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Ability variations are Abilities that are identical to each other in general, but are slightly different in some ways. For example, Moxie boosts the user's Attack if it knocks out an opposing Pokémon; Grim Neigh is mechanically the same but boosts Special Attack instead. Below are the various Ability archetypes and the Abilities that fall into their categories.

Ability archetypes are listed in alphabetical order. Within each archetype table, Abilities are listed by generation. Within each generation, Abilities are listed alphabetically.

In-battle variations

Variations of Adaptability

Powers up certain moves
Name Moves Power Multiplier Generation
Adaptability Moves with same-type attack bonus 1.33×* IV
Iron Fist Punching moves 1.2× IV
Reckless Moves that have recoil 1.2× IV
Technician Moves with a power of 60 or less 1.5× IV
Tinted Lens Moves that are not very effective IV
Mega Launcher Aura and pulse moves 1.5× VI
Strong Jaw Biting moves 1.5× VI
Tough Claws Moves involving contact 1.3× VI
Steelworker Steel-type moves 1.5× VII
Neuroforce Moves that are super effective 1.25× VII
Punk Rock Sound-based moves 1.3× VIII
Steely Spirit* Steel-type moves 1.5× VIII
Transistor Electric-type moves 1.3×* VIII
Dragon's Maw Dragon-type moves 1.5× VIII
Rocky Payload Rock-type moves 1.5× IX
Sharpness Slicing moves 1.5× IX

Variations of Air Lock

Negates weather effects
Name Generation
Air Lock III
Cloud Nine III

Variations of Arena Trap

Prevents the foe from escaping the battle
Name Foes unaffected Generation
Arena Trap Flying- and Ghost-type* Pokémon, levitating Pokémon, Pokémon affected by Magnet Rise, Telekinesis, or holding an Air Balloon III
Magnet Pull Non-Steel-type Pokémon, Ghost-type* Pokémon III
Shadow Tag Other Pokémon with Shadow Tag*, Ghost-type* Pokémon III

Variations of Aroma Veil

While active, user and teammates cannot be afflicted with certain effects
Name Status condition Generation
Aroma Veil Taunt, Torment, Encore, Disable, Infatuation VI
Flower Veil Lowered stats, Non-volatile status conditions VII
Pastel Veil Poison VIII
Sweet Veil Sleep VI

Variations of Battery

Powers up allies' moves by 30%
Name Damage category Generation
Battery Special moves VII
Power Spot All moves VIII

Variations of Battle Armor

Prevents being critically hit
Name Generation
Battle Armor III
Shell Armor III

Variations of Blaze

Powers up moves of a certain type when the Pokémon's HP is low
Name Type boosted Generation
Blaze Fire III
Overgrow Grass III
Swarm Bug III
Torrent Water III

Variations of Chlorophyll

Doubles speed in a weather effect
Name Weather effect Generation
Chlorophyll Harsh sunlight III
Swift Swim Rain III
Sand Rush Sandstorm V
Slush Rush Snow* VII

Variations of Clear Body

Prevents all stats from being lowered
Name Generation
Clear Body III
White Smoke III
Full Metal Body VII

Variations of Cute Charm

Contact moves may cause a status effect (30% chance)
Name Status condition Generation
Cute Charm Infatuation III
Effect Spore Poison, Paralysis, or Sleep* III
Flame Body Burn III
Poison Point Poison III
Static Paralysis III

Variations of Dark Aura

Boosts the power of a certain type of move by 33.3% for all Pokémon on the field
Name Type boosted Generation
Dark Aura Dark VI
Fairy Aura Fairy VI

Variations of Dauntless Shield

Raises a stat by one stage upon entry into battle
Name Stat boosted Generation
Dauntless Shield Defense VIII
Intrepid Sword Attack VIII

Variations of Dazzling

Prevents the opponents from using priority moves
Name Generation
Dazzling VII
Queenly Majesty VII
Armor Tail IX

Variations of Defiant

Boosts a stat sharply (2×) if any stat is lowered
Name Stat boosted Generation
Defiant Attack V
Competitive Special Attack VI

Variations of Drizzle

Activates a weather effect for five turns
Name Weather effect Generation
Drizzle Rain III
Drought Harsh sunlight III
Sand Stream Sandstorm III
Snow Warning Snow* IV
Sand Spit* Sandstorm VIII

Variations of Dry Skin

Reduces HP by ⅛ each turn in harsh sunlight
Name Additional effect Generation
Dry Skin Raises HP by ⅛ each turn in rain IV
Solar Power Raises Special Attack by 50% in harsh sunlight IV

Variations of Electric Surge

Creates the effect of a terrain altering move on the battlefield
Name Terrain Alterator Generation
Electric Surge Electric Terrain VII
Psychic Surge Psychic Terrain VII
Grassy Surge Grassy Terrain VII
Misty Surge Misty Terrain VII

