Battery (Ability)

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Battery redirects here. For the held item, see Cell Battery.
Battery バッテリー
Flavor text
Generation VII
Powers up ally Pokémon's special moves.
Generation VIII
Powers up ally Pokémon's special moves.
Generation IX
Powers up ally Pokémon's special moves.

Battery (Japanese: バッテリー Battery) is an Ability introduced in Generation VII. It is the signature Ability of Charjabug.


In battle

This Ability raises the power of allies' special moves by approximately 30%, or more precisely, a factor of 5325/4096.

Outside of battle

Battery has no effect outside of battle.

Pokémon with Battery

# Pokémon Types First Ability Second Ability Hidden Ability
0737 Charjabug Charjabug
Bug Electric Battery None None
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  • For Generation III and IV games, ignore Hidden Abilities.

In the anime

Battery was mentioned in So Long, Sophocles!, when Professor Kukui was telling his students about this Ability in class.


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 蓄電池 Chūkdihnchìh
Mandarin 蓄電池 / 蓄电池 Xùdiànchí
Denmark Flag.png Danish Battery
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Batterij
Finland Flag.png Finnish Akku
France Flag.png French Batterie
Germany Flag.png German Batterie
Italy Flag.png Italian Batteria
South Korea Flag.png Korean 배터리 Battery
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Battery
Poland Flag.png Polish Bateria
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Bateria
Russia Flag.png Russian Батарея Batareya
Spain Flag.png Spanish Batería
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Battery
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Pin

Variations of the Ability Battery
BatteryPower Spot

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