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Team GO Rocket Grunt
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Models from Pokémon GO
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Introduced in Generation VII
Appears in Pokémon GO
Gender Both
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Team GO Rocket Grunts are members of Team GO Rocket in Pokémon GO. They invade PokéStops and battle using Shadow Pokémon to defend their claims.

Defeating a Team GO Rocket Grunt in a Trainer Battle rewards the player with GO Stardust icon.png500. The Grunt will abandon the PokéStop along with one of the Shadow Pokémon used in battle, which can then be captured during the bonus challenge. Since November 5, 2019, starting in selected locations, a defeated Team GO Rocket Grunt will also leave behind a Mysterious Component needed to assemble a Rocket Radar.

When using a Super Rocket Radar, Decoy Grunts may be found disguised as Giovanni. Upon interacting with the PokéStop, they will reveal themselves to be Grunts and challenge the player to battle.


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Models before battle from
Pokémon GO
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Pokémon GO
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Pokémon GO

Trainer list

A Grunt's prebattle quote hinting at specializing in Fire-type Pokémon

The possible Shadow Pokémon used by each Team GO Rocket Grunt are based on the Grunt's gender and type specialty, which is hinted by the quote on the prebattle screen. Team GO Rocket Grunts will always send out their Pokémon in the same order, with each of their three Pokémon independently and randomly selected from separate pools.[1]

After a Grunt is defeated, they will abandon one of their Shadow Pokémon used in battle, which can then be captured during the bonus challenge. While most Grunts only abandon the first Pokémon used, a few have a small chance of abandoning the second instead. For Grunts that may abandon either the first or second Shadow Pokémon, the bonus challenge encounter is random for every player; this means that if two players defeat the same Team GO Rocket Grunt who uses a team consisting of Zubat, Grimer, and Muk, it's possible that one player encounters Zubat while the other encounters Grimer.

The following table shows the possible Pokémon that may be used by each Team GO Rocket Grunt since November 7, 2019. Green-colored cells denote the pools of Pokémon that may possibly be encountered during the bonus challenge. For past lists of Pokémon used by Team GO Rocket, see list of Team GO Rocket Pokémon changes.

Quote Gender Pokémon
1 2 3
GO Normal.png "Normal does not mean weak." Male Porygon Porygon2 SnorlaxPorygon-Z
GO Fighting.png "This buff physique isn't just for show!" Female HitmonleeHitmonchan Hitmonchan Hitmonchan
GO Flying.png "Battle against my Flying-type Pokémon!" Female ZubatGolbat GolbatScytherCrobat GyaradosDragoniteCrobat
GO Poison.png "Coiled and ready to strike!" Female ZubatVenonatGrimer GolbatGrimerMuk GolbatVenomothMuk
GO Ground.png "You'll be defeated into the ground!" Male SandshrewLarvitarTrapinch MarowakPupitarVibrava MarowakFlygon
GO Rock.png "Let's rock and roll!" Male Larvitar LarvitarPupitar PupitarTyranitar
GO Bug.png "Go, my super bug Pokémon!" Male WeedleVenonat KakunaVenomothScizor BeedrillScytherScizor
GO Ghost.png "!" Male SableyeShuppetDuskull SableyeBanetteDusclops SableyeBanetteDusknoir
GO Fire.png "Do you know how hot Pokémon fire breath can get?" Female GrowlitheMagmarHoundour CharmeleonHoundoom CharmeleonArcanineHoundoom
GO Water.png "These waters are treacherous!" Male Magikarp Magikarp MagikarpGyarados
Female PsyduckPoliwagMudkip GolduckPoliwhirl PoliwrathPolitoed
GO Grass.png "Don't tangle with us!" Male BulbasaurOddishBellsprout IvysaurGloomWeepinbell VileplumeVictreebelShiftry
GO Electric.png "Get ready to be shocked!" Female MagnemiteElectabuzzMareep MagnetonElectabuzzFlaaffy ElectabuzzAmpharos
GO Psychic.png "Are you scared of psychics that use unseen power?" Male AbraWobbuffetRalts DrowzeeHypnoRalts KadabraHypnoKirlia
GO Dragon.png "ROAR! ...How'd that sound?" Female Dratini DratiniDragonairFlygon GyaradosDragonairDragonite
  • "Don't bother—I've already won."
  • "Get ready to be defeated!"
  • "Winning is for winners."
Male BulbasaurCharmanderSquirtle IvysaurCharmeleonWartortle VenusaurCharizardBlastoise
Female LaprasSnorlax PoliwrathSnorlaxGardevoir GyaradosSnorlaxDragonite
Decoy Grunt
Female Bellsprout RaticateWeepinbell RaticateSnorlax


