Timer Ball

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Timer Ball
Timer Ball
Timer Ball
Timer Ball
Artwork from Pokémon Global Link
Introduced in Generation III
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The Timer Ball (Japanese: タイマーボール Timer Ball) is a type of Poké Ball introduced in Generation III. It can be used to catch a wild Pokémon, being more likely to succeed the longer it has been since the start of the battle. It was developed by the Devon Corporation.

In the core series games


Games Cost Sell price
PokémonDollar.png1000 PokémonDollar.png500


Manual activation

When used from the Bag in a wild encounter, it attempts to catch the wild Pokémon. It has a catch rate modifier that increases with the number of turns that have passed in the encounter (so this counter is 0 on the first turn), calculated as follows:

From Generation III to IV:

From Generation V onward:

If used on an Ultra Beast, the catch rate modifier is instead always set to 0.1×.

The Timer Ball cannot be used in situations in which Poké Balls cannot be used, such as in wild battles with two or more opponents currently present or against a trial Pokémon. If used in a Trainer battle (except if used as a Snag Ball on a Shadow Pokémon), the opposing Trainer will deflect it, wasting the ball. If used on the ghost Marowak, it will dodge it, wasting the ball.

Held item

Fling fails if the user is holding a Timer Ball.


Games Description
RSE More effective as more turns are taken in battle.
FRLG A somewhat different Ball that becomes progressively better the more turns there are in a battle.
Colo.XD A Ball that gains power in battles taking many turns.
A somewhat different Ball that becomes progressively better the more turns there are in a battle.
A somewhat different Poké Ball that becomes progressively more effective the more turns that are taken in battle.
SwSh A somewhat different Poké Ball that becomes progressively more effective at catching Pokémon the more turns that are taken in battle.


Games Finite methods Repeatable methods
RSE Trick House (Second Puzzle) Rustboro Poké Mart (after receiving a Repeat Ball from the Devon Employee on Route 116)
FRLG Two Island vendor (after upgrading the Network Machine with the Ruby and Sapphire)
Colo. The Under Subway Outskirt Stand (after Duking's first email)
XD Citadark Isle
Realgam Tower (Battle CD 27, and 28 completion prizes)
Outskirt Stand
DPPt Route 207Pt Celestic, Canalave, Snowpoint, and Pokémon League Poké Marts
Pokémon News Press
HGSS Goldenrod Department Store lottery (second prize)Sa
PW Sinnoh Field (2500+ steps)
BW Castelia City, Chargestone Cave, Icirrus City, Challenger's Cave Opelucid and Pokémon League Poké Marts; Shopping Mall Nine
B2W2 Route 12, Castelia City, Striaton City Opelucid, Victory Road, and Icirrus Poké Marts; Shopping Mall Nine
XY Routes 19 and 17; Geosenge Town, Poké Ball Factory Coumarine, Snowbelle, and Lumiose (South Boulevard) Poké Marts; Poké Ball Boutique
ORAS Rustboro Poké Mart (after speaking to scientist on Route 116)
Route 119 (20% chance after a rematch with Pokémon Ranger Catherine and Pokémon Ranger Jackson)
PMC Mine Cart Adventure (all levels)
SMUSUM Blush Mountain Paniola Poké Mart, Thrifty Megamart
Festival Plaza (Ball Shop)MUM
SwSh All Watt Traders (50 W)
Hammerlocke Poké Mart (Southern Pokémon Center)
Wyndon Stadium
SwShIoA Cram-o-matic (White Apricorn)


Artwork by
Ken Sugimori


Timer Ball III.png Timer Ball summary Colo.png Timer Ball summary XD.png Timer Ball summary IV.png
In-battle and
Summary sprite from
Generation III
Summary sprite from
Summary sprite from
XD: Gale of Darkness
Summary sprite from
Generations IV and V
Timer Ball battle IV.png Timer Ball summary PBR.png Timer Ball battle V.png
In-battle sprite in
Generation IV
Summary sprite from
Battle Revolution
In-battle sprite in
Generation V


Timer Ball battle 3DS.png Timer Ball VIII.png
In-battle model from
X, Y, Omega Ruby,
Alpha Sapphire
, Sun, Moon,
Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon
Model from
Generation VIII

In the anime

A Timer Ball in the anime

A Timer Ball appeared in Which One ~ Is It?, a Japanese ending theme from Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl.

In the manga

A Timer Ball in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Emerald chapter

A Timer Ball first appeared in A Sketchy Smattering of Smeargle and Skirting Around Surskit I, where Emerald tried to use one to catch Jirachi. However, Guile Hideout, seeking to catch Jirachi for himself, used his sword to slice the Ball in two before it could hit its target.

More of Emerald's Timer Balls were seen in Sneaky Like Shedinja II, The Final Battle III, and The Final Battle V.

In the TCG

Timer Ball
Main article: Timer Ball (Sun & Moon 134)

The Timer Ball, first found in Collection Sun, allows the player to flip two Coins, search for an Evolution Pokémon for each heads gotten from their Deck, reveal them to the other player, and add them to their hand.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 計時球 Gaisìh Kàuh
Mandarin 計時球 / 计时球 Jìshí Qiú
France Flag.png French Chrono Ball
Germany Flag.png German Timerball
Italy Flag.png Italian Timer Ball
South Korea Flag.png Korean 타이마볼 Timer Ball
Portuguese Brazil Flag.png Brazil Bola Tempo
Portugal Flag.png Portugal Bola Tempo
Russia Flag.png Russian Хроно-Болл Khrono-Boll
Spain Flag.png Spanish Turno Ball
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Bóng Time

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