Pokémon Summer Camp

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If you were looking for the Summer Academy in Sinnoh, see Pokémon Summer Academy.

Pokémon Summer Camp
ポケモン・サマーキャンプ Pokémon Summer Camp
Summer Camp.png
Pokémon Summer Camp
Region Kalos
Debut Summer of Discovery!

The Pokémon Summer Camp (Japanese: ポケモン・サマーキャンプ Pokémon Summer Camp) is an anime-exclusive summer school in Kalos that lasts for a week, located between Geosenge Town and Shalour City, past Reflection Cave. Ash, Clemont, Bonnie, and Serena attended here from Summer of Discovery! to Battling Into the Hall of Fame!. It is led by Professor Sycamore, who described the goal of the camp being as "to build an even deeper bond with your Pokémon through your interactions with other Trainers".

Other staff members include his assistants Sophie and Cosette, and the camp's custodian, Madame Catherine. Furthermore, there is a Nurse Joy who has set up a Pokémon Center specially for the Summer Camp, and Jessie, James and Meowth, who are hired by Madame Catherine and work as the camp's cooks and rescuers.

At arrival, students are given a cabin to stay in for the whole Summer Camp, and are put in a team. The teams participate in various activities to earn points, and at the end of the camp the team with the most points is inducted in the camp's hall of fame. For each activity the distribution of points is as follows: the winners get 10 points, second place gets 7 points, third place gets 3 points, and everything after that gets no points. The last night of the Summer Camp is celebrated with fireworks. Kalos League Champion Diantha participated in the Summer Camp when she was younger and managed to get into the hall of fame.


Pokémon Battle Tournament

Trainers getting ready to battle

During the first day of the camp, a one on one battle round is organized so the participants can be introduced to each others. No points are given out of this, so every Trainer can freely choose their respective opponent. All of the fifteen battles are held simultaneously on the beach in front of the main hall, and are refereed at least by Professor Sycamore and Cosette, who decide when the battle ends without any Pokémon fainting being a requirement, but rather when one Pokémon had been touched.

Here, Ash and Froakie challenged Tierno and Squirtle, Serena and Shauna fought against each other with Fennekin and Bulbasaur, and Clemont and Trevor had a match with their Chespin and Charmander. Ash lost to Tierno, and the outcomes of Serena's and Clemont's respective battles were not shown.

Fishing competition

Tierno, Bonnie and Ash participating

During the second day, the participants start competing as part of their teams. They engage in a fishing competition, where the awards are given depending on which team gets the bigger catches. Note that the Trainers do not keep the Pokémon they reel in.

In this event, Ash caught an Alomomola, Serena caught a Staryu, and Clemont got a Corphish, which put Team Froakie in third place. The victory was for Team Squirtle, as Trevor managed to reel in a Wailord, while Shauna and Tierno got a Tentacool and Magikarp, respectively.

  • Results:
    • 1st: Team Squirtle
    • 2nd: Team Chikorita
    • 3rd: Team Froakie (tie)
    • 3rd: Team Charmander (tie)

Pokévision competition

Team Froakie presenting their video

The event for the third day consists on making Pokévision videos. Sophie prepares tools for making Poké Puffs and grooming at the camp's main hall, so the Trainers can show off their Pokémon in their recordings. The teams are free to use the tools and scout for nearby places where to film, as well as take their time planning and editing, since they are given time until the evening to finish them. Then, the videos are screened at 9:00 PM and the results are determined by the contestants, who vote for teams that are not their own.

For this competition, Serena took her partners to their cabin, where she prepared the concept for their video; then, she and Bonnie went to the main hall with Shauna to bake Poké Puffs, while Ash helped Clemont to adjust his camera machine. The group reunited to find a location and do the filming, but Serena and Ash fell off a cliff at the forest so the siblings had to go back to the camp and look for help, where Sycamore arranged a rescue squad.

Afterwards, Team Froakie made it to the flower field they were looking, where they filmed Poké Puff themed video. Team Squirtle filmed on the beach, and made a video about themselves and their goals. Additionally, Team Charmander filmed a Water-type themed Pokévision on the sea, and Team Chikorita did a Flying-type themed video above a lake in the forest.

  • Results:
    • 1st: Team Froakie
    • 2nd: Team Chikorita
    • 3rd: Team Charmander

PokéEnteering competition

Students gathering at the starting point

A team on team orienteering is held on the fifth day, similar to Potpourri Island's Pokémon Orienteering. The teams compete by collecting stamps from seven checkpoints set up throughout a course, then head for the goal back at the camp. Sophie and Cosette are appointed two of the checkpoints so they can keep track of which teams are reaching each checkpoint first and which ones are leading overall. In order to testify the arriving of a team, one representative and their Pokémon need to reach and mark a map with a stamp pad that are located on each checkpoint, often in places that are difficult to reach.

During the beginning of the course, Team Froakie was quickly leading and managed to get first to checkpoint number one, followed close by Team Squirtle. Both teams retained these positions until they needed to head back at the camp; however, Bonnie, Pikachu and Dedenne became lost in the forest due to a fog and Bonnie spots an unknown Pokémon and follows it, so they all went looking for them. This considerably delayed them, so none of those teams earned any points at the end.

  • Results:
    • 1st: Team Chikorita
    • 2nd: Team Charmander
    • 3rd: Unknown team

Team Battle tournament

Trainers having a Team Battle

For the sixth day, a tournament is organized as the last event at the camp, consisting on having battles between the teams, as in a Triple Battle but with three Trainers per side instead of one, much like a Tag Battle as well. This battle format is called Team Battle and is not exclusive to the Summer Camp, as there are events on which more than three Trainers can team up. As opposed to the event for the fist day, all of the battles are held one at a time at the beach and are refereed by Professor Sycamore, with the other campers watching them from the stairs, serving as bleachers.

For the semi-finals, Team Froakie fought with Fennekin, Pikachu and Bunnelby, against an unknown team using Furfrou, Manectric and Fletchling. The finals were held during the evening, with a battle between Team Froakie and Team Squirtle, using Chespin, Pikachu and Fennekin, and Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, respectively. Both teams were already tied in their scores from the whole Summer Camp, so this battle decided the final outcome. No information about battles prior to the semi-finals was shown on-screen.

  • Results:
    • 1st: Team Froakie
    • 2nd: Team Squirtle
    • 3rd: Unknown team

Teams and students

The students and Sycamore preparing for an activity
Team Squirtle
Place Teams Points
1 Team Froakie
(Ash, Clemont, Bonnie, Serena)
2 Team Squirtle
(Tierno, Trevor, Shauna)
3 Team Chikorita 24
4 Team Charmander 13
5 Team Fennekin ?
6 Team Bulbasaur ?
7 Team Chespin 0
7 Team Torchic 0
7 Team Treecko 0
7 Team Mudkip 0

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 小精靈夏令營 Síujīnglìhng Hahlihngyìhng
Mandarin 神奇寶貝夏令營 Shénqí Bǎobèi Xiàlìngyíng *
宝可梦夏令营 Pokémon Xiàlìngyíng *
精灵宝可梦夏令营 Jīnglíng Pokémon Xiàlìngyíng *
Denmark Flag.png Danish Pokémon-sommerlejr
Finland Flag.png Finnish Pokémon-kesäleiri *
Italy Flag.png Italian Campo Estivo Pokémon
South Korea Flag.png Korean 포켓몬 서머캠프 Pokémon Summer Camp
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Pokémon-sommerleir
Poland Flag.png Polish Letni Obóz Pokémonów
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Colônia de Férias Pokémon
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Pokémon-sommarläger


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