Fire and Rescue Grand Prix

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Captain Aidan and his Team Wartortle in the competition

The Fire and Rescue Grand Prix is an anime-exclusive competition for Water-type Pokémon held in Johto. It was featured in The Fire-ing Squad!.

A Pokémon Trainer needs a team of Water-type Pokémon to enter (though there have been exceptions, such as Muk and Pikachu). The competition tests a team of Pokémon's ability to work together as firefighters. The first round consists of a team of Pokémon working in concert to extinguish the flames burning in a house, while the second round requires the Pokémon to grab a flag after climbing a rope. The final round requires that the Pokémon rescue a dummy trapped within the house, then put the fire out.

The final round was between Team Wartortle and the Squirtle Squad. Thanks to support from Ash's Squirtle, the Squirtle Squad overcame their rivals.


Trainer Pokémon Team Place
Officer Jenny SquirtleSquirtle
Squirtle Squirtle
Squirtle Squad Winners
Captain Aidan WartortleWartortle
Team Wartortle Runners-up
Ash PikachuSquirtle
Pikachu, Squirtle, Staryu, and Psyduck N/A
Other Pokémon Teams

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Prix Feu et Secourisme
Germany Flag.png German Feuerwehr-Wettbewerb
Italy Flag.png Italian Il gran Premio dei Pompieri
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America Grand Prix de Fuego y Rescate
Spain Flag.png Spain Gran Premio de Incendio y Rescate

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