Lingering Aroma (Ability)

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Lingering Aroma とれないにおい
Lingering Scent
Flavor text
Generation IX
Contact with the Pokémon changes the attacker's Ability to Lingering Aroma.

Lingering Aroma (Japanese: とれないにおい Lingering Scent) is an Ability introduced in Generation IX. It is the signature Ability of male Oinkologne.


In battle

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When a Pokémon with Lingering Aroma is hit by a contact move, the attacker's Ability is changed to Lingering Aroma. The attacker regains its original Ability once it is switched out, faints, or the battle ends.

If a Pokémon with this Ability is hit by a multi-strike move that makes contact (such as Fury Swipes), the attacking Pokémon's Ability will become Lingering Aroma after the first strike.

If a Pokémon with Rock Head uses a recoil contact move on a Pokémon with Lingering Aroma, its Ability will become Lingering Aroma, then subsequently it will take recoil damage.

Multitype, Zen Mode, Stance Change, Shields Down, Schooling, Disguise, Battle Bond, Power Construct, Comatose, RKS System, Ice Face, As One, Zero to Hero, Commander, Protosynthesis, Quark Drive, Tera Shift, Mummy, and Lingering Aroma itself are not affected by Lingering Aroma.

Pokémon with Lingering Aroma

# Pokémon Types First Ability Second Ability Hidden Ability
0916 Oinkologne Oinkologne
Normal Normal Lingering Aroma Gluttony Thick Fat
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  • Lingering Aroma is the first Generation IX Ability in index number order.
  • Lingering Aroma is the only signature Ability to be specific to one gender of its owning species. Female Oinkologne may instead have the Ability Aroma Veil.
  • Lingering Aroma being specific to male Oinkologne may be a reference to how male pigs in real life produce an odor called boar taint when they hit puberty from a gland that develops when they mature, this scent and gland being absent from female pigs.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 甩不掉的氣味 Lātbātdiuh dīk Heimeih
Mandarin 甩不掉的氣味 / 甩不掉的气味 Shuǎibùdiào de Qìwèi
France Flag.png French Odeur Tenace
Germany Flag.png German Duftschwade
Italy Flag.png Italian Odore Tenace
South Korea Flag.png Korean 가시지않는향기 Gasijianneun Hyang-gi
Spain Flag.png Spanish Olor Persistente

Variations of the Ability Mummy
MummyLingering Aroma

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