Marine Cup Tournament

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The competitors

The Marine Cup Tournament (Japanese: マリンカップトーナメント Marine Cup Tournament) is a competition in the anime that is held on a cruise ship traveling through the Decolore Islands. It is a 16-competitor tournament consisting of single Pokémon battles that was featured in Cilan and the Case of the Purrloin Witness!.

It was used by a criminal named Teaque to cover up a theft he committed. In the final round of the tournament, Teaque battled Ash and had his Galvantula temporally shut down the electricity on the cruise ship with Thunderbolt. No one accused Teaque of doing this, since it seemed like Galvantula's Thunderbolt just missed its target. With the electricity down, Teaque's Vanillite was able to steal Mrs. Ripple's "Eye of Liepard" jewel. Meanwhile, Ash defeated Teaque and won the tournament. Teaque was later unveiled as a thief and arrested.

Known competitors

Trainer Place
Ash Winner
Teaque Runner-up
Iris Top 16

Pokémon used in tournament

Ash Ketchum

Ash Pikachu.png


Iris Axew.png


Teaque Vanillite.png
Teaque Galvantula.png

Other competitors

Marine Cup Tournament Gurdurr.png
Eelektrik anime.png
Marine Cup Tournament Amoonguss.png

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Tournoi de la Coupe Marine
Germany Flag.png German Marine-Cup-Turnier
Italy Flag.png Italian Torneo Coppa Marina
Poland Flag.png Polish Turnieju Pucharu Morskiego
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Torneio da Copa Marinha
Spain Flag.png Spanish Torneo Copa Marina

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