"Wha— Hey! You’re the Trainer that’s been getting in our way all the time!"
"Intruder alert!"
"Halt! State your purpose for being here!"
"What’d you hope to achieve by coming here?"
"This is as far as you’ll go!"
"Welcome to this PokéStop! So good of you to join me!"
"Intruder spotted!"
"Uh-oh! I found a little troublemaker!"
"Not even a single Rattata is getting past me!"
"Who’s there? Quit listening in on us!"
"What do you want, you pest? Scram!"
"Are you lost? No, you can’t be. You don’t have that scared look."
"No way! Only authorized members are allowed. I was told to let no one else get close."
"What d’you think you’re doing running around here?! We’re Team GO Rocket, don’t you know!"
"Show Team GO Rocket a little respect!"
"We’re pulling a big job here! Get lost!"
"Hey, you! What are you wandering here for?"
"If you get in our way, then you’ll...really be in our way!"
"You snuck into Team GO Rocket’s operation? What nerve!"
"Team GO Rocket has taken control of this PokéStop!"
"We’re Team GO Rocket, and we strike fear into others with our strength!"
"Looking for more items? They’re mine now!"
"Not seeing many items? I’ve been stealing them!"
"Want more items? You’ll have to beat me."
"Stealing items from this PokéStop is fun!"
  • As Decoy Grunt:
"Looking for the boss? HA. Try again."
"I’m sorry—the boss is at another PokéStop."
"You’ll never find Giovanni!"
"You’ve been tricked again, punk! Our boss isn’t here, but I am—and I’m raring for a battle!"
"Hyuck-hyuck—tricked ya, didn’t I?"
"You’ll never find the boss!"
"Team GO Rocket forever! I’ll protect the boss with my life!"
"Heh heh. Feeling lucky? Well, you shouldn’t be. He’s not here, and I’m gonna crush you!"
"Hyuck-hyuck—you’re messing with the wrong grunt, kid!"
"You think you’re a hero? You can’t even find the boss!"
"I’ve been given strict orders. I’m to crush anyone who’s looking for the boss!"
Before battle
"You’re not going any farther! I don’t show mercy to my enemies!"
"This PokéStop belongs to Team GO Rocket!"
"I’ll give you something to be scared about!"
"We won’t let you ruin our plans to take over PokéStops."
"Pokémon battle? Cool! Rumble!"
"You look gentle, so I think I can beat you. I’ll give it a GO!"
"Feeling lucky, punk? Go ahead, take another step."
"You think you’re a hero?"
"There’s nothing past here except our PokéStop. So what brings you here?"
"I’ll flick you away effortlessly!"
"Boss said he’ll take this PokéStop in the name of Team GO Rocket!"
"You don’t have any business here! Go home!"
"Pokémon are only good for making money. Why not use them? You stay out of our business!"
"Hey, Trainer! C’mon!"
"We’re going to steal all the items and catch all the Pokémon from this PokéStop! You want to stop us? Let’s battle!"
"Nice Pokémon! Hand it over!"
"I'm gonna rough you up!"
"Get lost! I’m bushed!"
"Let me take all the Pokémon and items from this PokéStop! Uh...pretty please?"
Prebattle screen (Decoy Grunt)
"Fooled ya, twerp."
"I can’t believe you fell for it!"
"In the name of the boss, I’ll destroy you!"
"You’ll never get to him!"
"It feels good to see you disappointed."
"Wanna get to the boss, do ya? You’ll have to defeat me!"
"I’ll do anything to protect the boss!"
"You’ve been bamboozled, punk!"
"Get lost! You’ll never find him."
"What, did you think finding the boss was going to be that easy?"
Upon victory
"Stop meddling in Team GO Rocket’s affairs, or else!"
"My life as a criminal makes me feel so alive!"
"It sure does feel good to have Pokémon do your evil deeds for you!"
"Keep out of our way!"
"Hahaha, is that all you’ve got?"
"Nailed it!"
Upon being defeated
"Argh! You are good!"
"It’s because of you that Team GO Rocket’s reputation was totally smashed!"
"If you were to join Team GO Rocket, you could become a Team GO Rocket Leader."
"What if the boss hears about this?!"
"Such a dreadful twerp!"
"Don’t fight us GO Rockets!"
"What’re you staring at? Get lost. Either you leave or I’ll make you leave!"
"Boy, that really makes me steam!"
"As always..."
"This is not good... I better tell the boss!"
"What? I lost? No!"
"I can’t do it!"
"Go wherever you like! Get lost! See if I care!"
"*cough cough* It’s only ’cause I’m coming down with a cold!"
"I failed in my duties... I’ll be docked pay for this..."
"I blew it!"
"So you are good..."
"Oww! We got beat bad!"
"This won’t do!"
"I surrender!"
"Oof! Taken down!"
"You’re tough!"
"Not enough grit!"
"I’m stunned!"
"Stop! I give up! I’ll leave quietly!"
"We’ll never be able to face the boss at this rate!"
"Grrr, Team GO Rocket is scarier than you know, and don’t you forget it!"
"Who needs a weak Pokémon like this? It’s all yours!"
"Forget it. Who needs your Pokémon!"
"I hate losing! Get out of my face!"
"I need to catch a few z’s!"
"Manners never get me anywhere."

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Boss: Giovanni
Leaders: CliffSierraArlo
Lower members: Team GO Rocket Grunts
Pokémon: Shadow Pokémon
Locations: Rocket Radar

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