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ビワ Biwa
Scarlet Violet Eri.png
Artwork from Violet
Gender Female
Hometown Unknown
Region Paldea
Trainer class Team Star
Generation IX
Games Scarlet and Violet
Specializes in Fighting types
Member of Team Star
Rank Boss, Caph Squad

Eri (Japanese: ビワ Biwa) is the boss of Team Star's Fighting crew, the Caph Squad. She specializes in Fighting-type Pokémon.

In the core series

Eri is the mentor and a sort of mother figure of Team Star. When Team Star was created one year and a half prior to the beginning of the player character's journey, she helped the other bosses train their Pokémon and acted as a mediator when arguments broke out. Eri is an athlete, and her diligence and experience with personal discipline helps her to lead Team Star's training regimen. She is willing to fight and risk her safety in order to protect her friends.[1] On the outside Eri appears aggressive and hardcore, but deep down she means no harm.

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The reason why she joined the team in the first place is due to the other students at Naranja AcademyS/Uva AcademyV choosing Eri as the target of their harassment and bullying due to their jealousy after she had become the new class queen; Eri was deemed by her peers as a great Trainer, very athletic, and pretty. Despite the cruel nature of the bullies, Eri shows her soft side by befriending the instigator of the rumors, Carmen. Carmen was the former queen of the class and started the rumors to reinstate her position, but was instead targeted next by the bullies. Eri helped Carmen by explaining her empathy as a former victim of bullying and inviting Carmen to join Team Star as a grunt. As a result, Carmen began to appreciate Eri's kind nature and accepted Eri's invitation.

Atticus gave Eri the title, the great Infernal Eri, in a flashback, and Carmen calls her Riri as a nickname.

When Eri is first encountered guarding the entrance to the Caph Squad's Base, she wants to fight the player character herself, but has to be convinced by Carmen to defend the squad from the inside. After being defeated, Eri admits she felt she could take on anything, no matter her mood, and says that looking at her own badge makes her feel strong.

Eri awards the player with Team Star's Fighting Badge and TM167 (Close Combat) upon her defeat. Additionally, her defeat allows the player to craft the following TMs using the TM Machine:

# Move Type Cat.
063 Psychic Fangs Psychic Physical
087 Taunt Dark Status
088 Swords Dance Normal Status
089 Body Press Fighting Physical
100 Dragon Dance Dragon Status
103 Substitute Normal Status
109 Trick Psychic Status
110 Liquidation Water Physical
119 Energy Ball Grass Special
125 Flamethrower Fire Special
126 Thunderbolt Electric Special
127 Play Rough Fairy Physical
133 Earth Power Ground Special
135 Ice Beam Ice Special
147 Wild Charge Electric Physical
148 Sludge Bomb Poison Special
151 Phantom Force Ghost Physical
167 Close Combat Fighting Physical


Eri keeps her Pokémon in Heal Balls.

First battle




Language Name Origin
Japanese ビワ Biwa From 枇杷 biwa (loquat)
English Eri From Eriobotrya japonica (scientific name of loquat)
German Rioba From Eriobotrya japonica (scientific name of loquat)
Spanish Erin From Eriobotrya japonica (scientific name of loquat)
French Nèflie From néflier du Japon (loquat)
Italian Nespera From nespolo del Giappone (loquat)
Korean 비파 Bipa From 비파 (枇杷) bipa (loquat)
Chinese (Mandarin) 枇琶 Pípá From 枇杷 pípá / pèihpàh (loquat)
Chinese (Cantonese) 枇琶 Pèihpàh


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Lower members: Team Star Grunts

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