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A Bottle Cap (Japanese: おうかん Bottle Cap) is an item collected by Mr. Hyper, the man who conducts Hyper Training. Mr. Hyper takes Bottle Caps as payment for his Hyper Training services.

List of Bottle Caps


This is the artwork of the Bottle Caps on the Pokémon Global Link:

Dream Bottle Cap Sprite.png Dream Gold Bottle Cap Sprite.png
Bottle Cap Gold Bottle Cap


  • The Japanese name of おうかん ōkan can mean "crown" or "bottle cap". The Korean and Chinese translations retain the "crown" meaning despite having different words for "bottle cap".

In other languages

Bottle Cap

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 銀色王冠 Ngàhnsīk Wòhnggūn
Mandarin 銀色王冠 / 银色王冠 Yínsè Wángguān
France Flag.png French Capsule d'Argent
Germany Flag.png German Silberkronkorken
Italy Flag.png Italian Tappo d'argento
South Korea Flag.png Korean 은왕관 Eun Wanggwan
Russia Flag.png Russian Колпачок от бутыль Kolpachok ot Butyl'
Spain Flag.png Spanish Chapa Plateada

Gold Bottle Cap

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 金色王冠 Gāmsīk Wòhnggūn
Mandarin 金色王冠 Jīnsè Wángguān
France Flag.png French Capsule d'Or
Germany Flag.png German Goldkronkorken
Italy Flag.png Italian Tappo d'oro
South Korea Flag.png Korean 금왕관 Geum Wanggwan
Spain Flag.png Spanish Chapa Dorada

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