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Nurse Joy's PIA badge

The Pokémon Inspection Agency, or PIA for short, is an anime-exclusive agency that inspects Pokémon Gyms.


The Pokémon Inspection Agency is responsible for sending officials to inspect the Gyms of a region. These officials will check if the rules established by the Pokémon League are being followed and examine if the Gym provides Trainers with the challenge they need to become participants of a Pokémon League Conference. They may shut down Gyms which are not up to standard and they can also determine whether unofficial Gyms are worthy of becoming official.

Undercover Nurse Joy in Dark City

The agency first appeared in Showdown at Dark City as the organization that the Yas and Kaz Gyms attempted to impress in order to become an official Gym, nearly destroying Dark City in the process. Later, the agency turned them both down after discovering the gang wars they were involved in.

The agency reappeared in Cerulean Blues, where a TV report showed that they had recently shut down four Gyms in less than a month. One agent said that they would shut down any Gym that was "unsafe, unclean, or uncool". Upon hearing a rumor that the PIA was headed for the Cerulean Gym, Misty rushed back there as fast as she could, fearing that the PIA might beat her there. Later on in the episode, a Nurse Joy who was helping Misty calm a rampaging Gyarados down revealed herself as a PIA agent when she gave the Cerulean Gym a passing grade for its inspection.

Another Nurse Joy from the PIA appeared in DPS02. She was aware that Forrest was not the official Gym Leader of the Pewter Gym and demanded to see the true Gym Leader, Brock. She and Brock battled, but he lost to her. Because of this, she announced that she would shut down the Gym. The next day, Nurse Joy decided to give the Gym another chance. If Forrest battled her and he won, she would not shut down the Gym. She surprised everyone when she called upon her Latias, a Legendary Pokémon. Forrest put up a tough fight with his Rhyperior, but both ended up losing to Latias. Still, Nurse Joy was impressed by his skill and decided to name him as the official Gym Leader of Pewter City.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Académie Pokémon
Germany Flag.png German Pokémoninspektionsbehörde
Italy Flag.png Italian Agenzia d'Ispezione Pokémon
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Agência de Inspeção Pokémon
Spain Flag.png Spanish Agencia de inspección Pokémon

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