Strong winds

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Strong winds
乱気流 Turbulence
Strong winds VII.png
Move Ability
None Delta Stream

Strong winds (Japanese: 乱気流 turbulence) are a type of weather introduced in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. They do not appear in the overworld.

Strong winds are created by Delta Stream and last until the summoner is removed from the field (and no other Pokémon with Delta Stream remain on the field), the summoner is rotated out in a Rotation Battle, the summoner has Delta Stream suppressed or replaced, or extremely harsh sunlight or heavy rain is created by Desolate Land or Primordial Sea, respectively.


Event Gen VI Gen VII
Delta Stream activated "A mysterious air current is protecting Flying-type Pokémon!" "Mysterious strong winds are protecting Flying-type Pokémon!"
Preventing changing weather "The mysterious air current blows on regardless!" "The mysterious strong winds blow on regardless!"
Weakening an attack "The mysterious air current weakened the attack!" "The mysterious strong winds weakened the attack!"
When the strong winds end "The mysterious air current has dissipated!" "The mysterious strong winds have dissipated!"


In battle

In other generations

Core series games

Interface elements


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 亂流 Lyuhnlàuh
Mandarin 亂流 / 乱流 Luànliú
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Sterke winden
France Flag.png French Vent mystérieux*
Courant aérien*
Germany Flag.png German Luftströmungen
Italy Flag.png Italian Corrente d'aria misteriosa*
Corrente misteriosa*
South Korea Flag.png Korean 난기류 Nangilyu
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Ventos fortes
Spain Flag.png Spanish Turbulencias

Weather conditions
Harsh sunlightRainSandstormHailSnowShadowy auraFog
Extremely harsh sunlightHeavy rainStrong winds