Variations of Electromorphosis

When the Pokémon is hit by a move, it becomes charged
Name Moves Generation
Electromorphosis All moves IX
Wind Power Wind moves IX

Variations of Emergency Exit

Switches out at 50% or less HP
Name Generation
Emergency Exit VII
Wimp Out VII

Variations of Filter

Lowers damage taken by super-effective moves to ¾ of the usual bonus
Name Generation
Filter IV
Solid Rock IV
Prism Armor VII

Variations of Gooey

Drops an attacker's Speed on contact
Name Generation
Gooey VI
Tangling Hair VII

Variations of Guts

Boosts a stat by 50% when affected with a status condition
Name Stat boosted Status condition Generation
Guts Attack* Any, excluding Freeze III
Marvel Scale Defense Any III
Quick Feet Speed* Any IV
Flare Boost Special Attack Burn V
Toxic Boost Attack Poison V

Variations of Hadron Engine

Summons the following effect on the battlefield and boosts the Pokémon's stat
Name Effect Stat Generation
Hadron Engine Electric Terrain Special Attack IX
Orichalcum Pulse Harsh sunlight Attack IX

Variations of Heavy Metal

Alters the Pokémon's weight
Name Alteration Generation
Heavy Metal Doubles V
Light Metal Halves V

Variations of Huge Power

Doubles a stat
Name Stat Generation
Huge Power Attack III
Pure Power Attack III
Fur Coat Defense VI
Ice Scales Special Defense VIII

Variations of Immunity

Prevents a certain status condition from occurring, user is cured of status condition upon acquiring ability
Name Status condition Generation
Immunity Poison III
Inner Focus* Flinch III
Insomnia Sleep III
Vital Spirit Sleep III
Limber Paralysis III
Magma Armor Freeze III
Own Tempo* Confusion III
Oblivious* Infatuation, Taunt* III
Water Veil Burn III

Variations of Intimidate

Reduces one of the opponents' stats by a single stage upon switching in
Name Stat Generation
Intimidate Attack III
Supersweet Syrup Evasiveness IX

Variations of Justified

Raises a certain stat after taking damage from a certain type
Name Type Stat Generation
Justified Dark-type moves Attack V
Rattled Dark-, Bug-, or Ghost-type moves Speed V
Water Compaction* Water-type moves Defense VII
Steam Engine* Water- or Fire-type moves Speed VIII
Thermal Exchange* Fire-type moves Attack IX

Variations of Keen Eye

Prevents a stat from being lowered
Name Stat Generation
Illuminate Accuracy III
Keen Eye Accuracy III
Hyper Cutter Attack III
Big Pecks Defense V

Variations of Levitate

Grants immunity to certain moves
Name Moves Generation
Levitate Ground-type moves, Arena Trap, Spikes, Toxic Spikes, and Sticky Web III
Soundproof Sound-based moves III
Wonder Guard Moves that are not super effective III
Cacophony* Sound-based moves III
Bulletproof Ball and bomb moves VI
Good as Gold Status moves IX
Wind Rider Wind moves IX

Variations of Lightning Rod

Draws in moves of a certain type, raises Special Attack after being hit by that type, provides immunity to moves of that type*
Name Type Generation
Lightning Rod Electric-type moves III
Storm Drain Water-type moves IV

Variations of Magic Guard

Prevents certain damage
Name Description Generation
Magic Guard Prevents damage from recoil, weather and status. IV
Rock Head Prevents damage from recoil. III
*Overcoat also prevents weather damage, but starting in Generation VI, it also grants immunity to powder and spore moves, and is therefore no longer included.

Variations of Minus

Boosts Special Attack if a partner has Minus or Plus
Name Generation
Minus III
Plus III

Variations of Mold Breaker

Allow moves to strike through opposing Abilities
Name Generation
Mold Breaker IV
Teravolt V
Turboblaze V

Variations of Motor Drive

Raises a certain stat if hit by a certain type, provides immunity to moves of that type
Name Type Stat Generation
Motor Drive Electric-type moves Speed IV
Sap Sipper Grass-type moves Attack V
Well-Baked Body Fire-type moves Defense IX
Wind Rider Wind moves Attack IX

Variations of Moxie

Boosts a user's stat by one stage after it KOes an opponent
Name Stat boosted Generation
Moxie Attack V
Beast Boost User's highest stat VII
Chilling Neigh Attack VIII
Grim Neigh Special Attack VIII

Variations of Multiscale

Lowers damage taken when at full HP
Name Generation
Multiscale V
Shadow Shield VII

Variations of Multitype

Changes the user's type depending on its held item
Name Held item Generation
Multitype Plate or Z-Crystal IV
RKS System Memory VII

Variations of Mummy

Contact with the Pokémon changes the attacker's Ability to this Ability
Name Generation
Mummy V
Lingering Aroma IX

Variations of Natural Cure

Heals when switched out
Name Heals Generation
Natural Cure Status condition III
Regenerator HP V

