Palace of Victory

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Palace of Victory
ウィナーズパレス Winners' Palace
Palace of Victory.png
Palace of Victory
Region Orange Archipelago
Debut Hello, Pummelo!

The Palace of Victory (Japanese: ウィナーズパレス Winners' Palace) is a large building where Pokémon Trainers who have defeated the Orange Crew Supreme Gym Leader in a Full Battle are honored. Its less formal title is the Orange League Hall of Fame. It is located on Pummelo Island, next to Pummelo Stadium.

Since the establishment of the Winner's Trophy, photos of the Trainers who have been victorious in the Orange League accompanied by their Pokémon are kept inside the building. There are also displays showing the handprints or footprints of the Trainers and their Pokémon. Lining the halls of the palace are statues of Dragonite, the guardian of the island.

Ash, Misty, and Tracey visited the Palace of Victory in Hello, Pummelo! and, in the following episode, Ash was officially inducted there after becoming an Honored Trainer* of the Orange League.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 勝利者皇宮 Singleihjé Wòhnggūng *
Mandarin 勝利者皇宮 / 胜利者皇宫 Shènglìzhě Huánggōng *
勝利宮殿 Shènglì Gōngdiàn *
优胜者杯大赛赛场 Yōushèngzhěbēi Dàsài Sàichǎng *
France Flag.png French Palais Victoire
Germany Flag.png German Siegeshalle
Italy Flag.png Italian Palazzo della Vittoria
Poland Flag.png Polish Pałac Zwycięstwa
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Palácio da Vitória
Spain Flag.png Spanish Palacio de la Victoria

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