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The name currently in use is a fan translation of the Japanese name.
Team Great Rocket
グレートロケット団 Great Rocket-dan
King Biruritchi.png
King Biruritchi
Leader Biruritchi
Region TCG Island, GR Island
Admins Morino, Catherine, Hiderō, Kanoko, Kamiya, Mami, Ishii, Yūta, Ichikawa, Miwa
Major targets All Clubs, the Pokémon Dome
Base locations GR Island (Team GR Castle)
Team Great Rocket's blimp

Team Great Rocket (Japanese: グレートロケット団 Great Rocket-dan, literally Great Rocket Gang), abbreviated Team GR (Japanese: GR団, GR-dan, literally GR Gang), are the villainous group of the Trading Card Game Islands, who attempt to steal the Legendary Cards of the Grand Masters in Pokémon Trading Card Game 2: The Invasion of Team GR!. Led by Biruritchi, they take over TCG Island and kidnap several of the Club Masters.

Certain Team Great Rocket executives wear long, hooded cloaks with masks. The masks cover the entire face and feature the symbol of any one of the then-current seven TCG types. Four of these executives, later appear unmasked at the fortress corresponding to their mask. The fifth one, GR5, however, appears to only operate the blimp that travels from TCG Island to GR Island. Another one of their members is Ronald, the Rival from the original Pokémon Trading Card Game, who goes undercover as GRX to gather intel on decks of key members of the group, which are then leaked to the player.

Members by location

GR Grass Fort

Name Deck Rules/Restrictions
Leader Morino Mad Petals Deck Grass Pokémon are immune to Special Conditions.
Midori Bug Collecting Deck None
Yūta (a.k.a GR1) Demonic Forest Deck None
Miyuki Sticky Poison Gas Deck Grass Energy Cards only.

GR Lightning Fort

Name Deck Rules/Restrictions
Leader Catherine Quick Attack Deck All Lightning Pokémon do 10 additional damage
(before applying Weakness and Resistance).
Renna Chain Lightning by Pikachu Deck The player's deck must have four Pikachu
(discounting Flying Pikachu and Surfing Pikachu).
Ichikawa (a.k.a GR3) This is the Power of Electricity Deck Lightning Energy Cards only.

GR Fire Fort

Name Deck Rules/Restrictions
Leader Hiderō Gaze Upon the Power of Fire! Deck Fire Pokémon's Weakness to Water is omitted.
Jes Complete Combustion Deck None
Yūki Fireball Deck Fire Energy Cards only.
Shōko Eevee Showdown Deck The player's deck must have four Eevee.

GR Water Fort

Name Deck Rules/Restrictions
Leader Kanoko Water Stream Deck The retreat cost of all Water Pokémon is decreased by one.
Miyajima Whirlpool Shower Deck Water Energy Cards only.
Senta Paralyzed! Paralyzed! Deck The player's deck must have four Magikarp.
Aira Bench Call Deck No more than three Benched Pokémon are allowed
at any time on either side.

GR Fighting Fort

Name Deck Rules/Restrictions
Leader Kamiya Running Wild Deck Resistance to Fighting is omitted.
Grace Full Strength Deck Fighting Energy Cards only.
Gōda Rock Blast! Deck The player's deck cannot have
Energy Removal or Super Energy Removal.

GR Psychic Stronghold

Name Deck Rules/Restrictions
Leader Mami Spirited Away Deck Discarded Energy cards are returned to the player's hand.
Kevin Superdestructive Power Deck Resistance to Psychic is -10 instead of -30.
Miwa (a.k.a GR4) Direct Hit Deck Psychic Energy Cards only.
Yōsuke Bad Dream Deck The player's deck must have at least six Gastly and Haunter.
(Dark Haunter cards do not count)
Ryōko Pokémon Power Deck The player's deck cannot have any Trainer Cards.

Colorless Altar

Name Deck Rules/Restrictions
Leader Ishii (a.k.a GR2) Eye of the Storm Deck The player's deck must have four
Rattata, Meowth, or any Dark Pokémon cards.
(Determined by him)
Nishijima Snorlax Guard Deck The player's deck must have four
Pidgey, Spearow, or Double Colorless Energy cards.
(Determined by him)
Samejima Sudden Growth Deck The player's deck must have four
Jigglypuff, Dratini, or Mysterious Fossils.
(Determined by him)

Team GR Castle

Name Deck Rules/Restrictions
Boss Biruritchi Burn Up! Deck
Smash It! Deck
Throw Out! Deck
Stop Breath! Deck
The player must win a best-two-out-of-three card match.
Kanzaki Bad Guys Deck The player's deck must have
the four Legendary Cards.
Rui Poison Mist Deck
Ultra Removal Deck
Psychic Battle Deck
Any Resistance is -10 instead of -30.
The retreat cost of all Pokémon is increased by one.
The Discard Pile can't be accessed.
(Only one rule active at the same time)

King: Biruritchi
Big Bosses: KanzakiRui
Fort Leaders: MorinoCatherineHiderō
GR Grass Fort Members: MidoriYūtaMiyukiMorino
GR Lightning Fort Members: RennaIchikawaCatherine
GR Fire Fort Members: JesYūkiShōkoHiderō
GR Water Fort Members: MiyajimaSentaAiraKanoko
GR Fighting Fort Members: GraceGōdaKamiya
GR Psychic Fort Members: KevinMiwaYōsukeRyōkoMami
Colorless Altar Members: NishijimaSamejimaIshii
Disguised members: GR1GR2GR3GR4GR5GRX

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