Variations of Normalize

Changes moves to a different type and increases their power by a percentage
Name Type change Generation Increase
Normalize All other types → Normal IV 20% (no increase in Generations IV-VI)
Aerilate NormalFlying VI 20% (30% in Generation VI)
Pixilate NormalFairy VI 20% (30% in Generation VI)
Refrigerate NormalIce VI 20% (30% in Generation VI)
Galvanize NormalElectric VII 20%

Variations of Pickpocket

Steals the opponent's held item after a certain effect occurs
Name Condition Generation
Pickpocket After the user is hit by a contact move V
Magician After the user attacks the opponent with a damaging move VI

Variations of Prankster

Adds priority to certain moves
Name Moves affected Generation
Prankster Status moves V
Gale Wings Flying-type moves VI
Triage Healing moves VII

Variations of Primordial Sea

Affects weather and the power of certain attacks
Name Weather effect Moves affected Generation
Primordial Sea Heavy rain Nullifies damage-dealing Fire-type moves, 50% more power for Water-type moves VI
Desolate Land Extremely harsh sunlight Nullifies damage-dealing Water-type moves, 50% more power for Fire-type moves VI
Delta Stream Strong winds Removes weaknesses of Flying-type Pokémon VI

Variations of Propeller Tail

Ignores Moves and Abilities that draw in Moves
Name Generation
Propeller Tail VIII
Stalwart VIII

Variations of Protean

Changes the user's type to that of the move it is using
Name Generation
Protean VI
Libero VIII

Variations of Protosynthesis

Boosts the Pokémon's most proficient stat in the following battlefield effect, or if the Pokémon is holding Booster Energy
Name Effect Generation
Protosynthesis Harsh sunlight IX
Quark Drive Electric Terrain IX

Variations of Rain Dish

Slight HP recovery in weather
Name Weather effect Generation
Rain Dish Rain III
Ice Body Snow* IV

Variations of Receiver

Copies the ability of a fainted ally
Name Generation
Receiver VII
Power of Alchemy VII

Variations of Rough Skin

Inflicts damage on contact
Name Generation
Rough Skin III
Iron Barbs V

Variations of Sand Spit

Summons the following battlefield effect if the Pokémon is hit by a damaging move
Name Effect Generation
Sand Spit Sandstorm VIII
Seed Sower Grassy Terrain IX

Variations of Sand Veil

Raises evasion during certain weather conditions
Name Weather effect Generation
Sand Veil Sandstorm III
Snow Cloak Snow* IV

Variations of Scrappy

Prevents Intimidate from activating
Name Generation
Oblivious III
Own Tempo III
Inner Focus III
Scrappy IV
Guard Dog IX

Variations of Serene Grace

Increases the probability of certain side-effects occurring
Name Effect Generation
Serene Grace Additional effects III
Super Luck Critical hits IV

Variations of Thick Fat

Lowers damage taken by certain types of moves
Name Type Generation
Thick Fat Ice- and Fire-type moves III
Heatproof Fire-type moves IV

Variations of Vessel of Ruin

Decreases a stat off all other Pokémon on the field by 25%
Name Stat Generation
Vessel of Ruin Special Attack IX
Sword of Ruin Defense IX
Tablets of Ruin Attack IX
Beads of Ruin Special Defense IX

Variations of Volt Absorb

Absorbs moves of a certain type as HP
Name Type Generation
Volt Absorb Electric-type moves III
Water Absorb Water-type moves III
Dry Skin* Water-type moves IV
Earth Eater Ground-type moves IX

Variations of Zen Mode

Changes form at 50% or less HP
Name Generation Pokémon
Power Construct* VII Zygarde
Shields Down VII Minior
Zen Mode V Darmanitan

Out of battle variations

Variations of Arena Trap

Affects wild encounter rate
Name Effect Generation
Arena Trap Increases III
Illuminate Increases III
Sand Veil Decreases in Sandstorm III
Stench Decreases III
Sticky Hold Increases while fishing III
Suction Cups Increases while fishing III
Swarm Increases III
White Smoke Decreases III
No Guard Increases IV
Quick Feet Decreases IV
Snow Cloak Decreases in Hail IV

Variations of Compound Eyes

Increases the probability of finding certain Pokémon
Name Pokémon Generation
Compound Eyes With held items III
Flash Fire Fire types III
Harvest Grass types V
Hustle Higher-leveled III
Lightning Rod Electric types III
Magnet Pull Steel types III
Pressure Higher-leveled III
Static Electric types III
Storm Drain Water types IV
Synchronize Same Nature III
Vital Spirit Higher-leveled III

Variations of Flame Body

Eggs hatch faster
Name Generation
Flame Body III
Magma Armor III
Steam Engine VIII

Variations of Intimidate

Decreases the probability of finding Pokémon of a lower level
Name Generation
Intimidate III
Keen Eye III

Variations of Pickup

Finds items after battle
Name Item Generation
Pickup Various III
Honey Gather Honey IV

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