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My Collection

This is the collection of Pokemon I have begun to gather over the last year or two. They've all been EV-trained and Nature and IV-chosen. Some have egg moves, some have very special moves, and some are just fine with what they could learn normally. I have a few shinies to my name, but I like the originals before I do the shinies, but not to say I hate shinies. ;) If there's anymore information you'd like to know about them (i.e. specific Natures), feel free to contact me via one of the methods on the right. They are organized by order of power, weakest to strongest, in the habitats set as of FireRed and LeafGreen. (Gen. IV Pokemon's habitats theorized.)

Grassland (27)

Forest (22)

Water's-edge (17)

Sea (09)

Cave (08)

Mountain (16)

Rough-terrain (09)

Urban (19)