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PPW02 : Breathe In
Pokémon: Paldean Winds
PPW04 : Breathe Together
Take a Breath
Take a Breath
Web release
Japan November 22, 2023
United States November 22, 2023
English themes
Opening N/A
Japanese themes
Opening N/A
Ending N/A
Animation WIT Studio
Screenplay 佐藤慧介 Keisuke Satō
Storyboard 片桐崇 Takashi Katagiri
Assistant director 片桐崇 Takashi Katagiri
Animation directors 西原理奈子 Rinako Nishihara
うなばら海里 Kairi Unabara
常盤兼成 Kanenari Tokiwa
近藤綾 Aya Kondō
No additional credits are available at this time.

Take a Breath (Japanese: 息をつく Take a Breath) is the third episode of Pokémon: Paldean Winds. It was first released on the official Pokémon Japanese and English channels on November 22, 2023.

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.


With Ohara and Aliquis working hard on their assignment, Hohma is left wondering how he can catch up to them when he comes up with a great idea: creating a piece on the infamous Team Star!

Together with Quaxly, Hohma decides to get the inside scoop and infiltrate one of the group’s bases.


Hohma writes an article about Aliquis's streak of 3 losses in a row against Nemona for the journalism club. The club members decline the article as they don't want to focus on that part of the match. Another club member has an idea of doing an exclusive on Team Star, specifically the fighting crew: Caph Squad. The last member says that if they do get that article they will be the talk of the town.

Aliquis apologizes to Ohara about lashing out the other day. Ohara also states that she was out of line as well and the real person, or Pokémon, that Aliquis should apologize to is Fuecoco. Ohara and Aliquis discuss the project while Hohma is sitting by himself, lost in his thoughts. Aliquis mentions that maybe they should put someone else in the video. Hohma gets the idea to put Team Star in the video due to the journalism club's comments.

Hohma goes to the Caph Squad's Base, where he meets the Team Star member Carmen. Hohma lies that he want to join Team Star to get inside the base. While Carmen brings him inside and goes off to find Eri, she leaves Hohma on his own and orders him to stay where he is and not touch anything. Hohma sneaks into the tent that houses the Caph Starmobile. He takes photos of it, but gets busted by Eri.

Carmen gets angry at Hohma because he didn't have permission to go in there. Eri tells her to not get upset and introduces herself. Hohma, Hohma's Quaxly, Eri, and Eri's Annihilape begin training, which Hohma finds hard to keep up with. They begin with running and then move on to poses. A Green Plumage Squawkabilly flies into the tent and disturbs the Revavroom connected to the Starmobile, which causes it to become angry and confused.

In the meantime, Hohma falls to the ground in exhaustion. Suddenly Quaxly evolves into Quaxwell. Just as Hohma is about to speak, Revavroom's cry is heard from the tent and the Squawkabilly flees the tent in terror. The Starmobile goes out of control. Eri runs to help and feeds the Revavroom a Lum Berry which cures the its confusion. Carmen thanks Eri but tells her not to put herself in danger for their sake. Eri replies that they are the reason she can do her best.

Hohma leaves the base and deletes his footage of Team Star, as they are not bad people. Hohma is sad because he feels he is "still a total nobody". Quaxwell does a dance for Hohma to cheer him up. Hohma thanks it and remembers that it always had his back. He does not care anymore even if the journalism club president gives him an earful about not having a story.

Back at school, Aliquis states that Iono has not replied to their request of her being in the video. Hohma instead suggests that they make a cool video that she would want to be a part of, something that would go viral. Hohma suggests that they include people from all across Paldea, like the Gym Leaders and the Elite Four. Aliquis likes the idea of Ryme's rapping mixed with Ohara's concert band. Ohara reminds the both of them to not forget the director's request to showcase the school. Hohma says that the Treasure Hunt spans all of Paldea and suggests spotlighting how the Treaure Hunt connects everything together. They all suggest various ideas for the video and plan to start filming first thing the next day.

Major events





Hohma Caroline Spinola Hohma Marin ホーマ 麻鈴
Quaxly Tatsuki Kobe Kuwassu Tatsuki Kobe クワッス 光部 樹
Aliquis Paul Castro Jr. Aliquis Minako Kotobuki アリキス 寿 美菜子
Meowscarada Kei Shindō Masquernya Kei Shindō マスカーニャ 真堂 圭
Ohara Cat Protano Ohara Shion Wakayama オハラ 若山 詩音
Fuecoco Rikako Aikawa Hogator Rikako Aikawa ホゲータ 愛河里花子
Eri Emily Cramer Biwa Asami Seto ビワ 瀬戸麻沙美
Carmen Khaya Fraites Tanaka Mutsumi Tamura タナカ 田村睦心
Club Member A Khaya Fraites
Club Member B Rob Moreira
Club President James Brown Jr.
Pale Boy Paul Castro Jr.
Pale Girl Cat Protano
Tan Boy Rob Moreira



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PPW02 : Breathe In
Pokémon: Paldean Winds
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