Pokémon Iceberg Race

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The setting of the competition
The racetrack

The Pokémon Iceberg Race (Japanese: ポケモン流氷レース Pokémon Drift Ice Race) is an annual, anime-exclusive event that takes place off the coast of Snowpoint City and consists of Pokémon racing against each other through water. The race was featured in The Sinnoh Iceberg Race!.


The race features a swim from the starting point around an iceberg and back to the start. Two lines of Chinchou mark the edges of the racetrack, while an Octillery gives the starting signal. Competitors are allowed to enter up to two Pokémon each.

Due to Team Rocket interfering with the race by attempting to catch all of the competing Pokémon, the race ended up being cancelled.

Known competitors

Trainer Place
Lauren N/A*
Masaya N/A*
Ash N/A
Goh N/A

Pokémon entered in the tournament


Ash Pikachu.png


Goh Mantyke.png


Lauren Piplup.png
Lauren Croagunk.png


Masaya Empoleon.png

Other competitors

Pokémon Iceberg Race Dewgong.png
Pokémon Iceberg Race Horsea.png
Pokémon Iceberg Race Finneon.png
Pokémon Iceberg Race Bibarel.png

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 寶可夢流冰競泳 Bǎokěmèng Liúbīng Jìngyǒng
Finland Flag.png Finnish Pokémon-jäävuorikilpa
Italy Flag.png Italian Maratona Pokémon tra gli iceberg
Poland Flag.png Polish Lodowcowy Wyścig Pokemonów
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Corrida do Iceberg Pokémon

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