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Neo Team Rocket
どちみち団 Neo Rocket-dan
Neo Team Rocket.png
Neo Team Rocket Grunts
Leader Masked Man
Region Johto
Admins Carl, Sham
Major targets Indigo Plateau, Ilex Forest
Base locations Mahogany Town

Neo Team Rocket is a term used to refer to the Masked Man's resurrection of Team Rocket in Pokémon Adventures. They served as the main antagonists of the Gold, Silver & Crystal arc.


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Neo Team Rocket first appeared in Sneasel Sneak Attack, where the Team Rocket Elite Trio stole Gold's backpack, thinking it was Joey's backpack, which contained Pokémon vital to Professor Elm's research. Upon realizing their mistake, they attacked Gold and Silver while they were battling. Silver was able to defeat them with his Totodile, forcing them to retreat.

In Into the Unown, the Elite Trio attacked Gold and Bugsy in an attempt to capture the Unown sleeping inside the ruins, but were once again defeated.

In Ursaring Major, some Neo Team Rocket Grunts were seen cutting of Slowpoke Tails at the Slowpoke Well, but they were swiftly defeated by Silver and his newly caught Ursaring. By the time Gold, Kurt, and Maizie arrived at the site, Silver had already left, leaving the defeated and tied-up Rocket Grunts for them to find.

In Piloswine Whine, Neo Team Rocket Executives Sham and Carl lead a group of Neo Team Rocket members in destroying Ecruteak City in search for information on Ho-Oh. While Gold and Silver battled them, Sham stated that they had collected all the information that they could, and Carl ordered their forces to retreat.

In Indubitably Ditto and Great Girafarig, the Team Rocket Elite Trio, under the orders of the Masked Man, attempted to capture Suicune, but were defeated by Eusine, even losing possession of the Clear Bell that the Masked Man had given to them to him.

During the climax of the Gold, Silver & Crystal arc, Neo Team Rocket assaulted Indigo Plateau during an exhibition tournament between Kanto and Johto's Gym Leaders, using a captured Magnet Train to have hordes of Grunts attack the Pokémon League stadium. However, this assault was proven to be a trap as all the Gym Leaders were then locked inside of and sent away aboard the Magnet Train, leaving Indigo Plateau practically undefended as the Masked Man then assaulted it with Ho-Oh and Lugia. He captured Kurt and stole a scroll from him that contained the instructions on creating the GS Ball, which the Masked Man required to achieve his ultimate goal of capturing Celebi. However, thanks to combined efforts of the Kanto and Johto Pokédex holders, he was eventually defeated in one final controntation in Ilex Forest, leading to Neo Team Rocket's downfall.

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  • The term "Neo Team Rocket" is also sometimes used by fans to refer to the reincarnated Team Rocket in Generations II and IV.

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