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One-hit knockout moves (Japanese: 一撃必殺わざ one-hit knockout move), commonly abbreviated as one-hit KO moves or OHKO moves, are moves whose effect is to immediately drop the target's HP to zero. When such a move successfully hits, the game will display the message "It's a one-hit KO!" (or simply "One-hit KO!" in Generation I).

All OHKO moves have a base PP of 5. In Generation I, their accuracy was a constant 30%, but they would automatically fail if the user's Speed stat was lower than the target's. In later generations, they instead automatically fail if the target is of a higher level than the user, and their accuracy starts at 30% and increases for each level the user is above the target.

The accuracy of OHKO moves are fixed to the above formula, and will not be affected by Accuracy or Evasion stats. For example, holding a Wide Lens will not make OHKO moves any more likely to hit, and using Double Team will not make them any less likely to hit. However, effects such as that of the Ability No Guard, the item X Accuracy in Generation II or earlier, or the move Lock-On will allow OHKO moves to always hit.

If a OHKO move becomes a Z-Move, it will have a power of 180.

A Pokémon with the Ability Sturdy will be unaffected by OHKO moves, unless that Ability is negated (such as through Mold Breaker or Gastro Acid). A Pokémon with Wonder Guard is also immune unless it is weak to the type of the OHKO move. At full HP, a Pokémon holding a Focus Sash will instead be reduced to 1 HP by any OHKO move.

In the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series of games, OHKO moves can hit regardless of level, although they are very prone to missing as always. When one hits, the game states that the target fainted through "calamitous damage" (changed to the standard "It's a one-hit KO!" in Gates to Infinity). However, they actually do 9999 damage, which can be seen when the attacks are reflected by IQ skills such as Counter Hitter if the Pokémon is revived by a Reviver Seed.

List of moves

Fissure Guillotine
Fissure VI.png Guillotine VI.png
Ground Normal
Horn Drill Sheer Cold
Horn Drill VI.png Sheer Cold.png
Normal Ice


  • These moves are often combined with Lock-On or Mind Reader to ensure it hits. Articuno can learn Mind Reader and Sheer Cold; in Generation II, Poliwrath can have Fissure and Mind Reader if it is taught Fissure in a Generation I game and traded over; and Smeargle can have any combination of the two types of move using Sketch.
  • Lapras can learn the most one-hit KO moves of any Pokémon (excluding Smeargle), being able to learn Sheer Cold, Fissure, and Horn Drill.
  • All one-hit KO moves are normally ineffective against a type of Pokémon. Fissure cannot affect Flying-type Pokémon, Guillotine and Horn Drill cannot affect Ghost-type Pokémon, and Sheer Cold cannot affect Ice-type Pokémon (as of Generation VII). Of these, only Sheer Cold's ineffectiveness is not based on a type immunity, and thus cannot be bypassed (e.g. with a move like Gravity or Foresight). Sheer Cold is also the only one-hit KO move where this ineffectiveness did not exist until after its debut generation.
  • In Generation VII, Sheer Cold is the only one-hit KO move that says the accuracy will be lower for any non-ice type Pokémon who uses the move.

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