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Basic Info

Yo I'm Alec and this is my homepage. I been play the games since Blue was brand spanking new. My ultimate dream is to create a team of Pokémon based off of the various characters of LEGO's Bionicle characters (hence my user name.) More info to come!

Toa Teams

Toa Mata/Nuva Team

Toa Metru/Hordika Party

Toa Inika Party

Toa Mahri Party

Toa Hagah Party

Miscellaneous Toa Party

Toa Mangaia/First Toa Team Party

Mata Nui Villain Teams

Mata Nui Villains

Mata Nui Minions: Rahi

Mata Nui Minions: Bohrok

Mata Nui Minions: Bohrok-Kal

Mata Nui Minions: Rahkshi

Metru Nui Villain Team

Voya Nui Villain Teams

Piraka Team

Stuff I Have Added

Fixed a variety of small errors on all of the Pokemon pages, especially in the evolution boxes. Also, I have added bits of trivia I have come across when I find it (such as Alakazam being unable to learn any Sleep inducing moves, but still being able to learn Dream Eater.)