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The Berry Blender (Japanese: きのみブレンダー Berry Blender) is a device found in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. It blends Berries to make Pokéblocks, a treat that raises a Pokémon's condition. To use it, a Pokéblock Case is required, as is a Berry and a person to blend with. It is located in Contest Halls.

In the games

A Berry Blender in Ruby and Sapphire

Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald

In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, there are two Berry Blenders in each of the four Contest Halls. One of the two Berry Blenders allows Berries to be blended with friends through a Game Link Cable. The other will have one or more non-player characters standing around it. They will blend Berries if there is no one else available.

In Pokémon Emerald, there are four Berry Blenders in the Contest Hall of Lilycove City; one allows Berries to be blended with friends while the other three have one to three NPCs. The Pokéblock produced is based on the Berry the Trainer uses. For example, a Cheri Berry which has a Spicy and Cool tag will produce a Spicy and Cool Pokéblock.

Also in Emerald, after entering the Hall of Fame, the Blend Master may appear here at random as a Pokémon News event. The Blend Master is a special NPC who is extremely proficient at the Berry Blender minigame and always uses rare Berries.


To make Pokéblocks, simply select a Berry and put it in the Berry Blender. To properly blend Berries, the A button must be pressed when the arrow attached to the disk in the center of the machine points to the station arrow controlled by the player. It is possible to press the button multiple times on the same lap of the blender, and all presses will be scored. One of three indicators will appear for each press, showing how well-timed the button press was:

Symbol RPM Change
RPM < 82.39 RPM ≥ 82.39
Berry Blender Perfect.png Perfect +21.09 +7.03
Berry Blender Good.png Good +14.06 ±0.00
Berry Blender Miss.png Miss -14.06 -14.06

When blending with default NPC characters, the RPM changes for each button press are divided by the number of characters at the blender. For example, in a 4-player blend with 3 NPCs, a Perfect hit at low speed will only increase the RPM by 5.27 (21.09 divided by 4). The blender will also gradually slow down on its own by 0.66 RPM per second even if no player is pressing any buttons, but can never slow to less than 7.03 RPM, no matter how long the wait between button presses, or how many presses result in a Miss.

The bar on the top of the blender shows how much progress is left before the blending session is finished. The number on the bottom shows the speed of the blender, in revolutions per minute.


Results of the blending

At the end of the blending, the results are displayed. The list of participants is displayed in order of quality hits. The order is as following: The one who scored the most red double circles wins. If the number of double circles is even, then the one with the most red single circles will win. If that number is even as well, then the one with the least blue crosses wins. The individual results are the number of hits each player obtained. The Berries used, the maximum speed, and the required time are factors in the resulting Pokéblock.

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the classic Berry Blenders in Contest Halls are non-functional, and a replica can be obtained as a decoration for Super-Secret Bases at the Contest Hall in Fallarbor Town. Pokéblocks are instead made using a portable Berry Blender that is part of the Pokéblock Kit.

Under the Make Pokéblocks section of the Pokéblock Kit, two to four Berries can be selected and put into the blender. Depending on the color and strength of the Berries, different Pokéblocks can be created.

In the anime

A Berry Blender in the anime

In the anime, Kelly's mother runs a Pokéblock shop in Lilycove City where customers can use Berry Blenders to make their own Pokéblocks. After meeting Kelly in Lilycove's Berry market in Pokéblock, Stock, and Berry, Ash and his friends stopped by the shop, where May and Brock learned how to produce Pokéblocks.

With Kelly's help, May was able to make some Pokéblocks for her Pokémon. However, only her Beautifly seemed to like them. Kelly encouraged May to keep on trying, remembering that her mother didn't share any of her recipes and that she discovered what ingredients her Grumpig likes all by herself after many attempts.

In this canon, Berries must be chopped before being blended. Additionally, Trainers blend Berries individually and each Berry Blender button has a different function which affects the consistency of the Pokéblock.

In the manga

A Berry Blender in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Ruby & Sapphire arc

In Tripped Up by Torkoal, Ruby decided to use the Slateport City Contest Hall's Berry Blender to make more Pokéblocks. He was helped by the regional Pokémon Fan Club Chairman, who unknowingly got Captain Stern and Dock to help out as well.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 樹果混合器 Syuhgwó Wahnhahphei
Mandarin 樹果混合器 / 树果混合器 Shùguǒ Hùnhéqì
Denmark Flag.png Danish Bærblender
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Besjesblender*
Finland Flag.png Finnish Tehosekoitin
France Flag.png French Mixeur à Baies
Germany Flag.png German Beerenmixer
Italy Flag.png Italian Mixer Bacche
South Korea Flag.png Korean 나무열매블렌더 Berry Blender
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Processador de Frutas
Spain Flag.png Spanish Licuabayas
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Bärmixer*
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Máy xay trái cây

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