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Pokémon Pinchers
ポケモンナッパーズ Pokémon Nappers
Pokémon Pinchers.png
Artwork of Pokémon Pinchers grunts
Leader Societea
Region Oblivia
Admins Blue Eyes, Red Eyes, Purple Eyes
Major targets Rasp Cavern, Wireless Tower, Old Mansion, Daybreak Ruins, Faldera Volcano, Canal Ruins, Mt. Sorbet, Oblivia Ruins, Mt. Layuda
Base locations Submarine, Sky Fortress
Anime debut Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs (Part 1)
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The Pokémon Pinchers (Japanese: ポケモンナッパーズ Pokémon Nappers) are a villainous team in Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs. They operate in the Oblivia region, and though they appear to be led by Red Eyes, Blue Eyes, and Purple Eyes, they are actually controlled by a secret society called the Societea.

In the games

The Pokémon Pinchers are first encountered as soon as the game begins, in the sky. They then take various Pokémon from Dolce Island and one admin, Blue Eyes, gets Raikou to destroy Oblivia's contact with the Ranger Union by hijacking the Wireless Tower on Renbow Island. Another admin, Red Eyes, destroys the Big Booker Bridge and trades Blue Eyes for the player's partner (Ben or Summer) in the Daybreak Ruins. Another admin, Purple Eyes, controls Steelhead, as do the group's leader and top executives.

In order to defeat them, the player must infiltrate their Sky Fortress, where the Societea is headquartered. After defeating the Societea executives, who use Crobat, Ditto, and Regigigas, the player must do battle with their leader's Mewtwo. However, when Mewtwo is captured, Purple Eyes suddenly appears and betrays the Societea, seizing control of Mewtwo using a special suit of armor. The player must capture Mewtwo again to defeat Purple Eyes and put an end to his schemes.

It is stated that originally, the Pinchers were just loosely associated mercenary groups around the world, and that it was the Societea that gathered these groups into a formal team and installed Purple Eyes as its leader. Throughout the game, the Pokémon Pinchers Grunts appear in Quests, sometimes even as the client.

In the anime

Pokémon Pinchers in the anime

The Pokémon Pinchers and Red Eyes appeared in a two-part special based on Guardian Signs.

Pokémon Ranger Ben and his recruited Staraptor stopped them from taking control of a Latios. Red Eyes quickly stepped in, shooting Ben down and he later washed up on Dolce Island.

After learning that the Pokémon Pinchers had previously kidnapped all of Dolce Island's Pokémon, Ben flew over to Rasp Cavern on Renbow Island to investigate further. The Pinchers made off with a Ranger Sign after using a Cranidos as a delay tactic. Red Eyes and his grunts were later stopped in their tracks by the arrival of a ferocious Raikou.

In the manga

Pokémon Pinchers in Pokémon Rangers: Guardian Signs manga

Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs

The Pokémon Pinchers appeared in the manga adaptation of Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ポケモンナッパーズ Pokémon Nappers From kidnappers
English Pokémon Pinchers From pinchers
French Poké Nappers Similar to Japanese name
German Pokénapper Similar to Japanese name
Italian Bricconieri di Pokémon From bricconeria (roguery)
Spanish, Portuguese Pokémon Nappers Same as Japanese name

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Boss: Societea
Administrators: Red EyesBlue EyesPurple Eyes
Locations: Wireless TowerSubmarineSky Fortress
Objects: Golden ArmorControl GauntletsZ.Z. Flyer
Other: Steelhead

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