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The Blend Master with a group of onlookers

The Blend Master (Japanese: ブレンドめいじん Blend Master) is a non-player character in Pokémon Emerald.

After the player enters the Hall of Fame, he occasionally appears at a Berry Blender in the Lilycove Contest Hall for a whole day as a Pokémon News event, which is announced on Hoenn TV. He replaces Mister, the old man who the player blends with when blending with only a single NPC.

He is much more skilled at the Berry Blender than other NPCs, always scoring perfect hits, making it possible to achieve RPM as high as 160RPM. When the player uses a high-leveled Berry (#31-35), he will use Berries #25-30 of the same flavor as the player; for any other Berry, he will use Berries #31-35. As a result of his use of Berries with strong flavors and his proficiency at the Berry Blender, blending with him produces high-level Pokéblocks, but they also have high feel.

Comments of onlookers

  • LITTLE BOY (top-left):
  • GUY (top-center):
Wickedly fast!
  • TRAINER (top-right):
What an expert!
  • PROFESSOR (bottom-left):
Eyes that track the arrow with machinelike intensity...
A hand that taps the A button with clockwork-like precision...
Possessing these qualities makes the Blend Master truly great.
  • LADY (bottom-center):
The Blend Master's supposed to work on his skills deep in the mountains.
Sometimes, he comes to Lilycove to blend Berries all day long.
  • LITTLE GIRL (bottom-right):
When I blended with the Master, we made amazing Pokéblocks!

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Maitre Mixeur
Germany Flag.png German Mixmeister
Italy Flag.png Italian Maestro Mix
Spain Flag.png Spanish Licuólogo

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