Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition

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The setting for the competition

The Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition (Japanese: タッグバトル大会 Tag Battle Tournament) is an anime-exclusive tournament consisting of Tag Battles that is held in a large stadium in Hearthome City, Sinnoh. It is one of the city's biggest attractions, along with its Pokémon Contest and the fashion show promoted by the Poké Chic magazine.

The competition is broadcast on television and hosted by Enta. It was first mentioned in Dawn's Early Night! and it took place from Tag! We're It...! to Smells Like Team Spirit!. Ash and Brock decided to enter the tournament after learning about it from Nando, while Dawn was registered as per Zoey's suggestion following her failed Double Performance in the Hearthome Contest.

The Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition is notable for a number of important events, such as the group's first encounter with Conway and the release of Paul's Chimchar, something which allowed the Chimp Pokémon to join Ash's party. It was referenced in many later episodes as well, including Arriving in Style! and Dawn of a Royal Day!.


The Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition accepted 32 registrations. When registering for the tournament, each Trainer was given an entry card with a number on its front. During the opening ceremony, a computer shuffled all the cards, randomly pairing up two numbers and forming 16 different teams. After that, Trainers started looking for the person holding the card whose number was matched with the number on their card.

With the teams formed, the tournament began with the Tag Battles taking place one at a time. All battles were observed by a referee. The prize is two Soothe Bells, one for each winner.

Known participants

Ash holding the Soothe Bell he won
Trainers Place
Ash and Paul Winners
Dawn and Conway Runners-up
Brock and Holly Top 4
A Psychic and a Black Belt Top 8
A Scientist and Ace Trainer Top 16
Giant and unnamed Trainer Top 16

Pokémon used in competition


Ash Pikachu.png
Ash Turtwig.png
Ash Staravia.png
Ash Chimchar.png

After Chimchar was released by Paul in Glory Blaze!, he joined Ash's team and was used in the final battle.


Dawn Piplup.png
Dawn Pachirisu.png
Dawn Buneary.png
Dawn and Buizel.png


Brock Sudowoodo.png
Brock Croagunk.png


Paul Chimchar.png
Paul Torterra.png
Paul Electabuzz.png
Elekid → Electabuzz


Conway Slowking.png
Conway Aggron.png
Conway Heracross.png


Holly Wingull.png
Holly Nosepass.png
Holly Farfetch'd.png


Giant Koffing.png

Pokémon used by other Trainers

Hearthome Scyther.png
Ace Trainer Magmar.png
Hearthome Yanma.png
Hearthome Bagon.png
Scientist Rhydon.png
Hearthome Tauros Granbull.png
Hearthome Tauros Granbull.png
Hearthome Hitmonchan Furret.png
Hearthome Hitmonchan Furret.png
Psychic Metagross.png
Black Belt Zangoose.png

In other languages

Language Title
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Hearthome City Koppelgevecht Competitie
Finland Flag.png Finnish Hearthome Cityn Tag-ottelukilpailu
France Flag.png French Tournoi en double d'Unionpolis
Germany Flag.png German Herzhofen-Zweiermatch
Italy Flag.png Italian Torneo a doppi incontri di Cuoripoli
Poland Flag.png Polish Zawody Dwuwalk Miasta Hearthome
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Competição de Batalhas em Dupla da Cidade de Hearthome
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America Batalla Corazonada
Spain Flag.png Spain Combate Corazón
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Hearthome City parstridtävlingen

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