare Candy Rare Candy Among the construction materials east of the Malasada Shop (hidden)  S  M 
Rare Candy Rare Candy South of the well (hidden)  US  UM 
Big Malasada Big Malasada From Mala in the Malasada Shop in exchange for a Moomoo Milk  US  UM 
Iron Iron If the player has a Protein in their Bag, from a man in the well in front of the Malasada Shop if the player admits the Protein belonged to them  US  UM 
Power Belt Power Belt From the Black Belt with Tigrudo the Incineroar if the player has TM62 (Acrobatics)  US  UM 
TM Fighting VI TM08 (Bulk Up) After helping the Incineroar Black Belt; from a Black Belt with Macho 'Mon the Machamp in exchange for a Coba Berry  US  UM 
Eevium Z Eevium Z From Kagetora in the Thrifty Megamart after defeating all of the other Eevee users and Kagetora himself, after becoming Champion  S  M  US  UM 

Pokémon Center Café

Main article: Pokémon Center Café

At the Pokémon Center Café, the owner will give the player two gifts the first time they buy a drink each day: an item and a dozen Poké Beans.

He will also give the player a Rare Candy if they have fed certain amounts of Poké Beans to their Pokémon.

Free sample

In the Thrifty Megamart, a shopkeeper will give the player a free sample of a Berry each day. The Berry he gives cycles in the order shown in the list below, depending only on the last Berry he gave the player. That is, if one day the player receives a Tamato Berry, then regardless of whether the player next talks to him tomorrow, the day after, or even later, the shopkeeper will give them a Rawst Berry.

Item Location Games
Rawst Berry Rawst Berry From shopkeeper (daily)  S  M  US  UM 
Oran Berry Oran Berry From shopkeeper (daily)  S  M  US  UM 
Bluk Berry Bluk Berry From shopkeeper (daily)  S  M  US  UM 
Sitrus Berry Sitrus Berry From shopkeeper (daily)  S  M  US  UM 
Mago Berry Mago Berry From shopkeeper (daily)  S  M  US  UM 
Pinap Berry Pinap Berry From shopkeeper (daily)  S  M  US  UM 
Tamato Berry Tamato Berry From shopkeeper (daily)  S  M  US  UM 

Zygarde Cube

Item Location Games
Key Zygarde Cell Sprite.png Zygarde Cell In the empty parking spot in the Thrifty Megamart parking lotDay  S  M 
Key Zygarde Cell Sprite.png Zygarde Cell In the corner northwest of the ring of flower bushesNight  S  M 

Totem Stickers

Item Location Games
USUM Totem Sticker art.png Totem Sticker On the back of the bench southeast of the flower garden  US  UM 
USUM Totem Sticker art.png Totem Sticker On the left side of the light by Route 7, behind the Thrifty Megamart  US  UM 


Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

A Cook in the Pokémon Center offers to trade the player a Barboach named Babo.

  Pokémon     Allies     Games     Location     Levels     Rate  
Special Pokémon
Barboach Barboach
072 Trade
21 One
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.


Pokémon Sun and Moon

Pokémon Sun

In Pokémon Sun, after passing Olivia's grand trial and visiting Kiawe in his house in Paniola Town during the night, he will briefly battle the player near the Thrifty Megamart.


Trainer Pokémon
After defeating the other Eevee users
Eevee User Kagetora
Eevee User Kagetora
カゲトラ Kagetora
Reward: $5,016
Eevee Eevee Lv.57
No item

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Trainer Pokémon
After defeating Meredith at Melemele Meadow
Actor Meredith
Actor Meredith
ヒバリ Hibari
Reward: $720
Oricorio Oricorio
Pa'u Style
No item
After travelling to Ultra Megalopolis
Youngster Kenway
Youngster Kenway
ケイタ Keita
Reward: $960
Lycanroc Lycanroc
Midday Form
No item


Trainer Pokémon
After defeating the other Eevee users
Eevee User Kagetora
Eevee User Kagetora
カゲトラ Kagetora
Reward: $5,016
Eevee Eevee Lv.57
No item

Pokémon Ultra Sun

In Pokémon Ultra Sun, after becoming Champion and visiting Kiawe in his house in Paniola Town during the night, he will briefly battle the player near the Thrifty Megamart.



Battle Royal SM Concept Art.png Thrifty Megamart SM Concept Art.jpg
Concept art from Sun and Moon Thrifty Megamart concept art from Sun and Moon

In the anime

Royal Avenue in the anime

Royal Avenue debuted in Pushing the Fiery Envelope! as the location of the Battle Royal Dome. It reappeared in A Young Royal Flame Ignites! and Helping the Hometown Hero!, serving the same role.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 皇家大道 Wòhnggā Daaihdouh
Mandarin 皇家大道 Huángjiā Dàdào
France Flag.png French Rue du Dôme Royal
Germany Flag.png German Avenue Royale
Italy Flag.png Italian Viale Royale
South Korea Flag.png Korean 로열 애버뉴 Royal Avenue
Spain Flag.png Spanish Avenida Royale

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